Zoey Payton just wanted to go on a vacation. Louis Tomlinson just wanted to visit his family. But that's not what life has planned for them. In fact, they get stranded on an abandoned and lonely island in who knows where!


1. Plane


I close my eyes. I'm the only person on this plane so far. I'm in first class. I know, you probably think I'm a spoiled, filthy rich little brat. I'm the opposite of that. My parents pretty much hate me, so they paid for me to get on a fancy airplane, and sent me off to a fancy resort. My eyes open when I hear someone ask me a question.

"Can I sit here?" A familiar voice asks. He has a British accent. Of course, pretty much every person you see in England is British. I'm from Canada, but I moved to England with my family, my two sisters who are twins, my mother and father, and my baby brother Leo.

I brush a piece of brown hair out of my face. "Sure," I say to him. "I'm Zoey." I tell him. "Louis." He tells me. I nod. Both of the twins, Addison and Ally, listen to this band called One Direction. It has a boy named Louis Tomlinson in it. He reminds me of him.

We are both silent as more people board onto the plane. "Want to talk? Do something? I'm pretty bored." Louis says. "Me too. I guess we can, if you'd like." I say, facing him. He nods. "Okay." He tells me. "Want to just ask each other questions?" He asks. Nodding, I answer him. "Sounds great!" I reply.

"I'll start, if that's okay," he says. "How old are you?" He asks. "I'm twenty-one. How about you?" I ask. Louis smiles. "One year older. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling twenty-two!" He tries to sing like Taylor, and I laugh. "I hate her," Louis says sheepishly. "I strongly dislike her," I tell him, smiling. "My turn to ask." I say. "Didn't that 'how about you' question count as -" I cut him off. "Nope. What's your last name?" I ask. He sighs. "I was hoping you wouldn't ask. Tomlinson." He tells me.

I bite my lip. "Your... famous?" I ask, my eyes widening. "Yeah." He takes off his sunglasses, and then puts them back on. "Wow. Well, that's cool. You are from One Direction, right? My sisters love you." I tell him, smiling. My sisters are sixteen, by the way.

"Oh. That's cool, do you like my music?" He asks hesitantly. "Kind of, kind of not. He depends what mood I'm in." I tell him. He nods understandingly.

We both lean our head backs. "I'm going to have a nap." We say in unison. I laugh. "Okay." We both say. I close my eyes, relax my mind, and in no time, begin to sleep.


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