Love Fades, Mine Has

Love Fades, Mine Has - those famous four little words ripped Rose apart when they left Dimitri's lips. Seeing the pain he caused her, his own heart shattered in tiny pieces. Will he be able to accepted unconditional love?

Disclaimer: Richelle Mead and her brilliant imagination own all of the characters.


7. Chapter 7

Pacing around my room I weigh all options. On one hand, if I stand up for Rose, tell our secret to the Court, give her the alibi she most desperately needs - I'll more than likely be reserving the jail cell next to her. On the other hand, if I don't give her the alibi, she will most likely go to trial, be convicted and executed. It would be easier for me to help her if I'm not also in jail. I could conduct my own investigation, find the real murderer. But not standing by her side when she needs me the most, I shudder at the thought.

I love her, she loves me. We should face this together, united as one. Ah! I would gladly take her place, plea guilty to the murder if I thought it would actually set her free. But I have a feeling whatever hard evidence they have on her was planted. Therefore she was framed. And if she was framed then it won't be easy to clear her name. I finally sit down and close my eyes, trying to regain control of my torn emotions.

I must have dozed off because the dream before me is heaven and hell. I'm standing in the cabin, our cabin in the woods, back at St. Vladimir's Academy. There's a fire lit, the flames dance around the room giving off a warm yet gentle golden hue. My chest tightens at the memory of the night we shared together here. Something that may never happen again, I shudder at the thought.

Then I see her, my Roza, standing in front of the fire in that dress. God I love that dress. My memories are playing tricks on me, teasing my senses. I can't help but gawk at how beautiful she is.

"What's the matter Comrade?" She says taking a step toward me. "You look like you've seen a ghost. Oh wait! Did you think this was a dream?" I tense up, making no movement toward her.

"Of course this is a dream." My voice falls flat.

"Yes and no. It is a dream, but it's also real." I cock an eyebrow at her, knowing how much she likes it when I do that. "Adrian connected us through a spirit dream." She says. Realization hits me and my lips tug into a smile.

"You mean...this is really you?" I ask taking a step forward. She nods. Closing the distance between us I study her face and twirl a loose strain of her hair around my finger. She smiles.

"So, how long do we have?" I ask. She shrugs.

"I'm not sure, until one of us wakes up, or Adrian is disturbed." She says. I immediately pull her into an embrace.

"What's with the cabin?" I ask.

"I wanted somewhere special." She whispers.

"And the dress?" I question with another raised eyebrow.

"I thought you liked it?" She says almost too innocently.

"Oh Rose," I shake my head and stifle a small laugh.

"Don't you? The last time I wore it you didn't waste any time taking it off, but..." I stop her with a kiss. The last time she wore it was the night of the lust charm. The night we gave into our hidden desires.

"Yes Rose. I do like it, in fact I love it." I say against her lips. The day she bought it she had asked, 'Am I going to endanger my reputation if I wear it to the dance?' In reply I told her, 'You'll endanger the school.' A smile crosses my face remember that perfect moment in time. We were in the van on our way back from her first field experience. Everyone was sleeping, including Rose, her head resting on my shoulder. I studied every inch of her face while she slept. She looked exquisite, like a beautiful goddess walking the earth.

"I was with you today." She says, bringing me out of my memory.

"I hoped you would be." I rest my forehead against hers.

"They're right you know. It won't help, if anything it'll only make matters worse." She whispers.

"Rose, what I choose to do doesn't involve anyone else. I love you and I want to protect you." I reach up and stroke her cheek, she leans her head into my palm. Electricity courses through our touch.

"I know. But I can take care of myself. You've taught me how to work as a team, but sometimes I work better alone." She says. "Promise me you won't do anything stupid or foolish tomorrow." My lips meet hers as a frenzy of mixed emotions torment me.

"Dimitri," she says pulling away from me, "I know it's a dream, but would you think it too kinky if we…you know…it may be our last time alone together."

"Too kinky?" I smirk. "Rose there isn't anything that I wouldn't do with you." Her eyes widen and her lips turn up into a mischievous grin.

"Is Adrian here? How does the whole dream thing work?" I ask.

"Honestly I don't know. But if he is here, hopefully he'll turn his back." She says closing the distance between our lips. "And cover his ears." She murmurs.

A growl escapes me. I give in and let my guard down. Any inkling of control has disappeared. I touch her arms so lightly, I know it sends chills coursing through her body, I feel her shiver. A smile crosses my face.

"Dimitri," she whispers in my ear as she graces my lobe with her teeth. I trail kisses down her jaw line.

"I want you. Take me…" she pleas. My lips find hers, my hands find her thighs and I pick her up. She responds by wrapping her legs around my waist.

I pull her closer to my bare chest. I realize she dressed me in only pajama bottoms, much like the night of the lust charm. She teases me with her tongue, gently tracing my lips and then nibbling my lower lip.

"Oh Roza…" I moan as my breath quickens.

"Take me," she whines. I carry her to the bed and gently lay her down.

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