Justin Bieber Imagines


1. Imagine 1

IMAGINE: Imagine having a big fight with Justin before leaving for tour and you hadn't packed his things or yours because you ran out crying then when you got back home he had a bag packed for him and a bag packed for you and he'd got them ready for going on tour and you walked into the kitchen and started to cook at the cooker when you felt muscular arms wrap around your waste and and a tear covered cheek rest on your bare shoulder ' I'm so sorry (Y/N)' he says sadly and softly into your ear before kissing your shoulder ' Please don't leave me i will do anything for you and i mean anything you are my baby and i love you completely.' You then feel more tears come to your eyes and you pull your self away from the cooker and turn to him with your make up running down your face and he pins you to the wall kissing you passionately to try to make you happy again.

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