Justin Bieber Imagines


2. Imagine 2


You and Justin had made plans to go out and have some alone time together as your parents and his parents were always around he never understood why you found it so frustrating. Then your phone buzzes and you walk over to it thinking it's your mum telling you its time for tea as she never shouts you when your upstairs but it wasn't  ' Hey Baby bear, i miss you i have to say that our plans for tonight have now been sadly ruined unless you want to get on the next train to the beach? Love you so much princess that flat of our dreams will be ours soon.. Much love JBxx' He always did that tried to make up different excuses for not being able to go so you decided to ignore him since every plan you two have made since the start of the new year got cancelled by him.

* 6 hours,150 texts and 205 missed calls later*

You hear a knock at your front door but you don't run to answer it in stead you stay lay in your bed and you feel bad for ignoring him but at the same time you still feel as though he deserved it... ' Where is my girlfriend?'  he said softly you hear a tone of worry in his voice as you could hear him from down stairs ' How quite has she been? When did you last check on her?'  Justin had a tone of panic in his voice you could tell he'd cry any minute then you hear your mother talk 'She's fine, she's been silent for 5-6 hours and i think she's asleep so i haven't been in to check on her.' You could tell your mother was getting angry so you put on Justin's sweat pants and his t-shirt and his jacket that says Bieber across the back and put on your beanie and walk down the stairs leaving your phone in your room.. ' What are you doing here?' You says with a sleepy voice acting tired to go with your mothers statement Justin runs halfway up the stairs and picks you up and takes you up to your room laying you down in bed then lays with you ' Baby, i love you so much i was worried when you didn't answer my text. i came round to snuggle and spend alone time with you in your room, but you seem tired so i'm gonna go goodnight princess.' You feel the love of your live move away from next to you then you pull him back to the bed and lay on top of him kissing him passionately.  ' Justin please don't leave i need you here just stay here with me tonight and everything will be alright,'  Justin then starts to sing songs to you softly until you fall asleep.

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