Love Fades, Mine Has

Love Fades, Mine Has - those famous four little words ripped Rose apart when they left Dimitri's lips. Seeing the pain he caused her, his own heart shattered in tiny pieces. Will he be able to accepted unconditional love?

Disclaimer: Richelle Mead and her brilliant imagination own all of the characters.


13. Chapter 13

"Oh Roza!" I moan as she sprawls her hands onto my bare chest. We didn't waste any time getting my shirt off. "This is not our end. It may be the last chapter of this life, but we will write a new book together in our next life." I whisper into her ear.

"You're very good at sweet nothings, Comrade." She smirks as she kisses my lips. "How are you at the dirty talk?" Pulling away from her I eye her carefully.

"I'll admit, not very good. Something we'll have to work on if it's what you like." I don't like disappointing Rose. I'm her Alpha, the best of the best. When I can't do something for her I feel like I've let her down.

"That's okay, I like your sweet nothings." She smiles a mischievous grin as she slides her hand down my pants. "We can work on the dirty talk together." I tremble as she gently caresses me. Looking at her she's amused. She knows exactly what she's doing to me. I growl.

"Down boy, down." She chides me and I grin. "Now this is what's going to happen. I'm going to suck you so hard and take you deeper than you've ever been." My eyes widen at the sultry sound of her voice. "And then you're going to fuck me hard and fast from behind." I look down at the bars separating us and cock an eye brow.

"Like this Comrade." She says, turning around and bending over, pressing her backside up against the bars, positioning herself perfectly between them. I reach through the bars and grab her hips, pulling her to me. Ah! I growl and she moans before quickly turning around to face me.

"Not yet, you first." She aggressively kisses me before sliding down my body and pulling off my pants. I grab the bars and press my body against them as much as possible.

Looking up at me from below, she bats her eyelashes and smiles her sexy Rose Hathaway smile. Cupping my jewels she lightly licks them before taking one, then the other in her mouth for a soft caressing with her tongue.

Still cradling them she gently rubs them with her thumb while she trails her tongue from the base to the tip of my fully erect man. AH! The sensation is intense! Circling the tip with her tongue a few times I finally feel her close her lips. I press my head against the bars to hold in the moans I want to release.

She moves down, taking in as much of my man as she can. To my surprise she pushes further, I feel a slight pressure and then she takes all of me. I can't contain myself, I moan and growl as she remains at that depth and bobs up and down.

I grip the bars so tight my knuckles turn white. I'm actually grateful for the bars right now or else I would fall over. I can't take the intensity any longer, I give in and explode. She pulls me deeper into her as if that were even possible! Looking down at her, watching her, she has tears in her eyes but she took everything I had. She slowly pulls me out and stands to face me.

"Did you enjoy that Comrade?" She asks in a husky tone.

"Very much." I smash my lips greedily into hers.

"Mine turn." She says pulling away from my lips and smiling a naughty grin. I return her smile and help her undress. Before I let her turn around I caress her breasts and tweak her nipples. She presses them through the bars so I can suckle and nip on them once they're hard.

I run my hand down her side and cup her lady, she moans into my lips. I split her and begin to rub her now throbbing lady.

"Roza, you're so wet." I whisper as I insert a finger.

"Oh Comrade! I'll always be wet for you, you do this to me." She sasses. I growl and flip her around. She instantly bends over eager in anticipation.

I grab her hips and hear her sigh. I slowly press into her, a moan escapes both our lips. I relish in the feeling, I love being inside her, I feel complete.

"Faster." She whimpers. Not wanting to disappoint, I pick up my pace, grunting with each thrust.

"Harder." She commands. I put more force into each thrust, knowing I'll have bruises on my hips in the morning from the bars but I don't care. I feel her building, she whines and moans. All I can think about is pleasing my Roza. I give her all I have.

"AH!" She releases very loudly. Her entire body is quivering. I hold onto her to ensure she doesn't fall over. Once she regains her balance she turns toward me and smiles a devilish grin.

"I'll take round two of that any day." I grin and smash my lips into her. After we both dress we move the mattresses onto the floor next to each other. I pull her close into me and spoon her as best I can.

"Roza?" I ask before we drift off.

"Hmm?" She sleepily replies.

"If we could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?" I ask.

"Russia." She says after a few minutes. My body stiffens. "I want you to show me all the beautiful things. I want you to tell me the history of the places." She says rolling over to face me. "And, I think we should go see your family." With that my eyes soften. Yes, I could go to Baia. Maybe we'll even stay, Rose said herself she was happy there. I smile at her. She kisses me before rolling back over and draping my arms protectively over her. We both drift off into slumber.

Sometime later we both wake to a loud raucous from in the guard room. The door swings open but neither Rose nor I move. Whoever it is will have to deal with seeing us cuddle.

"Apparently not even bars will keep you two apart, is there anything that will?" A man's voice says, clearly amused. At the sound of his voice Rose sits up and I follow.

"Hey Old Man." She smirks, he just smiles at her.

"Belikov," Abe turns his attention to me, "I've negotiated your release. You'll be let go at shift change." I nod. Rose reaches for my hand, I feel her panic, she doesn't want to be alone. I give her a reassuring squeeze back. "You and I need to have a little talk when you get out."

"I'm not going anywhere without Rose." I simply say. Abe eyes me warily.

"No?" Abe asks. "Well good, because I have men positioned at the east gate and they won't take too kindly to seeing you. So don't even think about leaving Court." Abe's voice is menacing.

"If I would leave, where would I go? Back home? Where is home really? Home is with my Roza, my family." I say squeezing her hand and looking into her eyes. She smiles at me and my heart swells with love. We both turn to look at Abe, he just nods.

"Okay, well remember, Belikov you'll be released at shift change. That's in about three hours." Abe says walking toward the door. I'm staring at the ground deep in thought. I feel Rose flinch.

"Hey Old Man! Aren't you going to say bye to me, your daughter?" She says.

"Of course, but I'll see you again. Very soon too." Abe says with a wink and walks out of the room.

"He's so weird sometimes." She says rolling her eyes and sitting back down. We return to cuddling but this time I don't sleep.


A/N: Final Chapter - What do you think will happen?

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