Love Fades, Mine Has

Love Fades, Mine Has - those famous four little words ripped Rose apart when they left Dimitri's lips. Seeing the pain he caused her, his own heart shattered in tiny pieces. Will he be able to accepted unconditional love?

Disclaimer: Richelle Mead and her brilliant imagination own all of the characters.


12. Chapter 12

I watch Rose as they escort her from the room. She turns quickly startling her guards, her face pained and showing signs of something else. Jealousy? I follow her intense stare before her eyes flit to mine and the guards push her through the doorway. Lissa.

"Your Honor, what charges do you hold against Mr. Belikov that he needs to be placed in a jail cell?" Lissa's voice rings through the almost emptied court room. Christian leans in to whisper in her ear, by the look of it she doesn't like what he said. Adrian and Abe are having a discussion and are oblivious to the discussion going on around them. 

"Contempt of court! He made a mockery of my court room." The judge says showing signs of bewilderment.

"Okay. But is putting him in a jail cell really the answer?" Lissa firmly says, fixing her eyes on the judge. What is she doing? Christian's forcefully yelling at her. Stop her, please stop her.

"Fine. Princess Dragomir, since you take such an interest in Mr. Belikov, I will release him to you, under your charge. You will be held personally responsible and accountable for his actions. Should he go missing, you will be arrested and tried in his place. Do you agree to these terms?" The judge eyes her with wide knowing eyes. Lissa begins to answer but Christian cuts her off and they begin to argue again.

"Adrian!" My rough voice catches him surprise. It's loud enough for him and Abe to hear, in addition to any guards surrounding us, fortunately my outburst didn't seem to disturb anyone else. He turns to me with a creased brow line and a firm set jaw. A questioning look fleeting across his green eyes. He follows my gaze to Lissa and Christian, immediately realizing something's wrong.

"Your decision Princess Dragomir? I'm growing impatient." The Judge calls.

"What?" Adrian looks between the Judge and Lissa. Christian quickly fills him in. "NO!" He yells.

"It'll be fine." Lissa says, almost too calmly. My heart starts pounding in my chest as I watch my fate rest on the shoulders of Lissa. She means well and has her heart in the right place, but she's so innocent. I can not let her make this deal, her future will be ruined. Because I have no intention of sticking around. Standing up taller, taking a few steps toward the judge I say,

"It's really a shame I won't be going to jail after all. Sharing a cell with my Roza would be heaven in itself." I flash my most confident and alluring grin, steadying my shaking hands and hiding my nervousness. 

"ENOUGH! Take him away." She yells pounding the gavel. "And ensure he's far away from Rosemarie Hathaway." I hide my emotions as I turn back to look upon the faces of Lissa, Christian, and Adrian.

"Dimitri, no!" Lissa yells. Christian pulling her toward the exit. Adrian and I share the briefest moment in which he slightly nods.

Glancing to Abe he's studying me carefully, watching my every move. I praise myself for all the hard work I've put into mastering the ability to hide my emotions, or as Rose calls it, my guardian mask. I've never officially met this man, though I know of his reputation and I don't like him. He's very dangerous, one of the most ruthless and cutthroat men alive. But seeing how he is the father of my Roza, I trust him and who knows I may end up liking him once we finally meet...someday. The guards grab my arms and lead me out the door.

"Hey Beautiful," I quietly say as we walk into the cell holding room. Rose jumps to her feet, pressing her body against the bars, accentuating her curves. 

"Whatcha in for Comrade?" She smirks teasingly, playing with her beautiful dark brown hair.

"Oh nothing too serious. I'm sure you have a few on your record already. Something about contempt of court..." I playfully reply. We both snicker. The guards begin to lead me down the opposite side of the room, far away from Rose.

"I know you would never allow us to share a cell. But could we at least be near each other?" I quietly ask.

"Coming from one Guardian to another. A fellow dhampir who's in love. Please." I see something flash across his face, a memory maybe, as Rose words hit him.

"Fine." He says with a firm tone, as if it were his idea all along. They hold open the cell door to the one adjacent to Rose. I quickly walk in and over to the side. Her arms already outreached, stretching through the bars.

"Thank you." We both say to the guards. I reach through the bars and take as much of her as I can, pulling her into my arms.

"We'll give you two some privacy." Mikhail says, ushering the other guards out. I look to him, showing my appreciation and gratitude through my eyes. He nods and exists as well.

"It's just the two of us, finally, and in the flesh. Our only obstacle now are these damn bars." Rose says, I hear the excitment and irritation in her voice.

"Bars won't stop me. Nothing will ever keep me from you. I love you so much Roza, you're my everything!" I lean in to kiss her with as much passion as I can muster between the bars. I'll admit they are annoying.

"Oh Dimitri!" Rose sighs into my mouth. "But, what are you doing here? Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic to have this time with you, but I saw what Lissa was planning. To use compulsion on the judge."

"I told you. Nothing will ever keep me from you. Not even Lissa." I say grazing her plump and luscious lips with my tongue.

"Hmm...I like that." Rose sassily moans.

"What, this?" I ask while lightly nipping at her bottom lip with my teeth. She moans again.

"No, er, well, yes I do like that. But, it's not what I was referring to." She says with a shortened breath.

"Then what are you referring to?" I whisper in her ear as I graze her soft skin with my nose and then my tongue.

"You're like my knight in shinning armor, coming to spend the last days by my side." She whimpers as I caress her breasts and kiss her neck. "And I don't even believe in fairy tales." I pull away from her, holding her at arms length to look her in the eye.

"How can you not believe in fairy tales? You believed in bringing me back. You believed in our love. Is that not enough of a fairy tale for you?" I ask, almost feeling like her mentor again. I chide myself for that thought.

"Why did you do it?" Rose's question catches me off guard.

"Do what?" I close the distance that came between us. She lays her head against the bars, I pretent it's against my chest. 

"You let your guard down today, in front of all those people, Moroi, both common and Royals, Dhampirs, and fellow Guardians. You gave in and lost control." She murmurs into my chest. I'm holding her in a tight embrace, my cheek resting on top of her head. 

"Oh Rose, my Roza, I did it for you. All for you. I've pushed you away, tried to forget you, and I've lost you too many times. I just got you back and I wasn't about to let you slip through my fingers again. I'm tired of holding back, you can't help who you fall in love with and I'm very much in love with you." She squeezes me tighter and I do the same.

"So, this is going to sound a little awkward, but" Rose trails off. I pull my head back to look into her beautiful big brown eyes, I cock an eyebrow the way she likes it. "Lissa is envious and jealous. I felt it through the bond after our, hmm, display." I tilt my head down low, resting my forehead on hers.

"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you." I whisper, my voice low and shaky. "I didn't think your body would respond like that in front of all those people. I...I just meant to kiss you, to show everyone our feelings. To make them understand our love."

"Oh Comrade. No need to worry, at least this time when rumors are spread, they'll be true." She says flashing a devilish grin. "You know who else was bothered by it? The Judge. She was sweating and did you see her fanning herself?" I smile and she laughs.

"Yes, I noticed several of the Moroi women affected by our display as well."

"You're not getting cocky on me, are you Comrade?" She moves her hands down to grab my hips, I growl.

"No. I think their entire outlook on love is different from ours."

"Is this another Zen Life Lesson?" We both smile.

"No, it's just...they stay safe, protected in their own little bubble with no worries in the world on if they'll die today. When they're apart from their other half, they don't have the constant thought of if you'll see each other again. They don't know the agony of having to protect someone else over your soul mate." I take a deep breath and continue.

"Guardians know all these things. I know every time you or I would step foot outside the wards of protection there is a chance one of us may not make it back. For so long I closed my heart, keeping it shut off to the world because I didn't want to have the distraction. But when I met you...I found the key to my heart. It was you." I hesitate before continuing, but she stays silent. 

"Ever since I became a Dhampir again, I've had a differnt outlook on life. I view things differently. Everything you know can change in an instant. I give you my whole heart. I want to give us everything I have. We've had too many lost kisses and missed moments. I want no more regrets. I want to live life with you everyday as if it were our last." 

"Oh my sexy Russian God, whisper sweet nothings in my ear and talk dirty to me!" Rose growls, pulling me in for a kiss as her hands unzip my pants. "It very well may be our last, let's make it count." 

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