Memoirs of the Tour

Arianna has just been offered the best job in the world; Personal Assistant to One Direction on the biggest tour of their career. The only problem is, no one told her just how difficult these boys would be to manage. And then there's a certain Harry Styles. Will he heal Arianna's heart or break it all over again? She's determined not to get close enough to find out. But Harry has other ideas...


3. Homemaking

***Arianna's POV***

The journey took  a lot longer than I had expected.

I glanced at my watch, 9.30am. We had left the house at least an hour ago, how much further was it? We must be miles outside London by now.

The late night and early morning had clearly not agreed with the boys. They were all fast asleep, sprawled in various positions, limbs overlapping. It was an endearing sight and I took the moment to actually look at them. There was no questioning that every single one of them was gorgeous, even bedraggled they were muscled and chiselled but each unique.

This thought evaporated quickly when Louis' head slipped suddenly off my shoulder, sighing I readjusted it before he broke his neck.

Seconds later Harry delivered a swift kick to my shin as he turned on his side and extracted his feet from were they lay, tangled in mine. I resisted the strong urge to kick him back, it wasn't his fault, he was sleeping after all. Besides that wouldn't exactly be professional behaviour.

I pondered whether Louis head on my shoulder crossed the boundary of appropriate professional behaviour. I had never had a proper job before to go on and besides, I doubted whether any would have prepared be adequately for this job. Well, there wasn't much I could do about it and nobody was there to complain anyway so I put it from my mind.

I was struggling against sleep myself when we finally started to slow down and pulled off the main road on to a country one. The bright lights of London were behind us now and we were on the verge of the suburbs. We travelled down the road a short while before we stopped before a huge set of iron wrought gates. They opened eerily before us and we progressed up the drive slowly.

Trees lined either side of the long driveway and before us was a crystal white mansion that made me think of the American whitehouse. As the car pulled to a stop I shook Louis shoulder;

'Louis, wake up, we're here'.

He grunted and lifted his head, blinking blearily.

I took the vindictive pleasure to kick Harry's leg in order to stir him, although it didn't near equate to the vicious one he'd lobbied me with earlier.

'We're here' I supplied in answer to his confused glare.

Louis elbowed Liam awake as Harry pushed Zayns knee off him. A final shake to Niall and they were all awake, allbeit looking none too happy about it.

'Come on' I said opening the door and pulling my t-shirt down to cover me as I exited the car.

As we took in the house before us the other car pulled up and Penelope exited with another woman.

'Well, let's get inside' she stated pulling a key for her pocket and going up to the door.

She opened it and we traipsed in after her to a huge, tiled hallway.

'This is Olivia' Penelope volunteered as myself, the boys, Steve, another man and the two drivers looked at the unfamiliar woman.

'This is her house' she said succinctly as we nodded in understanding.

'There are six rooms in the house, Olivia tells me they are all identical except they have different colour schemes. So to avoid argument, each of you pick a colour' Penelope ordered.

'What are the colours?' Zayn asked Olivia.

'Purple, red, green, orange, yellow and blue' Olivia rhymed off confidently.

'Green!' Niall yelled before she had even finished as the rest of the boys rolled their eyes.

'Typical' Harry muttered and I smiled.

'I think yellow suits my sunny personality best' Louis supplied with a smile.

There was no objections to this.

'Orange for me then?' Asked Zayn and the rest of the boys nodded their agreement.

'I'll take blue' said Liam.

'Between me and you then, which tickles your fancy? Red or purple?' Harry asked, shocking me, I had forgotten my part in this and was I suprosed by his consideration of me.

'Eh, I'm not fussed, purple?' I asked tentatively.

'Red for me then, suits well' said Harry.

'Right well go have a look round and then you are free for the rest of the day, Arianna I'll meet you back here in ten minutes' said Penelope curtly.

I nodded and meekly followed the boys through the first door to the right.

We were in a huge, modern kitchen complete with breakfast bar, a giant table, a coffee machine and other technical items I couldn't fathom.

'Cool' said Liam pushing on the tap of the sink until it disappeared under the marble surface and a slab slid out to cover the sink. The counter was now one seamless surface.

I had to admit that was pretty funky.

As one we left the kitchen and into the next room to see a massive living room with a plush red corner sofa, armchairs and bean bags. There was the biggest TV I had ever seen in front of the sofas with an array of game consoles and controls plugged in at the bottom of it. The boys whistled appreciatevly at the signt but didn't stop to pursue any further, instead making for the rooms across the hall.

Here there was another, smaller living room, a bathroom and a games room with everything from a pool table to a foozball table. The boys were particularly delighted at this.

Just behind the giant staircase, halfway down the hall there was a single wooden door. We went through this only to be faced immediately with another door; that was strange. There was nothing at all in the space between.

Perplexed I followed the boys through the second door. We were again in the hallway with a door on either side of us. It seemed as though someone had planted two walls right down the middle of the hallway, as though to separate the hallway in two.

I finally understood why when we opened the doors on either side of the hallway, one door led into a dance studio and the other to a recording studio.

The walls were there for sound protection. The boys seemed approving but unmoved by the huge spaces.

'At least we won't have to move into the city' Liam supplied.

'You mean, we won't have to leave here at all' grumbled Zayn.

I said nothing at this exchange but it let slip a little more about the band.

We left and made our way up the grand staircase. There was an all round balcony which overlooked the floor below and rooms lined on either side of it, in perfect mirror of one another. We went along and opened the doors, the rooms were all identical to one another. Each had a double bed, a cupboard, shelves, a bedside table, a desk, a chest of drawers and a lamp. There were doors off the rooms which led to ensuite bathrooms.

As we looked into Niall's green room Louis sighed.

'Back to being all the same, eh boys?' He said.

'Yep, back to allocation by colours' Niall agreed.

'Back to no personality' Zayn concluded.

'Back to cold and white and bland' Liam stated

There was a brief pause in which I didn't know what to say.

'On that cheerful note, I'm off to bed' Harry supplied. The rest of the guys grumbled the same and divided off to their own rooms.

'See you in a while Aria' Harry said, waving at me before he shut the door to his room.

I started slightly at the nickname I had never heard but made me way quickly back down the stairs to Penelope and the rest.

They were seated in the smaller living room, timid again I sat beside them.

'Ok Arianna, just a quick run through because I know this has all just been landed on you this morning' Penelope said with a small smile.

'First off, I'm Penelope, Assistant Manager to the boys, Simon is clearly Manager but he doesn't have a lot of time for hands on time with the guys so that's my job'.

'This is Steve, Head of Security, I hear you have already met' she said and I nodded and smiled at Steve who didn't return it.

'This is Scott' she pointed to a huge, muscular black man 'Second Security', he smiled revealing beautiful white teeth. I returned it glad that all of security weren't as grim as Steve.

'This is Geoff, Head Driver' Penelope said pointing to the small, grey haired man who has driven our car. He smiled broadly at me.

'Nice to meet you' he said and I returned the sentiment.

'And this is George, Second Driver' she said pointing to a fair haired man in his mid forties.

I tried to take all this in, beginning to become aware of just how many people must be involved with One Direction.

'Thanks guys' Peneolope said and within minutes I was in the room alone with her, my heartbeat ratcheting up again.

'Ok Arianna, well first off the obvious; you're very young for this job' she began and I opened my mouth, seething with anger again at the slight on my age.

'But' she said, holding her hand up before I interfered.

'Like you, I happen to think that is a good thing for this job' she stated and I gaped at her.

'You do?' I asked forgetting myself.

'Yes. The last woman was a disaster. The boys called her Trunchball, you know from...'

'The Matilda book' I finished.

'Yes, well I was going to say the movie but I suppose the book came first' she said brow furrowed.

'Anyway' she continued, shaking herself 'She was totally wrong for the boys. She was very organised yes, the only problem being she couldn't get the boys to actual carry out her plans. All she did was shout at them which made them wind her up even more'.

'The fame of One Direction has escalated at a ridiculous pace which means that we've had to employ more people to the team and the boys are expected to do more than ever. We decided we needed a PA for them because they wre getting irritated at all the different people traipsing in and out of their rooms telling them they needed to be places at the last minute. You have to understand that the boys get very little privacy as it is. It wasn't fair to have so many people walking in and out of thier only private places. Also, people on the team kept getting plans confused which did not help matters'.

I nodded along, drinking up the information I desperately needed. I had been stumbling around all morning without a clue what was going on.

'You're job Arianna is two-fold. The first is to co-ordinate all of the different members of the team and to draw up a single timetable which says where the boys are meant to be and with who for every hour of their day. You are the one person who needs to know exactly where each of them are all the time. This includes any time off they have. Which, in fairness isn't very much' she conceded.

'On that note. The second point of the job. You have to understand that the boys work constantly. They're still very young and they're about to spend long months away from home, as are you. There is a lot of pressure on them and a lot demanded of them. Your job also entails keeping them happy, comfortable and healthy. Basically to look after them. I understand that that particular side of the job might be more difficult for you than organising side but it is as equally, if not more, important' she explained.

'Don't worry Penelope, I like to look after people' I admitted with a small smile.

'Well that's good to hear. Most of the time the boys are blinding balls of energy which we struggle to keep up with and control but sometimes they need some TLC and I for one get the feeling they're going to need more of that than they or any one else expects on this tour. It's going to be gruelling'.

'Finally' she said with a sigh 'In the middle of all of the organising and the taking care off there are two crucial things you must not forget. Confidentiality and security'.

'People will pay thousands to hear the littlest snippet of these boys life Arianna. That is why moving them today was so crucial. Already we have our legal team bringing Emergency Orders to the High Court to prevent their old PA revealing anything else about them. After that they will take her up for Breach of her Contract. Anything and everything that happens regarding the boys or this job is highly confidential. That is stated in black and white and bold in the contract I am going to get you to sign before I leave' she said and I nodded seriously.

'Security of the boys is the single most important thing. It is hard for you to imagine until you see it but the fans can be crazy. They love the boys and they don't mean to cause harm but the sheer volume of them means that there is a very real risk of the boys being injured. The paparazzi are even more hostile. None of the boys go anywhere without security, each of them has an assigned security guard for the tour. Anywhere you send the boys too must always be accompanied with security. Pass all trips past Steve or Scott and they will tell you how many security is needed and allocate them accordingly. Geoff and George are the two key drivers used to transport the boys, they will come on tour too. They are highly discrete and work well with security'.

She stopped and looked at me.

'Any questions?'

'Just well, do you have a list of the team and their contact details so I can co-ordinate them? Also, do you have any schedule for them for the next couple of days?' I asked, trying to think coherently amongst the mass of information.

'Yes, here's the list of all the people' Peneolope said handing me two A4 sheets of paper.

'And here's the schedule thier last PA had drawn up for the next week at least. I would advise for you to confirm it with the relevant parties first' she said handing me more papers.

'Here's your ID and contact details and your iPhone, iPad, notebook computer, keys and credit card, which is obviously monitored, so don't go mad' she said handing me the pile of stuff whilst I tried not to gape.

'Now for the contract' she said with a smile, handing me the booklet.

'I've explained the key points but if you want to read it all that's fine, I'll have to wait here until you do though' she said.

I looked at the sheaf of papers. Surely there couldn't be anything that harmful in there. I flicked through, trying to look responsible. My eyed bugged out when I saw how much I would be earning. The rest was all about confidentiality and duties, basically what Peneople had told me.

 I took the pen from between us and signed the papers.

'Welcome to the team Arianna' Penelope said, shocking me by hugging me.

'Thank-you' I giggled nervously.

'Ok I have to go' she said suddenly brisk again 'Lots to do'.

'Yeah...' I said tailing off as I wondered where to start.

'There's not a single bite of food in this house and in a couple of hours time those boys are going to wake up absolutely starving' Peneople provided.

'There's also a car of bin bags full of clothes' she said.

'I'll leave Geoff with you. He can take you back into London to get sorted. The pin of the credit card is on those papers. Ring me if you need anything' she concluded leaving as I hastily thanked her.

I took a moment to gather myself before I went back out to the hallway.

Geoff was leaning against the wall smiling genially.

'Ready to go?' He asked.

'Yes, thanks for this, I hope you don't mind' I said.

'Of course not love this is what I do after all. And I'd say you're a lot easier to manage than that lot up stairs' he said grinning.

I followed him out to the car where I grabbed my satchel from the back seat and put all my new papers and gadgets into. I then jumped in the front passenger seat beside him.

'You're brave taking this lot on love' he commented as we pulled out of the driveway.

'So I've heard but I enjoy a challenge' I replied with a smile.

'Thats the spirit' he said and with that we slipped into an easy silence.

As we drove I thought about the boys reactions to their new colour coded rooms.

Thinking back to earlier this morning before we moved I recalled the rooms I has seen there. In amongst all the clothes and clutter the boys had each had different bed clothes, they had cuddly toys, posters tacked to the wall and personal artefacts scattered about. I understood what they meant now about the new house being 'cold' and how the rooms were all the 'same'.

Zayn was right; they had no personalities in their new rooms. I could understand why they got frustrated; after settling themselves and making one house home they were brutally ripped from it. It was bad enough that they were about to spend months in hotels and on a bus, now they couldn't even have a home when they were stationary.

I vowed to try and do something to make them feel more comfortable.


***Harry's POV***
When I woke I was disorientated. Confused as to the red duvet I was sprawled over. I flipped myself on to my back and pushed my curls out of my eyes, blinking as I adjusted to the light.

What time was it?

I flung my arm out to the right to grapple for my phone and came into contact with something painfully hard.

'Ahh!' I cried pulling the injured arm back to my body.

As I lay taking deep breaths and rubbing my arm Louis traipsed in.

'What happened Harry?' He asked.

'Hit my arm of that stupid thing' I replied, jerking my head in the direction of the unknown, offending object.

'Aww shit one. If it makes you feel any better Zayn fell out of the bed' he replied.

I propped myself up on my elbows, sighing at the injustice of it all. Louis was lounging against the door frame eating an apple.

'Why on earth are you eating an apple?' I asked, I don't think I'd ever seen Louis eat any type of fruit. In fact, come to think of it I don't think I'd ever seen any of the boys eat fruit.

'Because there is literally no other food in this entire house' he replied in a disbelieving tone.

That explained it.

But hold on, what did he mean no food?

'Be serious Lou, there's got to be something' I said. Sometimes they really were drama queens.

'Im telling you Harry, there isn't; we've checked. Niall's about to have a mental breakdown, he's already ate his way through most of the complimentary fruit bowl, I just about managed to scavenge this' he said holding up the sad remains of his apple.

'He better have left me something' I warned pulling myself up of the bed and down the stairs.

I found Niall in the kitchen with the fruit bowl in front of him.

'Harry there's no food!' He cried as soon as he saw me, like a child who'd lost his teddy.

And people called me the child of the group?

'You better have left me some fruit' I said.

He looked down into the bowl with a panicky look. It soon vanished when he plucked a battered banana out of it and threw it at me.

'Cheers mate' I said sarcastically.

'Where are the rest?' I asked.

'Living room' he replied getting up off the chair. I followed him into the living room.

The rest of the guys were sprawled out across the sofa, looking as grim as I felt.

'This is crap' I proclaimed sitting down beside Zayn.

'Tell me about it, we can't even get a shower because there's no fucking towels' said Liam.

'What?' I growled.

'No towels Harry, no food and no clothes either because Ariannas away in the car' complained Niall as I groaned.

'There's only this stuff that was left in one of the bags' Zayn said gesturing at the beanies and jumpers the boys had piled on. 

'And we can't work out the heating' supplied Liam as I groaned yet again despite the fact I wasn't even cold.

We lay about on the sofa listening to Niall strum his guitar and before we progressed to watching terrible day time TV and soon enough I began to feel my eyes drop again.


***Ariannas POV***
By the time I got back to the house it was already 6pm.

I opened the door quietly and looked around the ground floor of the house. I found the boys in the living room asleep across the sofas. They all looked as terrible as they had earlier and they were all dressed in the same clothes with added beanies and jumpers and blankets draped over them.

All expect Harry.

He had opted to sleep on the floor, flat on his back with his arms flung above his head. 

He had managed to loose some clothes and wore only his boxers with a patterned quilt flung over half of him.

I tried not to look but the boxers rode low on his hips, leaving his muscled, tattooed physique exposed. 

It took a minute before I tore my eyes away, a lump in my throat.

It was odd that despite the space in the large room the boys were all sat close together, limbs overlapping. Perhaps they were just used to sleeping wherever they landed and normally beside one another. I noticed that Niall's guitar lay close by, he must have been playing it earlier. 

By the looks of it you would think they had been locked up in a cabin with no electric. The blankets and extra clothes they had piled on indicated they hadn't worked out how to turn the heat on.

I went back out to the hallway to find that Geoff had brought all the bags from the car in.

'Thank-you' I whispered.

'No problem love, I'll see you soon' he said as he exited the house quietly.

He had been the most helpful, kind aid I could have asked for. Guiding me round the confusion of London with a smile on his face the whole time.

I paused for a moment, wondering whether to wake the boys.

I decided to wait until I had done what I wanted.

Another hour would do them no harm.


***Harry's POV***
When I woke again this time I felt a lot less confused.

I was asleep in my boxers, sprawled across a carpeted floor. That was pretty common. The rest of the boys usually claimed the soft seats wherever we went.

'Wakey, wakey sleepy heads' a light, female voice chimed and I sat upright.

Arianna was back; in the doorway smiling at us thrown across the living room.

'Hey your back. I thought you'd left forever' said Louis, tactful as ever.

She laughed 'You aren't going to get rid of me that quick'.

She must have been home a while because I noticed she had changed into grey, sweat shorts, a blue superman jumper and stripy, multi-coloured slipper boots. She was makeup free and her long hair was damp and pulled into a messy plait which hung over her shoulder.

She must have showered.

The idea made me hot under the collar.

It also made me really, really want a shower myself. I must absolutely stink, we all must.

'Please say you brought food?' put in Niall.

'And towels?' pleaded Liam.

'Clothes?' begged Zayn.

She laughed again 'Yes to the towels, yes to the clothes and the food is ordered Niall, you all just have time to shower before it's due to arrive' she replied.

'Everything is in your rooms' she provided.

'I told you she was a saint boys!' Niall cried as they all leapt off the sofa and made to hug her.

'Ahh no!' She cried holding her arms out 'You stink! You can hug me after you shower!'

We laughed and dashed out of the room. I paused at the foot of the stairs to look back and caught Ariannas eye briefly before she turned away from me.

I ran up the stairs after the boys, my mind a million miles away.

I barraged into my room and stopped abruptly.

My bed was made with crisp navy sheets, my navy sheets. My monkey teddy Marlow was propped up on the pillows, and my posters were taped to the wall. The horrible red lamp I had previously whacked my arm off had been replaced with my digital alarm/light, my watch was sitting beside it alongside a photo of my family.

In awe I moved to the cupboard and pulled it open, my clothes, the clothes I had heaped into black bin liners just this morning were hung up, clean and ironed. In the chest of drawers were more clothes, clean, ironed and folded, right down to my boxers.

In the drawers of my bedside table I found my phone charger, my books and my jewellery laid out with precise care.

I stumbled into the ensuite bathroom, my toothbrush was there along with toothpaste and mouthwash. In the shower was the shampoo and conditioner I used and on the shelf my hair gel. The only way she could have known about that was if she had rang our hairdresser. The moisturiser and cleanser I used for my dodgy skin was there too, only my dermatoligist knew that. There were clean towels hanging on the towel rail and sweats and a t-shirt on the radiator which was turned on.

I made my way back out to the hallway and over to Niall's room. I found him in his ensuite with an expression similar to mine. His room and bathroom were similarly transformed, adorned with all his personal items, right down to his guitar propped up on its stand. We made a tour of the rest of the boys rooms.

She had done it for all of us.

She had removed all the stereotypical, cold, colour based features of the rooms and made them as personal to us as though they were done by our own mothers. The girl hadn't even know us 24 hours.

'This is unbelievable' Zayn said as we stood in his room. My eyes fell on the picture of him and Perrie she had propped up on his bed side table.

'I can't believe she did this for us' said Louis.

'We need to go thank her!' Put in Liam.

'Whoa, let's shower first guys, we really do smell' I said and they nodded.

'We need to be quick the food will be here and we don't want it getting cold' stated Niall and we laughed, our bad moods totally evaporated.

We made for our rooms.

I went back into the bathroom and stripped my boxers off. Stepping into the shower I turned the heat to scalding and lathered my curls in shampoo, humming as I did so.

When I got downstairs, feeling fresh and warm thanks to my nicely heated clothes Niall was already there, seated at the kitchen table which was set for dinner.

I rolled my eyes at his desperation for food, aware of the beads of the water still on his arms, the boy had barely dried himself.

I made my way over to Arianna who was getting a bottle of Coke out of the fridge. I took it from her hands and set it on the counter

She looked up in shock but I pulled her into a tight hug, resting my head against hers and inhaling her flowery, fresh scent.

'Thank you' I whispered 'So much'.

'You've no idea what it means'  I added.

'Don't be silly, it was no problem' she brushed off, pushing her palms against my chest, and extracting herself from my arms.

Within minutes the rest of the boys had joined us and by the time we had all finished hugging Arianna her cheeks were tinged pink.

Just in time the doorbell rang and Arianna went to answer it.

'Eh a little help here?' She called from the hallway as Louis got up.

They entered back into the kitchen laden down with pizza and chips and wedges and dips.

'Pizza!' Niall yelled and I swear he looked ready to cry from happiness.

The girl seemed to know us too well already and she had bought a mountain of food.

As we all sat around eating and chatting I couldn't help but think that Arianna had managed to make our lives significantly better in such a short period of time. She had managed to look after us better in less than 24 hours than the Trunchball did the whole time she was with us. Clearly age and experience wasn't everything.

When we finished eating Arianna organised us so that all the rubbish was in bins, all the dishes were in the dishwasher and all the surfaces were clean. In total it took less than 10 minutes.

'Thanks so much Arianna, that was perfect!' Niall praised, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

'Yeah thanks Arianna' we all chimed in.

'It's fine. Don't worry about it' she blustered, waving us off.

'Let's go watch some more crap TV' Zayn put in and we agreed and began to make our way out of the room.

I stopped and turned to Arianna who was standing by the counter;

'Aren't you coming Aria?' I asked.

'Oh eh, yeah I'll be in shortly' she said and I nodded and left.

TV was useless, there was never anything good that we could all agree on but we were clean and warm and fed so we were content. 

The door to the room pushed open and Arianna came in with a tray in her hand. She moved into the room and over to the coffee table, setting the tray down with care.

'I didn't know if you took sugar or not' she provided lamely as we gaped at her.

She had five mugs of steaming hot tea on the tray with a sugar bowl and teaspoon beside them. There were also five giant rainbow cookies propped up against the mugs.

'Eh two minutes' she said as we all stared at her leaving the room.

She was back quickly with a black store bag in her hand.

'To save you from all the lame TV' she said handing the bag to me with a smile.

From within I pulled three extra XBOX controllers, FIFA and Grand Theft Auto.

'But, but this only came out today!' Louis exclaimed grabbing FIFA from me.

'And this only last week!' Said Liam grabbing Grand Theft Auto.

'Right, in all seriousness, who sent you?' Asked Niall in shock 'I mean, I don't even think saints could rumble up all this lot!' He exclaimed.

'It's the least I could do after you having to move so suddenly' Arianna explained.

That was a completely ridiculous explanation for everything she had done for us.

We all expressed our gratitude as she batted it away once again.

 Niall put the game on and Arianna made to leave the room again.

I moved quickly, making to grab her by the wrist and pull her down to join me on the giant beanbag.

After all she had done for us she deserved to relax.

She jerked out of my reach with alarming speed and I looked up in shock it was to see her eyes wide and fear on her face.

It was gone as quick as it came, replaced with a smile and making me blink in confusion.

'Come and join us, you deserve to chill out a bit' I tried to explain, feeling as though I had done something wrong for some strange reason.

'Oh em ok' she said hesitantly 'I'll just go and grab my tea' she said as she left the room.

I looked round to see if any of the others had noticed what had just happened but they were oblivious, engrossed in the game.

I felt her return and pause in the doorway. She was clearly considering where to sit, the room might be large but we tended to sprawl out over everything.

I was irrationally happy when she sat beside me on the beanbag, sliding against me as it adjusted to her weight.

She smiled up at me cautiously and I smiled back.

'What happened to your leg?' I asked trying to diffuse the tension between us and pointing to the purplish bruise on her shin.

She glared up at me through narrowed eyes;

'You did' she retorted.

'Eh what?' I spluttered through my mouthful tea.

'This morning, in the taxi when you were sleeping, you moved and when you did you kicked me' she explained and as she did so I felt her relax back into the beanie and against me a little more.

'What? I'm sorry!' I exclaimed.

'Hold on' I paused.

'Is that why you kicked me awake this morning?' I asked, turning round to face her in shock.

She grinned up at me mischievously.

'Maybe' she said ambiguously, dipping her head into her cup and taking a sip of her tea.

'It is! You cheeky cow!' I cried.

'Oi!' She yelled, slapping my thigh.

'I was asleep!' I retorted.

'Yeah well, it hurt!' She justified as we glared at one another.

Somewhere in the middle of this I noted how brown her eyes were and how endless they seemed.

I broke away and leant over to the table for my cookie. I broke it in half and handed one half to her.

'Ok, I'm sorry. Truce?' I proposed and she smiled and took the cookie.

'Truce, I'm sorry too' she admitted and I grinned and flung my arm around her shoulder.

I felt her flinch a little but after a minute she relaxed again.

I turned my attention back to the boys, we were all chilled out each of us with either a mug, a cookie or a controller in our hands. I couldn't remember us ever being like this unless we were at one of our parents house. It was strange but amazing too.

I couldn't help but wonder how this would translate though when we next decided to party.

I looked at down at Arianna only to find her pouring over her iPad, she was probably still trying to work out our crazy schedule. I felt for her, I never had a clue where we were meant to be but it would be good to finally have someone who did and didn't have to shout at us the whole time.

As the evening passed the game became more competitive and I couldn't help but laugh as the guys became increasingly frustrated with one another. At one stage I felt Arianna fall closer against me and heard the iPad fall out of her hand and onto the ground.

She jerked at the sound and made to move away from me, her eyelids fluttering.

'Hey, don't worry about it' I whispered, drawing her back to me.

She looked back up at me, her brow furrowed.

I smiled gently at her, put my hand behind her head and pulled it down to my chest.

In moments her tense body relaxed and she breathed a sigh against my chest.

I couldn't help but comb my hand through her soft hair as she slept.


***Arianna's POV***
I groaned and pushed my hair out of face, slowly coming to.

Opening my eyes I came to face with a chest, I immediately balked and pushed myself away, my heart hammering and my breath coming in short bursts.

'Hey, honey, what's up?' The gentle lull of an English accent asked and I took a moment to close my eyes and gather myself.

It wasn't him.

It was Harry. Only Harry.

At this thought my eyes popped open again.

What on earth was I doing asleep on Harry Styles chest?

We were still in the living room, although it was in darkness now and the rest of the boys had gone.

'You fell asleep' Harry offered, his delicious voice hoarse from sleep.

'Why didn't you leave me and go to bed?' I asked feeling totally disconcerted.

I saw him blush and turn his head away from me.

'Harry?' I asked, pressing him.

'I don't sleep well on my own' he confessed still not meeting my eyes.

This threw me completely and there was an awkward pause which ensued.

'We should go to bed now' I said for want of anything else to say.

'Yeah' he agreed pushing himself off the beanie.

I grabbed my backpack and iPad off the ground and followed Harry up the stairs.

We paused on the landing, our rooms were opposite one another.

'Night Harry' I said quietly, turning to face him.

'Night' he replied, his eyes on the ground.

I turned away for my room when I felt his hand on mine.

'Aria' he said causing me to turn to face him again.

'Stay with me' he said the slow, tilting of his accent ringing deep inside me.

'Harry...' I started.

This was a recipe for disaster.

'Please, just so I can sleep. I promise that's all' he pleaded his green eyes wide and begging.

This was totally throwing me. I was half asleep and there was something so alluring about Harry that I couldn't put my finger on.

Without thinking I nodded and he smiled.

I followed him into his room, the one I had done up just this afternoon.

He made straight for his bed, depositing his jewellery on the bedside table before crawling under the covers.

I followed suit, leaving my ring and earrings beside his, tucking my phone under my pillow and hesitantly crawling in beside him.

I hadn't shared a bed with anyone since him, never mind another guy.

It might have been nearly a year but I still felt a strange surge of guilt and panic doing this.

As I lay down on my back it took a few moments for me to steady my thundering heart.

Then without warning Harry rolled over on his side so that his chin was level with my shoulder.

'Night Aria' he sighed contentedly his breath brushing across my skin.

Remind me how I ended up here?


Well guys there it is; Chapter Number 3 and it was such a loong one but now all the practicalities are out of the way it's time to really get telling the story :-)

Please tell me what you all think? Is Harry being truthful about not being able to sleep alone or has he got other motives? And does Arianna have her own skeletons in the closet?

Please, please review and let me know what you all think :-)

Chapter 4 is coming really soon, I promise.

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