Memoirs of the Tour

Arianna has just been offered the best job in the world; Personal Assistant to One Direction on the biggest tour of their career. The only problem is, no one told her just how difficult these boys would be to manage. And then there's a certain Harry Styles. Will he heal Arianna's heart or break it all over again? She's determined not to get close enough to find out. But Harry has other ideas...


2. The First Meeting

***Harry’s POV***

As usual it was far too early in the morning when I was expected to drag my ass out of bed.

This morning however was pretty important as we were meeting our new vocal coach.

None of this helped my horrific hangover however.

Last night had been another crazy party night and in the middle of it all our newly appointed PA had walked out due to a breakdown we apparently had brought on.

Management were not happy but in my opinion it was for the best; there was no way she could have come on tour with us, she drove us all mad. A control freak with bad nerves did not suit this band.

I pulled a pair of shorts on over my otherwise naked body and made my way across the hall to Nialls room.

It was a pigsty.

Although so was the rest of the house.

‘Niall get up’ I called hoarsely at him.

He groaned and flopped over onto his back.

‘Harry’ he whined pathetically.

‘I know mate but you need to get up the new vocal coach is gonna be here in ten minutes and management are already doing their nut’ I said.

I had woken up to numerous missed calls from our assistant manager Penelope and a text which basically said we were all in serious shit.

I threw a teddy at Niall’s head to emphasise my point and left to wake the rest of the boys.

Why was it always me who had to stir the lazy sods?

Ten minutes later we were sat at the kitchen table, each partially clothed cradling barely clean glasses full of water.

We did not give off a very professional aura to our new coach what with our bedraggled state and the various bottles, half eaten food and clothes strewn across the kitchen and the remainder of the house.

We were all far too hungover to care.

Besides I had done my part and got us all out of bed.

‘What time did we go to bed at?’ Louis ventured.

‘About 5’ Liam replied from his place with his head in his arms on the table.

‘What time is it now?’ Louis asked through blurry eyes.

‘8’ I said.

‘Fuck’ groaned Niall.

At that there was a rap at the front door and the sound of it opening.

We all made the effort to at least sit up.

Then into the kitchen came Simon Cowell.

Oh shit.

We were in big trouble if they had got Simon to come.

Immediately the atmosphere changed between us.

This was not good.

I mean Simon was like the actual boss and he never came to see us if it weren’t important.

‘Good party last night boys?' He asked looking around the room and we agreed weakly, trying to laugh it off.

‘Your PA quit. I hear you give her a breakdown’ he said with an indecipherable tone.

‘Simon, she was a bag of nerves to begin with’ Loius ventured ‘She would never have lasted on tour’.

‘Yes well I see that now. She’s not very happy though and she just leaked your location. There are 50 plus fans at the bottom of the drive already’ he put succinctly.

‘What a cow!’ I exclaimed.

What the hell were we gonna do now?

Privacy was almost impossible to get as it was.

‘I agree. We’ll be launching legal proceedings, don’t worry. In the meantime we have a new house organised. You need to get packed now and leave as soon as possible. We want you out before the press get wind of it’ he said and inwardly I groaned at the thought of so much movement.

‘Gene, Arianna, come in please’ Simon called and I did a double take as an older man and a girl about our age walked into the room.

‘This is Gene Metza; he is your new vocal coach. With all this uproar he won’t be able to start work with you until tomorrow’ Simon explained as we all went to shake hands with the man who would be the most important person we would work with over the next year.

I couldn’t quite focus on him though, curious as to the girl.

‘This is Arianna Finn, she is Gene’s niece, she came to be his assistant but in light of recent events I’ve given her a one week trial as your new PA’ Simon said as we gaped.

This girl was the polar opposite of the last PA. She had been late 30s with crazy, short frizzy hair she was always pulling at. She wore trouser suits and shouted at us on a regular basis.

This girl could be no more than 19; she had long dark hair and slightly swarthy skin. She wore a black hoodie, an oversized purple t-shirt, black over the knee socks, black vans and had mint green Dr Dre headphones around her neck. She looked effortlessly incredible and equally as though she had never shouted at anyone in her life.

She was beautiful and different and brave if she was willing to take us on which made her incredibly intriguing to me.

‘Arianna will be staying in the spare room in the new house in an attempt to keep you under control’ Simon said.

‘I’m warning you all now to behave, this is a strictly professional relationship’ he said frowning at me.

I grinned cheekily back at him and then shook Arianna’s hand.

‘Right I need to go and so do you Mr Metza’ Simon said.

‘Arianna your suitcase is at the door, the cars are outside, some management are on their way, extra security has been called and the police are on standby. I want you all out of here in the next half an hour, do you understand?’ he barked and we nodded obediently.

I watched as Arianna followed her uncle out to the hall, noticing the leather satchel on her back as she left. She returned within minutes a mixture of terror and determination on her face.

‘So hey’ she said, waving at us ‘I know this is all a bit quick but we’re just gonna have to go with because there are a lot of people outside’ she said.

’50 people’ Niall said ‘That’s wee buns, don’t worry’ he smiled and I could tell she didn’t know how to take him.

‘Right well let’s get out of here before there’s 500 yeah?’ She countered and we all groaned in resignation. I saw her look at the glasses of water that were still on the table and then at the rest of the kitchen.

‘You’re all dying from hangovers aren’t you? She asked and we nodded, waiting for the backlash we were used to getting for this.

‘Ok' she said nodding 'And tell me the truth, is the rest of the house like this?’

‘It might actually be worse’ Louis provided sheepishly.

She didn’t answer but made her way over to the kitchen sink and opened the cupboard underneath. When she turned around she had a roll of black bin liner bags in her hand.

‘Right this is what we’re going to do. You’re all going to drink the rest of that water…’ she started and we all lunged at the table.

‘Aww you’re a saint woman’ Niall gasped as he surfaced from finishing the water seconds later.

She smiled.

‘I’m glad you think so now because you’re getting no more water until we’re packed’ she said smiling.

‘You’re withholding water from us?’ I exclaimed.

‘Yep’ she said.

‘You can’t do that. Is that not like, against our human rights?’ asked Zayn.

‘Probably, but I don’t care’ she said and we gaped at her.

I was right about one thing; she was brave.

‘It’s only for like half an hour, you’re not going to die’ she stated.

‘I don’t think you understand that that’s an actual possibility’ Liam groaned making to sit down.

‘No, no!’ she cried dashing round the table and pushing the chair away from him as we all gawked  at her.

‘Here’ she said ripping the bin liners of the roll and handing us each a couple.

‘This is what we’re going to do. You’re each going to go round the house and collect your own clothes and belongings in these bags and then leave them in their own separate piles by the door’.

‘In bin bags?’ Louis exclaimed.

‘Well we can go round and pick them all up and fold them and pack them away nicely into suitcases but that will take longer which means management will be even more mad, there’ll be more fans and the police will probably have to be called. It also means you go longer without water but the choice is yours’ she concluded smiling wickedly.

Grumbling we began to make a start.

‘I drank my water way too fast, if I’d known it was going to be rationed I would have saved it’ Niall muttered as he picked up a knitted jumper and thrust it in his bag.

I doubted our stylists would be too pleased at the way we were handling our clothes but they were already strewn across the floor, putting them in a clean unused bin big was hardly any worse.

It was with this outlook I began to make a start.


***Arianna’s POV***

The boys dispersed quickly at my instructions and I took a moment to take a steadying breath.

That had been strange to say the least.

On one hand it had been terrifying, being left alone to organise five of the biggest pop stars on the planet. On the other, it had been remarkably akin to ordering around five, semi dressed, hungover teenagers.

It occurred to me as I stood in the tip of a kitchen that in order to make this job a success that was exactly what I was going to have to do. Somehow I was going to have to strike the balance between organising them as their fame status demanded and treating them like normal guys in the process. Whether that would work or not depended on their co-operation.

I collected myself and left the kitchen to follow the trail of noise emating from the various rooms. I found Zayn and Liam in the living room with a top clutched between them.

'Liam man, I'm telling you now it's mine' Zayn was saying in soothing tone.

'Is it fuck Malik, it's 100% mine' Liam retorted giving the top a hefty pull.

'When have you ever wore this?!' Zayn exclaimed and I couldn't help but let out a sigh at their stupidity. This immediately drew their attention and they both turned to look at me.

'I'm telling you Arianna it's my top' Liam implored me.

'Look around you' I said gesturing to the clothes strewn across the room.

'There are tons of clothes in this room alone and we have to leave in less than thirty minutes!' I cried in exasperation.

'Yeah I know, but you see I really like this top and he's never even wore it...' Zayne began, tugging the shirt as he spoke.

I walked over to the two of them.

'Right, let me see it and then I'll decide who suits it best' I said hand outstretched for the top as they gaped at me open mouthed.
'It's only fair, come on, sometime today please' I said and eventually as a pair they handed the top over.

I shook it out and had a look, it was a black vest top with a tye-dye skull of various luminous colours emblazoned on it.

'Yep, just as I thought, it suits me best' I said rolling it into a ball and tucking it under my arm as they both stared at me.

'Wh, what?!' Spluttered Liam.

'You heard me, I'm keeping it. For now anyway. So can you now both please do as I asked?'

They nodded mutely.

'Thank-you and please don't let me catch you fighting again' I warned as I left the room to locate the rest of the guys, feeling eerily mum like.

I progressed down the hallway to the open door of the bathroom where Louis stood with a half full black bag clutched in one hand and his head stuck under the tap drinking the water like a man dying of thirst.

He hadn't heard me and so I tiptoed into the room, wrapped my hand in his sticky hair and tugged lightly. He spluttered and pulled his head out from under the tap. The sight of him looking like a caught rabbit with water dripping down his face was laughable but I forced myself to have a straight face.

'You cheated, now you have to go an extra half an hour without water. If I catch you at it again Louis it will be an hour, do you understand?' I asked trying to be stern and all the while feeling like a fraudulent teacher and a mum combined.

'Yeah, I'm sorry' he muttered.

'Hurry up then' I said flashing him a small smile which he returned with a blinding grin.

Out in the hallway I heard music from upstairs which I followed hesitantly.

The hallway upstairs was as bad, if not worse than the one downstairs and so it was wading through the clothes that I eventually found the source of the music.

Niall was standing, in what I assumed was his room, with what appeared to be nothing but an Ireland flag wrapped around his waist doing the most bizarre dance moves to Beyonces Irreplaceable. I had to clamp a hand over a mouth to stop myself from laughing aloud but it was at this stage he spun dramatically to face me. Instead of being abashed at my seeing him he exclaimed;

'Arianna!' He grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to him, wrapped one arm around my waist, clutched my hand in the other and began to drag me across the room singing like a mad man.

'Niall!' I shouted, over him and trying to stop laughing.

'Niall!' I cried again as I stumbled on a piece of clothing and then tried pushing him away from me.

Finally he released me.

'Finally someone who can dance with me!' He exclaimed grinning.

'I'm not here as your dance partner! You need to pack!' I yelled over the music.

'No problem!' He shouted back and progressed to grab handfuls of his clothes and stuff them in a bag.

Sighing I picked up my confiscated top, left the room and went in search of the one remaining band member. This took longer as there was not tell tale trail of noise to follow.

Finally I stuck my head round one of the doors to see a pair of skinny jeaned legs poking out from underneath a bed. Bewildered I made my way into the room and got down on my hands and knees.

'Harry?' I asked crawling forward to poke my head under.

He was lying on his back, topless with one hand under his head and the other with his phone clamped to his ear.

'Harry!' I hissed pushing my hair out of my face.

'Oh hey, I gotta go here but I'll text you later' he said to whoever was on the other end of the the phone. With that he pressed the end button and shoved the phone into the pocket of his jeans, in the process pushing them even further down his hips.

'Hey honey what's up?' He asked casually.

'What's up? We have to leave here in twenty minutes and you're lying underneath you're bed on the phone!' I cried exasperated.

'Hey, I came under here to get this!' he retorted pulling a grey hoodie from underneath his head 'And then someone rang and I got a bit sidetracked' he explained as if this was the most logical reasoning.

'Right well get out and pack the rest' I huffed backing out from underneath the bed, standing up and brushing the hair out of my face.
It wasn't even 10am and I was exhausted already.

'Having fun yet?'

I looked up to see Harry grinning mischievously at me.

'An absolute ball' I replied, sending him a massive smile before bouncing out of the room.

I would shoot myself in the head before I admitted to Harry Styles that I felt as though I had run a mile within the first fifteen minutes
of being their PA.

Somehow, by some sheer miracle all the boys were downstairs in time, surrounded by mountains of black bags with their initials scrawled on and a couple of suitcases. Thankfully the cars and security arrived at the same time.

'I'm Penelope, assistant manager' said the tall, blonde haired woman who had just come through the front door as she thrust her hand at me.

'Arianna' I replied, immediately intimidated by her assertive, blunt approach and sharp suit.

'Simon filled me in. I'll get talking to you soon, in the meantime we need to get the boys out of here. There are hundreds of them at the gates now' she said her lips pursed. I nodded in my agreement and together we all took some of the bags and made our way outside.

As soon as we did so the air erupted in screams and flashes of cameras, even though we were half a mile from the gate. I was reminded forcefully of the superstardom these boys had and had to shake myself when I thought of where I had found them only twenty minutes ago.

'Right boys in the car' said Penelope as two of the massively built men who were flanking us closed in on them. I found this bizarre until I noticed the boys standing beside one another give each other a fleeting look. Then, without any warning whatsoever they took off at full sprint for the gates.

What the hell?

'Ahhh' Penelope groaned as the burly men ran after them.

'What's going on?' I asked, bewildered at this sudden turn of events.

'They're away to greet the fans, we'll never get them out of here now' she sighed as she made her way back into the house for the remainder of the bags. I took a second to let this information sink in before I followed her to help.

'But they're barely even dressed' I said when I met her inside the house, thinking of Louis sticky hair and the random assortment of clothes the boys had pulled on. I mean had they even brushed their teeth? Wasn't this kind of thing crucial to the 1D look?

Penelope laughed 'They barely ever are'.

This worried me a little.

'But isn't there some kind of protocall for this type of thing?' I questioned as I grabbed more bags and followed her out the door.

'There are protocalls for everything but what you need to learn about One Direction Arianna is that they don't ever do what they're meant to. They don't follow rules, they just do and dress as they please, it's what makes their fans love them and what also makes our jobs virtually impossible' she explained from behind the black bag she was attempting to squeeze into the boot.

'Right you get in this one' she ordered once she surfaced pointing to the black SUV, 'Steve will be in the front and the boys will get in with you at the gates and then it's straight to the new house. We'll follow behind' she finished.

'No problem' I said hoping she believed that I knew what was going on because I really didn't.

I got in the car and we began our short descent down the drive.

When we reached the gates I looked out the window to see the boys shaking hands with the girls on the other side of the gate, they were signing autographs, taking photos and cracking jokes as security attempted to trail them away. Somewhere in the middle of all this the hangovers and the urgent need to move had been forgotten, the boys looked happy; in their element as they greeted their fans and I couldn't help but smile.

Soon however security succeeded in their attempts and the boys were bundled into the car,  Louis landing heavily on top of me in the process.

'Aow' I exclaimed and in an automatic reaction I pushed him.

He fell off me and on to the floor with the thud.

There was a split second of a silence when my heart nearly stopped in the realisation that I had thrown Louis Tomilson to the ground and where the rest of the boys stared at me. Then they exploded into laughter as Louis hauled himself up and slipped into the seat beside me.

'Sorry' I mumbled my cheeks flush.

It was at this stage that one if the burly men got into the front seat. As soon as the door was shut he turned round to face us;
'I'm gonna kill you little fuckers. It's barely gone 10am and you've already had me running after you. I nearly threw my bacon buttie back up' he growled as I gaped at him in shock.

'Aww come on Steve we had to say hello to them, you know we can't resist' Liam pleaded back with a cheeky smile.

'Hi, I'm Arianna' I said offering my hand to this Steve.

'So I've heard' he said squeezing it briefly 'You don't look like much. Good luck with these ones' he ground out before turning to face the front again.

Well he was charming.

I felt a bit shell shocked as I turned back to the boys. Was bluntness a pre-requisite for this job? I wasn't sure I had it in the same amounts as Penelope and Steve.

'Water time?' Begged Zayn as soon as I faced them.

I sighed and pulled out a plastic bag, somehow in the tip of the house I'd managed to locate some empty bottles which I filled and rinsed.

I passed them round all the guys except Louis.

'Aww no, please Arianna I said sorry!' He implored me.

I shook my head 'No Louis, you cheated you have to wait another half an hour' I replied. I felt heartless looking at his devastated face but I needed to stay strong, these guys needed to know from the beginning that I meant what I said.

The rest of the guys were gulping the water like men who hadn't seen it in months.

'Are you guys not meant to be like properly dressed before you meet fans and stuff?' I asked them.

'Hey what do you mean by that? We are properly dressed!' Niall exclaimed, gulping down his water.

'Niall' I replied looking him dead in the eye 'Currently you are wearing basketball shorts, a knitted jumper and you have an Ireland flag hanging out of your pocket. You're hair looks like a birds nest and have you even brushed your teeth?' I asked him seriously.

'Hey you're mean!' He said.

'Niall, my dear, you have never look better' put in Louis.

Niall grinned 'Thanks Lou'.

'He's lying to you mate you look like shit' intervened Harry 'He just wants you to share your water with him'.

'Well you don't look so great yourself! Niall huffed while Louis protested his innocent intentions.

'Niall, my second name is Styles so I, unlike you, quite literally always have style' Harry concluded, leaning back with a satisfied smirk.

Zayn opened his mouth to say something but I jumped in before we got totally sidetracked.

'Back to the question. Are you not meant to be dressed properly before you meet people?' I asked.

'Well technically yes' Liam replied 'But that only really counts for like the media and press events. We don't care how we dress in front of our fans' he stated.

'But why? Are they not the most important?' I asked, confused.

I saw Louis sneak his hand out toward Niall's us watched water and slapped it.

'Yeah they're the most important but they're normal girls and they understand that we're normal guys. They don't expect us to walk about dressed up all the time' supplied Zayn as Louis leant back in his seat dropping his head on to Liam's shoulder.

'They love us no matter what we wear' he said.

'That is one of the reasons why we love them' Harry said, his eyes still closed.

'True bill' agreed Niall, stifling a yawn.

Their open affection for their fans threw me. I didn't know what I expected but it wasn't this. They seemed to have a genuine relationship with their fans which was separate to the media furor around them. Their appreciation and understanding of their fans struck a harmonious chord with me.

'Fuck I'm tired' Zayn groaned from across the seat and the rest of the boys mumbled their agreement.

It occurred to me that this might actually be easier than I thought because from what I had seen so far they really did appear to be just five normal guys who happen to have abnormal jobs.

I couldn't help but smile as Louis shifted in his sleep until his head dropped on to my shoulder.

One thing was certain, it was going to be one hell of an adventure.

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