Don't Let Me Go [Narry Storan]

"Maybe, this is love,"

"What do you mean?"

"Maybe we're unconditionally, and irrevocably in love with each other,"

"I will never love anyone as much as I love you, Harry,"

"Nor will I, my precious. You will always be in my heart, where ever you are, and no matter how far away we are from one another. You will always be with me,"

copyright © 2014 niallsboxersss


4. three

Finally he found the room 398, out of breath from all the exercise he had just done in a small amount of time. 'This is it's he thought. He stood outside the door, clutching his crutch in his hand, shaking a little. He was about to reveal all of his secrets to Niall. The secret that he hasn't told a single soul.

He turned the door knob, and opened it, to find a cute little Niall sleeping happily in the hospital bed. He walked in, closing the door behind him, a little bit too loudly, which made Niall wake up. Niall stirred, rubbed his eyes, trying to adjust the light, then his face lit up when he saw the curly haired boy infront of him.

"Harry," he smiled, literally running up to Harry and throwing his hands around his neck, despite the fact that he couldn't walk, he didn't care though. Small tears rolled down his cheek, and soaked the material on Harry's broad shoulders. Harry didn't seem to care either. As long as he was with him, and he was safe, he was fine.

"I thought I lost you" Niall whispered into his wet shoulder.

"Me too, Niall" he whispered back into Niall's blonde hair, well brown now because he hadn't dyed it in ages.

They were silent for a while, just staying in that exact position hugging each other as if the world is going to end tomorow. It felt like that to them really.

Harry pulled away, forming a frown on Niall's forehead. He stared into the blue eyes infront of him for a moment, the licked his bottom lip.

"I need to tell you something, Niall" he whispered, in a serious tone.

"Anything" Niall smiled.

Harry gave out a huge breath, then said thoses words Niall was least expecting.

"I'm gay, Niall" He said loudly, staring right at Niall, then nodding slightly. Your probably wondering how on earth is this man gay, because he's always dating a different girl each week. He's got a new girlfriend each week. Well, that was until he met Niall. 5 years ago. 5 years it's only been. Time flies when your truly in love with someone, but they don't know you do. He thinks that Niall turned him gay the day they met, or he was gay all along but didn't realise it, and when he met Niall, he had a connection with him that he just can't explain. Someone can't just randomly turn gay, can they? He always gets that feeling in his stomach every time his eyes lay upon Niall. He just wishes Niall does aswell with him. He wished Niall was his.

"W-what?' Niall stuttered, staring into those emerald green eyes across from him. He was so confused. He thought Harry only liked girls. He has least a new girlfriend every week, not even that! He's probably got one now and cheating on her with another girl.

"I'm gay" he repeated seriously, slightly nodding his head again. He knew Niall was gay, but what he didn't know was that Niall liked him too. The same way he likes Niall. Niall wanted to tell Harry so badly that he liked him, but was too scared because he didn't know if Harry likes him back. The same with Harry. He wanted to tell Niall that he like him. But again, he was too scared if Niall doesn't like him back, and then feel embarrassed about it.. In a nutshell, they've basically fallen in love with eachother without realizing, and without the two boys knowing. It's a big complicated but you should get your head round it soon.

"You're gay?" Niall asked, a huge smile spreading across his adorable little face. This is a good chance for him to tell Harry his secrets.

"Yes, Niall" Harry whispered, getting a bit annoyed, standing up from the bed, limping a little.

"You're hurt, Harry" Niall looked down at Harry's plastered legs, then to his arm.

Harry looked down at his legs; then his arms, then back at Niall, "Yes, I know, Niall,"

"It was my fault. I'm so sorry, Harry. I'm so stupid!"

"No; you're not stupid, Ni. And it wasn't your fault. If it was anyone's fault then it would be my fault really, because I shouldn't of let you drive when I knew you were to drunk" Harry whispered, cupping Niall's face with his large hands. Niall started to cry again, his tearstained cheeks turning red again, "Listen, mate, we're still alive, aren't we? It's not that  bad, is it? Just a few broken bones, in a few months we'll be fit and ready" Harry laughed reasuringly, rubbing his thumb across Niall's cheek to catch his tears. 

"I suppose so. But I hurt you. Look at you, Harry... Your broken for gods sake! I did that to you! How am I suppose to live with that? How am I suppose to cope that I hurt my best friend? That I hurt then one I lo..." He paused, his cheeks turning pink or embarrassment.

"The one you what?" Harry questioned him, leaning down so there faces were level.

"I doesn't really matter" Niall sighed, rubbing his eyes with his finger and thumb. He want's to admit that he loves him to Harry, but is scared for his reaction. It can either be really good or really bad. Maybe if you give it a chance it might be really good? You've got to atleast try. You never know until you try.

"Have they told you?"Niall asked, changing the subject of awkwardness. Harry frowned, confused. Guess they haven't. Another load of explaining and arguments.

"Who? Told me what, Niall?" Harry asked.

"The boys. Liam, Zayn, and Louis."

"What haven't they told me?" Harry questioned, rubbing his forehead with the palm of his hand. He was so confused with everything at the moment. The car crash, hospital, Niall.

"Don't you remember what happened the other night? Do you remember the reason why we are in here?" Niall asked, running his hand through his brown hair.

"Of course I do, Niall!" Harry cried out, "What are you talking about?"

Niall let out a big breath, "I got arrested, Harry" He whispered, looking down at his lap, ashamed, his cheeks glowing pink.

Harry's eyes widened. Shaking his head, he said, "How? I don't even get it. All you did was drive me home and we ende-"

"I was drunk, Harry" Niall shouted across the room.

"Of course you were, Niall" Harry said sarcastically. "If you were drunk, why did you even drive? You knew you were drunk, and you knew it was against the law to drink drive. Even Liam said you shouldn't of drove. I wish I told you not to! Tell me why you did it, Niall!" Harry roared across the room.

"I just wasn't thinking, Harry" He whimperd, slowly starting to cry. He hated it when Harry shouts at him, this is that first time really, and it scares him. 

"Niall, please don't cry" Harry whispered, sitting back onto the bed next to Niall, "I hate to see you cry because of me" He wiped the tears falling down Niall's cheek with him warm thumb. 

"I hate it when you shout at me for no dam reason!"

"You just get me so wounded up sometimes, you know, Niall. I didn't mean it, okay, Ni? I'm sorry"

"It's fine, really Harry" He sniffed, smiling a little. 

It was getting more and more awkward now. Niall opened his mouth to say something, but rethinked and closed it.

Finally, Harry asked, breaking the long silence, "Now, how long are you going to be in the cell for?"

"Well, the police officer said for a week or so, so I can just calm down and stuff"

"That seems alright, doesn't it?" He gulped, scratching his head.

Niall looked down at his lap, "Well, I guess so" He whispered. He wouldn't see Harry. Because of him!

There was a long silence, with the two boys just staring at eachother, waiting for the other one to say something.

"Yeah, I guess so" Harry whispered, smiling at the broken man infront of him.

"Will you come an-"

"Yes, I'll come and visit you, Niall" Harry interrupted.

A huge smile appeared across Niall's face from ear to ear, and his blue eyes lit up, "Thank you, Harry... I would like that"

"It's my pleasure, Ni. You know, Niall, I will always be here for you with opened arms, no matter what the occasion. I hope you know that," Harry whispered, half smiling at Niall.

Niall laughed softly, "I sure know, Harry. I really appreciate it as well,"  He smiled, brushing his blonde hair with hands. "I should dye my hair again, the colour is coming out.of it"

Harry looked up at his hair and nodded in agreement, "Although you do look good with your natural brown hair. I should go now. Now I know your okay. You should rest"

Niall laughes, "Thanks, mate" he smiles "Ok, see you soon, Harry" Niall smiled, waving at him. Inside, he felt upset, and broken because he wanted to spend more time with Harry. He wanted to tell him he loved him and thought of him more than a friend.

"Good bye, Niall" Harry smiled and waved back, before opening the door and walking through it. Good bye, my love. My baby.

Once Niall gets out of prison, he will tell Niall the truth. He will tell Niall about his feelings towards him. Niall's gay anyway, well atleast he is, so that's one thing sorted. The only thing is, he doesn't know if Niall likes him back. Well that's something Harry doesn't know!

* * *

He still remembers that day when he and his mum we're out, and he saw those two men. He can remembers every single second of it. It was like his own memory that he just can't forget.

"Mummy, it's really weird," he whispered to his mum, sitting next to him. They were both sitting on the couch watching the tv.

"What's weird, baby?" She replied to him, playing with his dark brown baby hair.

"Those two men!" he screeched, looking disgusted. "They're always kissing!" His mum kept her eyes on the tv, watching her son's tv programme 'The Tellytubbies'. Po was his favourite one, the little red one who's always going around on the little scooter; he even had a dressing up outfit of him!

She gulped, looked at her son, who was already looking at her, and opened her mouth to say something but closed it again. She didn't have a clue what to say to him! Because he will never understand about it until later on in his life. He was only 5 bless him, so of course he won't understand.

"You will understand when your older, my precious" was all she said.

But he still didn't get it. He wanted to know more! What was she keeping from him? Little did he know, that later on in his life he will be one of those men, falling in love with another man. But to him, it'll be normal. It won't feel weird to him because it's normal to him. Everyone around him will be judging him, just like the younger  him judged those two men. He couldn't care less, because he's truly in love with the man of his dreams, but that man doesn't know it yet.

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