Zoey Payton just wanted to go on a vacation. Louis Tomlinson just wanted to visit his family. But that's not what life has planned for them. In fact, they get stranded on an abandoned and lonely island in who knows where!


2. Crash


"Zoey, Zoey, wake up!" Louis shouts. "Huh?" I ask, and feel my body drop. "The plane is crashing!" He says, and hearing the screams of people, he adds something. "Everybody is freaking out!" He says. My eyes widen with worry. I begin to shake. "What are we going to do? I'm going to die, your going to die and lots of other people are going to die!" I shout, jumping into his arms in fear. He wraps his arms around me. "It's okay." He tells me. I gulp and step away from him.

My hand then begins to sting, and I realize I cut it on a piece of broken glass. I scream, right before everything goes completely black.

* * *

"Zoey!" A faint shout calls. "Zoey!" I hear it again, but this time closer. "Zoey! I found you!" Louis says with fear. "Are you dead?" He asks.

I try to say something, and instead move my mouth. I can't talk. "Oh my god." I feel him press his lips to mine, and blow air into my mouth. I cough. He pulls away. "I'm okay." I manage to croak. I open my eyes, and try to sit up, but fail.

"We are the only ones so far that survived." Louis says sadly. "Don't try to sit up, lay down. I'll be right back." He says.

I close my eyes. We are stranded on an island. We both barely know each other, too. That doesn't help.

* * *

"Stop falling asleep, Zoey." I hear Louis sigh. I open my eyes. "I'm sorry." I croak. Louis smiles. "It's okay, it's just I keep thinking you have died." He tells me. I nod. "I'd think that too." I tell him.

Louis hands me a tin can full of water. "Where did you find this?" I ask, confused. "Okay. So you have been asleep for maybe eight hours? In that time, I started a fire, found freshwater, boiled it, and then, found a tin can, and filled it up with water. Someone's been here before." He tells me.

"That seems stupid. Were out in the wild, Louis." I tell him. He shrugs, I sigh. I take a sip of the water. He then takes a short one. I drink another quarter, and then he drinks half of a quarter. We have just less then a half less.

He smiles. "Stay here. Don't fall asleep." He tells me.

I look down at my wounds. My leg is bruised with a cut on it. My hand is still cut from the glass, my head is pounding, and my left arm is badly bruised with scrapes on it. My back is really hurting, and I think both of my legs are sprained.

Louis comes back in around a half an hour, with a pile of debris from the plane wreck in his hands. "I stopped the fire, so that's why you can't see it." He walks over to a pile of ashes, with a couple of sticks, and places the debris in the pile and then rubs two sticks and a stone together. He reaches in his pocket, and takes out a tiny piece of paper. He rips a bit off, ignites it, and puts them all in the 'fireplace' except for the rock.

He helps push me closer to it. The sound of fire crackles, and for once I am happy.

But happy... to be stranded on an island?

I don't think that's really normal.


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