Another way ...

I thought He loved me but I know now ...I can never love and I WILL never love again...

Atleast that's what Cassie thought until she meets Harry, the perfect boy for Cassie to forget her ex over. But with Harry being so famous and only in America for 2 months , will they ever have a chance to be together ? ...


4. meet Cassie


"I'm telling you Niall she w as amazing" I tried to explain to my best bud and bandmate Niall.

I was back from the grocery store and Niall had come over for breakfast, since his fridge was still empty.

" she had these raindrops in her hair and had the most amazing light blue eyes!" I exclaimed.

" ooookay" naill said but not very enthusiastically. He was absorbed in the soccer on the tv.

" it's a pity I'll never see her again " I said , more to myself than to Niall.

" should've asked for her number " he murmured.

" but she's a random stranger ! She never would've -"

A knock on my door interrupts my sentence. I walk over to it hoping the paparazzi haven't found me. When I open it up I never expect to a the girl on the other side. Especially not her...

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