Another way ...

I thought He loved me but I know now ...I can never love and I WILL never love again...

Atleast that's what Cassie thought until she meets Harry, the perfect boy for Cassie to forget her ex over. But with Harry being so famous and only in America for 2 months , will they ever have a chance to be together ? ...


3. NO way.…

I was shocked

THE Harry styles.

Of one direction.


Yet it had just happened...

I saw in the wallet that there also was an address and then a name of something. It said ' American Bell'. That's my apartment building ! He must be staying there! That whose moving into number 13.

I decided to fake I was sick so I couldn't attend work at the hairdressers and ran back to the apartment. The rain had stopped and the sun was peaking through the grey clouds. I reached the lobby and saw Jarod talking to the bell man. He doesn't have a job so he pretty much spends time in his room. He once invited me in. JEEZ did it smell bad.

I snuck around to the elevator hoping he wouldn't see me but his head suddenly whipped around.

" hey Cassie! Aren't meant to be at- "

The elevator doors closed and blocked of the rest of his sentence. I felt slightly guilty but this was important.

As the dong went off at the second floor ( there are only 3 floors ) I headed towards number 13 and took a deep breath before knocking

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