Zoey Payton just wanted to go on a vacation. Louis Tomlinson just wanted to visit his family. But that's not what life has planned for them. In fact, they get stranded on an abandoned and lonely island in who knows where!


3. Morning

For once, I was awake first. The sun was just coming up, and the fire was dying out. I added more debris, not too much, but still enough to keep it going until I came back. I grabbed the tin can, and then headed out on my... let's call it 'journey'.

My now-ripped converse kicked the sand up in the air as I headed into a forest. Instantly, I was greeted by a pool of clear water, which looked to be fresh water. Confused, I saw there was two other tin cans. This was really weird. I picked them both up, filled all three of them with water, and then headed back. I boiled the water, and then set it near the fire. I got up, and ran back into the forest.

My feet were getting tired as I had now been walking for more than an hour, looking for food. I heard the sound of animals coming from everywhere. I didn't want to kill an animal; only if I had too. I'd keep looking for a bit longer, and if I can't find any food... no. I can't.

After walking another ten minutes, I spot a bit of red. I walk over to it, and my eyes widen and a smile comes on my face. "Raspberries!" I nearly screamed. I was about to collect them, but realized my hands were dirty. There was a little pile of clean water, so I rinsed my hands in that, and then collected the berries. There was a large plant with really big leaves on them, so I put the red berries on the top of every one, and then hurried, carefully, back to the fire pit/shelter.

We'd have to explore this place more.

Because, I believe were never going to be rescued. But... I'm not sad or anything, is that weird? Though I do kind of miss my family. I guess I'll have to say 'forget them' because I don't think that a plane is going to search this deep into the ocean for us. I won't say this to Louis, though, because he probably will want to go home, because his life is perfect.

I drink a bit of one of the tin cans, and then put all of the berries into it. I put my hand over the top and begin to shake it. The berries hit the palm of my hand, but they are still pretty clean so I don't worry about germs and sickness.

"Morning," I hear Louis say in a raspy morning voice. "Good morning." I reply. "What are you doing?" He asks. His stomach rumbles. "God I'm hungry. Can we look for some-" I cut him off, and show him the berries. "Woah!" He grabs a handful and chews them down. I do the same, and we keep doing more until there's none left. The breakfast lasted for one minute.

We were both still hungry, so we set out, after putting the fire out and collecting the debris, to find a good spot to camp and get food and water.

The forest was noisy now, full of animals since the sun was up. We came across rabbits, squirrels, and deer. That reminded me.

"We could eat-" but then stopped. Fish? Yeah right. That would never happen.

We wandered and walked until our legs hurt so much we couldn't take it anymore. We sat down near a tree and both drank a bit of the water. After five minutes, we got up and walked more. Our legs began to hurt even more after ten minutes.

Then I heard Louis say "stop!" to me. I stopped in my tracks, and looked at where he was looking. Oh. My. God.

There were apples on trees, berries beside them, and a fresh and clear water pool. The tree was attached to another tree, and a branch was attached to both of them. It was a long branch, pretty much a log. It was really thick. On both trees there were branches that connected from the big log branch to the tree. That was where we could sit, sleep, eat, drink, have fun too.

I almost screamed. We both ran to the apples and grabbed one. We munched on three each before we stopped and realized that there was only about ten apples left.

We drank a bit more of the water and then collected more, boiling it, and then putting them down below. Since it was only around three, I looked to Louis.

"Let's build a little house/hut thingy." I declare. He nods. "Good idea." We both go separate ways. I collect wood, leaves, and other useful things while Louis come backs with logs, sticks, leaves, plants, rocks e.t.c.

Since I know how to knit, I attach some leaves together using a stick which I made a hole in with another stick, and a long piece of grass. I 'knitted' a blanket for each of us. I got to work to make a couple more, and by then, it was dark. Louis had made a really BIG tipi against one of the trees. We ate a handful of berries before climbing into it. There was room for a lot more stuff than just us, even when we lay down. Louis lays a couple of the 'blankets' down and we put the rest over us. I feel his arm sneak around my waist right before falling asleep.




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