Another way ...

I thought He loved me but I know now ...I can never love and I WILL never love again...

Atleast that's what Cassie thought until she meets Harry, the perfect boy for Cassie to forget her ex over. But with Harry being so famous and only in America for 2 months , will they ever have a chance to be together ? ...


5. and it begins

" hey " he says like I'm an old friend he hasn't seen in ages. I feel a warm blush fall over my cheeks as he grins at me with a lopsided smile.

" hi" I say.

We stand there for a moment and I'm not sure why he's staring at me. He doesn't even know me and probably doesn't remember me either.

I then remember why I'm here and pull out his wallet from my back pocket.

" you dropped this. You know , earlier. " I said a little too fast.

" oh ya " he answered. " thanks".

" welcome " I say and start to walk away. I have to admit I'm quite upset that my encounter with a world famous (and cute) popstar ended that quickly.

" wait" Harry says frantically.

"Ya" I say.

" Would you care to come in for some tea" he asks shyly.

I hesitate but eventually realize that there's no harm in a cup of tea. Even if he is a complete stranger and could very likely attack me once I'm inside. But no biggie right.

" cool " I say and smile at him. He escorts me through the door and into his apartment room. The first thing I notice is another person sitting on a beanbag in front of a couch. When he turns around I'm shocked but I don't know why. It's Niall his bandmate. We greet and I sit down on the couch. Harry comes back in with two cups of steaming hot tea.

" and me " Niall says throwing his hands in the air. I laugh a small chuckle which seems to please Niall.

"Sorry mate. Just ran out" Harry said.

" well the games over so I think I'll go back to my room and take a nap" Niall says with a yawn.

He wiggles his eyebrows at Harry and jolts out the door.

It's just me and the curly haired Harry alone.

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