Don't Let Me Go [Narry Storan]

"Maybe, this is love,"

"What do you mean?"

"Maybe we're unconditionally, and irrevocably in love with each other,"

"I will never love anyone as much as I love you, Harry,"

"Nor will I, my precious. You will always be in my heart, where ever you are, and no matter how far away we are from one another. You will always be with me,"

copyright © 2014 niallsboxersss


2. one


 "What happened?" He thought to himself, lying down on the cold freezing ground, looking up to the bright light above him, blinding him,. "Am I dead?"  He squinted his eyes, trying to ajust his surroundings. But there was nothing. Only that bright light that was causing him majour eye problems, making everything more worse than it is already, and causing everything around him in disaster, amd there was nothing or anyone else could do about it. He would have to just watch it happen, and hopw for the best.


                       The only thing he could remember was Harry's voice screaming at him and the sound of the car horn, crashing into his new car that he had paid thousands of pounds for. Everything else he couldn't rememebr. The guilt inside him was raising higher and higher everytime he thought of it afterwards, which was mostly all the time. He can only just remember the sound of the screams from people around him, but boy does he wish they'd all just leave his mind because they were giving him nightmares! But worse of all, he remembers seeing his baby. His Harry. Oh his poor little face! Covered in blood. Each night, he would cry himself to sleep, because he just couldn't cope with himself, just thinking what he had done to those people. His harry. Sounds silly for a boy, doesn't it? Crying himself to sleep each night. Niall knew that Harry wasn't going to make it from the minute he saw him, because he was loosing too much blood anyway, so there was no way he could of survived it. Niall had seriously broken his leg, damaged his head, and fractured his wrist. Like the bone of his leg was sticking out of his leg. Sounds disgusting I know. Imagine how that would of felt. But Harry was alot worse. Worse than you could ever think off. "Please stay with me, baby" Niall sobbed into Harry's ear, lying on the cold ground, with sharp pieces of glass from the car winodow stabbing him in the stomach, as he tried to move closer and closer to the paralized body. But he didn't care! As long as his Harry was alright. Small whimpering sounds were coming from Harry's mouth, with all the pain going throught his body. He would squeeze Niall's hand occasionally, because of all the pain he was feeling. But never opened his eyes. Niall could hear the sound of sirens coming towards them; he tugged onto Harry tighter; he didn't want to loose him. He lay his head down on Harry's chest, whispering everything was going to be all right into his ear, but he knew everything wasn't. And it won't. And that's when he felt a pair of warm, friendly hands pull him away from Harry, wrapping them around his small unstable body. But he shook his head no, and pulled away from the person. He didn't want to loose Harry, because he knew, if he left now, he might not ever see those emerald green eyes of Harry again,  "No! Please! I'm fine! Don't worry about me!" He whined, still latching onto Harry with all his dear life, "It's him you should take care of, not me. Take me with him!" He screeched at the top of his voice into Harry's chest, starting to sob slightly. "No, love. You're seriously hurt! You've go to come with us to the hospital. And don't worry, love. He will be coming with us, because all the blood he's loosing!" she said, trying to pull Niall away from Harry, but he wouldn't seem let go, "I don't want to loose him. I won't let him go!" he sobbed again, still into Harry's freezing chest, as cold as ice. But Niall didn't really seem to care, he wouldn't mind staying with Harry for all his life because, well, he did truely love him, "He's coming too, love, C'mon, I'll help you up" She helped Niall up and put him on a stretcher, Harry on one next to him. Harry's wreckless body lay there, not moving. Nothing. Niall lay next to him in the ambulance, holding his hand tightly. I never want to loose him! And with that moment, Harry's eyes shut, leaving the world for a while. Niall already missed his emerald green eyes, his little smile, and the dimples which formed when he smiled. I won't loose him! And that's when Niall passed out from lack of blood. The two, small, wreckless bodies lay still on the beds in the back of the ambulance, leaving the world, but only for a little while.


-48 hours later-

                    Bump bump. Bump bump. Bump bump. His heartbeat finally started.
"Niall? You there, mate?" Niall heard a faint voice say, as he opened his eyes, trying to adjust the brightness of the lights. What happeneed before? It was like as if he was dead. He felt really tired for some reason! He felt a hand pat his ankle. He recognised that voice from somewhere. He tried to sit up, but pain struck in his back, which made him lie back down. He heard whispers around him, which made him concerned, because he wanted to know what was happening. Then he realized where he was. He was in a hospital bed. He felt his head throb, which made him wince.
''Oww!" he mumbled, placing his hand onto the huge bump on his head. Then he saw three heads pop over the top of him. Liam Payne. Louis Tomlinson. And Zayn Malik. Three of his four best friends. Harry being his last. Elthough he was more of a friend to Niall.
"Ahh! Niall you're awake!" Zayn shrieked, bending down and giving Niall a quick squeeze, though Niall didn't hug back because he was in too much pain. He would of lovved to though.
"We were so worried about you, mate!" Louis said, with a concerned look on his face. "You were gone for so long, and we all thought you were gone" Niall frowned. He didn't remember what happened, or why it even happened.. 
"What do mean? And why am I even in this hospital bed?!" Niall shouted, sitting up from the bed, not caring about the pains in his back. The two boys looked at Liam, expecting him to answer the question, like he always does in this type of sitution. Liam sighed, and shook his head in disagreement.
"Niall, we were at the party last night, remember that?" Niall nodded, "Well, you got drunk, too drunk, as you normally do, but this time, it was worse Niall!" he mumbled. Niall looked up at him, still frowning. There was silence for a moment. Niall put his hand on his forehead to try and stop the pain. Yeah, like that is going to work Niall!
Then Niall finally said, "Why was it worse?", Still frowning. He wasn't exactly sure what Liam ment about all of this. he can remember the bright light from earlier, but wasn't sure what all of that was about. Liam took a step towards him, took a big breath, and screamed, not too loud but not to quiet. "Because you and Harry nearly died!" Then it all clicked. And Niall suddenly started to remember everything.




*Flashback *

Everyone around him were dancing like mad. The drunken bodies crashing into eacahother in the spot light. People snogging in the corners like theres no tomorrow. Gallons of alcohol getting demolished in seconds. They just carried on, not worrying about the world around them. 

But then theres Niall. The only on who would get drunk so badly that he can't even remember his name. He gets too drunk. He has an alcohol addiction. 

And as the time passed, he would get more, and more drunk, and start forgeting where he was in the world. He didn't care about his safety. He would start frogeting everything slowly.

"Niall, we sho-uld be get-ting home no-w" Harry slurred, grabbing hold of Niall's arm and pulling him from the moving bodies in the middle of the room, and out of the doors to the fresh air. Harry passed him the keys to Niall's new Range Rover that Niall had only just brought yesterday. It cost £25,000! 
"But Niall, you can't drive! You've had too much to drink!" Liam shouted, sober of course, trying to grab the keys off Niall hands. He's always the sensible one. He always has to look after the boys when it comes to situations like this.
"Liam, I'll be fine! Beli-eve me! I haven't had a dri-nk for abo-ut an hou-r, so I'll be fine!" he slurred back, obviously lying because Liam had saw he drink a whole pint of beer just a few minutes ago. He walked up to the car, giving Liam the middle finger.. "I don't really give a shit what you think, Liam"
It felt as if the car was meant to be for him. It was perfect for him! He even had his own personalised number plate! 
"Come on, Ha-rry!" He called through the opened window to Harry, waving at him to follow him into the car, who turned around and wobbled to the passenger seat. Maybe this isn't a good idea? Nah, Niall does it all the time, so why should this time be different. It's not a if anything is going to happen, is it?  
When Harry was seated, Niall started the engine and drove away from the party, turning the music up loud. He had his cd "The Script' in, and the song 'Hall of Fame' was playing. On repeat obviously!. He was glad to get out of that horrible place, even though he loves to drink, but it just got too crowded, and Niall is very claustrophobic. He would love to stay there, and drink all night, but it would just get more and more crowded, so it's better this wway. Anyway, he can have a drink when he gets home, can't he!

While he was driving, his vision was starting to go blurry, and he couldn't see properly. "Shit!" this always happenes after a night out, but he just tries to ignore it. So he ignores it again.

"Oh dam, not now!" he whined, rubbing his eyes and trying to forget about it. 

They started to chat away about everything that happend to them at the party. All the embarrassing things that happened to them that they don't want to admit. All the girls they got off with, well, only Harry, because Niall doesn't like girls.

Ten minutes later his vision went completely black, and he started to panic. The car started to swerve side to side, and it was getting undercontrol. Well this never happens!

"Niall! What the hell are you doing!" he heard Harry's voice call out, trying to grab hold of the steering wheel to try and put it back onto the right side of the road. Then everything happened really quickly. He heard a car horn, saw a bright light, and then seconds later he was lying on the cold hard ground. And then the pain started to take over his body. He felt a warm liquid run down his head, Blood. The only person he was thinking about was Harry.He knew he was in trouble.





"Where the hell is Harry!" he shouted, trying to get out of the bed, but got tangled up with all of the wires and needles around him. He needed to see if he was alright.
"Niall! You've broken your leg! You can't walk properly!" Liam said sharply, pushing him back into the bed. Niall had a bad feeling that Harry was hurt badly, which he was. 
"But I need to know if Harry is alright!" he shouted, trying to push Liam off him. "It's my own fault! I'm so stupid!" He shook his head in disbelief.
"Harry's fine, Niall! He just needs to rest, like you do too! And, yes, it was your fault, but it's happened now" he tried to calm Niall down. He's over reacting. "There's nothing we can do about it than wait" he voice had turned into a whisper.
Niall gave up fighting with Liam, and sat back in the bed, with his arms crossed, frowning like a little kid wanting to get it's own way.
"I'm such an idiot" he mumbled under his breath, looking down at his lap. "I'm such an idiot" he repeated.

And then suddenly someone wearing a bright yellow jacket came barging through the door, holding a clip board and some handcuffs. What? He stared down at Niall, staring into his ocean blue eyes, and bellowed those words Niall dreaded to hear.

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