Don't deny it

Every time you try to deny,
He'll make you change your mind.

Every time you say you hate him,
He'll prove you wrong.


1. 1: Big brown eyes

You've probably watched at least one romantic movie in your life. And you might've even read a romantic novel. You know, one of those love story's that always ends in happiness.

It's typically about two people that loves each other, and wants to cherish each others company forever.

So they get married, and they live happily ever after- and blah blah blah...

Well, my love story is a bit different..

Elena's POV

The thing I hate the most, is probably waking up in the morning.

I hate that you wake up, and know that you'll have to get ready for school. And that takes you an hour, because you look like shit after you've been drooling, and turning around in your bed a whole night.

And it's not like you're gonna jump out of your bed every single morning screaming: "Hallelujah!" I guess it's just one of those things you'll have to live with.

I get out of my bed, walking like a zombie out to my bathroom. Looking at myself in the mirror, I sigh. It's one of those days were it takes you twice as long to brush your teeth and hair. I give up on the hair, and step into the shower cabin. I turn the hot water on, and let it calm my muscles down. I empty my last bottle of coconut shampoo, and massage it into my scalp. I rinse the shampoo out of my long hair, and finish with some conditioner before I step out of the shower. I take the towel and dries my body, and hair with it. I wrap the towel around my body, and look at myself in the mirror again. This time I don't look so tired and... Well, ugly.

After I get my clothes and makeup on-which is a plain white tee, and a pair of black ripped jeans matched with a leather jacket. My makeup is just a quick applied eyeliner and mascara-I walk downstairs. My parents sits at the dinning table discussing my future.

"Matthew, I already told you, she wants to be a doctor, like her mother. Not a full time working sales man as you." My mother says, trying to say it low so I don't hear her, though she probably wouldn't give a damn about it if I did.

I don't even give my rich and snobby parents a second glare, before I walk out of the big white house, or my so called home. And with a perfect timing, my best friend Jess, drives her black BMW right up beside me, before she signals me to jump in. Joining her in the new car, I give her a hug before she turns up the radio and drives us towards Hell, or should I say School (whatever you call it)



I lazily walk into my class, and sit down next to Slutty Santana. She grunts when she sees me, and and flicks her long blond hair extensions, before she gets back to playing with her fake nails. Our teacher steps into the room, and tells us about.. Actually I wasn't listening.. I was more focused on the lovely weather outside of class, a thick fog had surrounded the school. And the trees moved slightly in the wind.

A door that slammed followed by foot steps, made me look up at the black board where a tall guy, with black hair and olive skin stood smirking. "This is the new student, Zayn Malik. Just take a seat mr. Malik" the teacher said, before he turned around and started writing on the black board. The new guy walked over to the table next to me; Santana's table. Where Santana tried to push her boobs even further out of her v-neck, to impress him. But what surprised her, and made me laugh, was when he rudely asked her to take the seat in the front. "Excuse me?" Santana said, probably confused why a boy for once wasn't flirting with her. "I said, There's an empty seat in the front. Go sit there instead." Zayn said, placing his books on Santana's table. Santana flicked her hair, and got up from her seat moving up to the front.

Zayn sat down, and turned around towards me. "Hi" he said seductively. I rolled my eyes, and went back to drawing doodles on my notebook. He was obviously trying to flirt with me. He moved his table closer to mine, and soon they were connected. "You're good at drawing" he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I always had a thing for British accents. "Are you from England?" I asked, still doodling. He didn't answer, so I turned my head to look at him. He nodded, and I turned my head down to draw.

A hand stopped my pencil to hit the paper, and I turned my head again, looking in to a pair of big brown eyes. His eyebrows furrowed, as if he was trying to read my mind. And I shook my head looking down on my notebook. My heart was beating faster than normal, and I suddenly felt warm. I couldn't stop myself to look at him again, but this time he was smiling at me, he winked and I scoffed. Then the bell sounded, making me pack my stuff and getting out as fast as possible.

But a firm grib on my arm, made me freeze.

"I didn't get your name?"

"I'm Elena" I said, he let go and I looked him in the eyes one last time, before I ran out of class.


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