Dreams Come True

Two friends lived together in a three bedroom flat, in the mists of London. One was named Cyra Blanche - the older, and more mature of the two - and the other was named Emily Hunter, the more childish and care-free. They had been best friends since early on in their lives, as their mums were friends as well. Never went somewhere without the other - truly joined together at the hip. So, what happens when dreams come true and one thing leads to another?


8. Contacting The Producers

Emily's P.O.V

I turned the radio volume down and sat up on the kitchen worktop. It was me. I was going to spend a day with Oliver Stanley Murs. It didn't seem real. I couldn't wait to see him, to hang out and talk about everything. Not to be creepy and be all like 'Oh he's so perfect, I knew he was the one for me and we're going to get married next week and have a gazillion kids' because that always happens and it's so predictable. I don't sit at home all like 'Olly Murs get in my bed' because I've never even spoken to him and that would be weird too. His music always manages to put a smile on my face, and Cyra would know that. And in a few days I'm going to be meeting him.

While Cyra and I ate our lunch of cold pizza, I rang up Radio 1 and spoke to one of the producers. They said that I would be meeting Olly on Saturday, and since it was only Tuesday, I thankfully had a few days to get ready.

After lunch, Cyra and I decided to head down the highstreet. We always did this. We both grabbed our phones before heading for the door.

"Ready?" I asked

"Ready" Cyra replied, smiling.



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