Love Fades, Mine Has

Love Fades, Mine Has - those famous four little words ripped Rose apart when they left Dimitri's lips. Seeing the pain he caused her, his own heart shattered in tiny pieces. Will he be able to accepted unconditional love?

Disclaimer: Richelle Mead and her brilliant imagination own all of the characters.


8. Chapter 8

Rose POV

I play with his waistband as he lays me down, causing a devilish grin to spread across his face. Damn. He looks so sexy with his guard down.

"Patience, Roza. Patience." His breath on my neck sends chills coursing through my entire body.

He trails kisses along my jaw line, down my neck, onto my shoulder. Reaching down he grabs the hem of my dress and pulls it up and over my head. I can't help but squeal in delight. He immediately begins caressing and kissing my breasts, causing me to tilt my chin up and gasp at the intense feeling of pleasure.

He delicately flicks my harden nipples with the tip of his tongue, teasing me before gently nibbling on them with his teeth. I feel his grin as I moan out in pleasure. It drives me wild, I'm throbbing for him inside me. My body squirms with each touch. God, this feels so real!

Leaving my breasts, he moves his tongue down my stomach leaving kisses in its wake. His fingertips stroke my inner thighs as his kisses linger at my hips. A burning sensation fills me with a feral rage of passion. I grab his head and tug his hair. A sound of pure ecstasy escapes him. His kisses take him further down, until he's flicking my swollen and throbbing lady with his warm and moist tongue. My hips uncontrollably rise up, pushing against his mouth. He nibbles and latches on, sucking. His hands migrate to my hips, holding me, yet still allowing me to move in rhythm of my wanting.

"Dimitri!" I feel his smirk against me. I explode into a million tiny pieces. He continues to gently stroke me, I respond to his touch and involuntary shudders course through me for several minutes. For a brief moment my thoughts drift to my body back in the jail cell, do I talk in my sleep? Oh well, if so the guards are in for a show!

Dimitri surfaces from my nether regions, kissing my belly, cleavage and up my neck. Rising slightly above me, I feel his wanting against my thigh.

"Dimitri, I want..." I whine.

"Shhh…" he whispers, successfully shutting me up with his tongue. His thumbs are rubbing my nipples, I claw into his back. "Please," I whine.

"No Rose." He says between kisses, redirecting his attention from my lips to my neck.

"Why not?" He freezes and looks down at me.

"I…" His voice trails off, "This isn't going to be our last time together. But if it is, I want to give you pleasure in every way possible." He says with a sorrowful look. "I love you so much."

I run my hands through his hair as I attack him with my lips. His right hand traces the side of my body, creating chills of excitement coursing through my body again. His gentle touch moves down to my throbbing lady, massaging me with his middle finger. Testing the water, he sticks his finger inside me, to find a warm and moist receiving area. I moan and push in to him.

"You already give me so much pleasure. I love you too." I mutter in a husky tone. He responds by inserting his index finger as well. Moving both fingers at a gingerly pace and rubbing my lady with his thumb, my hips automatically start to playfully dance to his rhythm. I grab his hair and tug a handful while whimpering.

His lips move down to my nipples gently teasing me with his tongue. Feeling yet another burning desire growing inside me, I moan out in pure delight. As soon as I subside, he removes his fingers from inside me and replaces them with his tongue. Moving his hands to my breasts, he pulls at my rock hard nipples. My head is foggy, I'm in a pure daze. The emotions this man, my man, can evoke from deep inside me is relentless.

I go crazy at the feeling of his warm tongue in me. Spreading my legs further and pulling my feet up as close to my rear as possible, I can't describe the sensations building deep inside.

"I want you!" I groan. Grabbing his waistband I tug at his pants. Finally giving into my desire, he pulls off his pajama pants, his tongue never leaving me. I squirm and pulse underneath his touch, close to yet another orgasm. He quickly thrusts inside me sending me over the top.

"AHHhh…" I cry out. The intensity of the pleasure overshadows everything else and I quiver in uncontrollable fits of passion. After calming down he begins to rock in a slow, gentle motion. Wrapping my legs around his waist, he enters deeper giving me more intense pleasure.

"Oh Roza…" he whispers in my ear. His voice is thick and laced with his sexy accent.

"Deeper," I plea. In reality, this very well may be our last intimate moment together and I want all of him. Every last inch of the man I love.

Kissing my neck he complies with my request. Rolling over onto his back, never letting me go, he sits up and holds me on top. Standing up he carries me across the room, bracing my back against the wall. Holding onto my thighs, he begins thrusting up, deeper and deeper into me. I feel the heated sensation burning inside again and I begin to rock back and forth in a frenzy-like motion.

"Harder," I grip his shoulders, digging in my nails. He grunts and nips at my neck leaving love bites down in his wake.

Pulling me away from the wall, walking back to the bed he lays me on the edge allowing my legs to hang off. I instinctively pull my knees up to my chest and he's able to penetrate me even further. We both moan in pure delight. My eyes roll up in my head, this is heaven. Then I think of Adrian, oh, I truly hope he can't see or hear us. We're not being all that quiet...

Opening my eyes, I'm captivated by what I see. His stoic guardian mask is completely gone. The look shining through and penetrating his eyes is one of pure happiness, contentment, love, and admiration. And all for me, I think my heart is going to explode. He reaches down to play with my hair and I cup his face.

"Dimitri," I say, my voice unsure of itself. "I love you so much...sometimes it hurts." I smile at the memory of when he told me something similar.

"Roza before I met you, I didn't know love. You've given me so much to live for. I don't deserve you. I want to always be here for you no matter what. I want to take care of you as long as you'll let me."

"Forever and always?" I question. A boyish grin crosses his lips.

"Yes, forever and always." He says against my lips, giving me the sweetest and gentlest kiss that sends butterflies to my belly. I feel him growing again inside me and I wiggle my hips playfully. A low growl escapes him. I'm beginning to love his growl.

Quickly flipping me over he holds onto my hips as I rise onto my hands and knees, he leans onto my back, wrapping his arms around me – fiddling with my breasts and massaging my lady as he thrusts in hard and deep. I pull away from his grasp, lowering my head and shoulder to rest on the bed. He whimpers in protest, but I arch my back and he forcefully rams into me releasing another sound of pure bliss.

Tracing my spine with his fingers, goose bumps spread down my back. Grabbing a firm hold onto my hips he plunges into me harder and faster, always trying to get further and further buried inside me. I gasp and collapse with uncontrollable convulsions extending throughout my body. He collapses on top of me soon after, also trembling with the same fits of passion. Gently kissing my neck and caressing my back, I feel him growing once again inside me. It is a dream after all. I smile at my dirty thoughts.

He swings around, never detaching us, and sits me up straight, facing away from him. I lean forward and begin to bounce.

"OH Dimitri!" The angle and depth this position provides is more intense than I can handle.

"Ah!" I squeal. He grabs me before I collapse again in sheer delight. Twisting me around, never breaking our connection, I collapse on top of him as he showers me with kisses.

Rolling me over on my back once again, he slowly and gently makes love to me one last time – sending us both into a fairy tale ending.

"Rosemarie Hathaway, you're amazing." He murmurs against my skin. I giggle, finally feeling complete. "Did I say something to amuse you?" He questions with a playful grin.

"No," I breathe, "It's just…I finally found the missing piece to my heart." His smile reaches his eyes as his mouth finds mine. We lay cuddling, holding each other relishing in the closeness.

"I love you." I whisper as I begin to get a tingly sensation, everything begins to get fuzzy and I lose focus. Quickly turning to him I say, "Comrade, don't do anything stupid."

Dimitri POV

"I love you." I say reaching out into the air, desperately grabbing at Rose as she fades away.

"ROSE!" I frantically yell. I hang my head in defeat once she's gone. Opening my eyes I see a lone figure sitting on a deserted beach.


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