Another way ...

I thought He loved me but I know now ...I can never love and I WILL never love again...

Atleast that's what Cassie thought until she meets Harry, the perfect boy for Cassie to forget her ex over. But with Harry being so famous and only in America for 2 months , will they ever have a chance to be together ? ...


6. could it be

Harry POV

"So what brings you to Chicago? " she asks with a wave of her fringe. She undos her messy bun and shakes it out spraying droplets of water everywhere. She immediately apologizes. She's so cute. Oh right. The question.

" ya well management stuff."I reply nonchalantly.

" and why this drabby apartment and not somewhere lavish and expensive. You know, somewhere a famous band like one direction would belong. "

Well the fans never would've guessed a place like this. That way they can't hunt us down. It's totally private and secretive."

She listened intently. She was so beautiful.

" where do you stay" I ask , narrowly avoiding an akward silence.

" here actually!" She relplied excitedly. "Number 10 , floor 1. "

" no way!" I was really happy. I can't believe my luck !

" where are the other boys" she says obviously means the other bandmates.

" staying somewhere else. Everyone's in a different apartment. Safety and paparazzi reasons, you know. "

She nods slowly, her bangs falling over her eyes. Before I could stop myself I had tucked it behind her ear. She looked up and I could feel a magnetic plum towards her. Suddenly she stood up and walked to the door.

" sorry !" I exclaimed.

"You don't even know my name and your making a move ! "She said obviously shocked.

"Sorry" I repeated. " what's your name?"


Wow. She definitely looks like a Cassie. She looked at the ground shyly.

" I got to go" she said.

I opened he door for her and told her to fell free to come up if she wanted to chat or anything. She nodded and walked down the hallway. Just as she rounded the corner she looked back and I saw a slimmer of a smile on her lips.

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