The Quest for Isla

I do not own Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan or anyone associated with the Uncharted series, Naughty dog does!
A artifact that gives you whatever you want... Mystery from Sir Frances Drake... Nathan Drake couldn't possibly resist this one!
Bad summary!


3. Chapter three

Chapter three


Night slowly loomed over the pair as they flew across the vast shimmering ocean. They had been flying for a few hours now, and only had a couple to go. Normally it wouldn't take so long to get to there destination, But the plane they were using wasn't as quick as there usual plane. 


Sully had been focusing on the sky the whole time, Only ever looking over when he heard a groan from nate. He looked paler than usual, Thin sickly veins sticking out more. Sully could put up with a lot of things when it came to nate, But him lying for months had crossed the line. Sully thought he had proved that he could be trusted. Sully had managed to save nate from so many scenarios without a scratch, And Nate managed to do the same. Yet, Whenever Sully brought up his background nates shoulders would lower and his eyes lost the sparkle. Sully really wanted to know what happened to the man he called him son when he wasn't around.


"Hey kid? You okay? " Sully asked, Unable to shake the concern from his voice. As soon as nathan heard him speak, Nate's face seemed to return to its normal colour. Something was definately wrong. Nate hadn't acted like this since he broke the news about him and elena to sully, Completly broken yet masks the pain easily. If sully didn't know nate as well as he did, He wouldn't know what to do. But sully knew him, And he knew that Nate felt better when he was sharing his thoughts out loud. "Look kid, we can turn around if you want to. You don't exactly look up to the trip..." Sully tried, But nate only shook his head. "No Sully I was just thinking about-" Nate was interupted by a loud banging noise coming from the back of the plane. Sully cursed loudly, the rattling of the plane drowing out any noise. "What are we going to do?" Nate shouted. 

"Were gonna have to jump kid" Sully said, calmly moving from the front section of the plane to the middle. 

"What are you crazy!? We can't just jump! You might get hurt!"

"And you prefer the alternative? It's not like I haven't done this before kid!"

"This is the First time Sully!!"

"Meh. Come on what you waiting for?" Sully smiled a cheeky grin at Nate who didn't see the funny side.

"Just dont do what the plane did and let a bird fly into the main parts of the plane!" Sully joked before launching himself out into the ocean, His parachute barely attached. 


Nate fumbled around trying to find his parachute, Finding it above some crates to the right of him. Nate picked up every map and shoved them into his pockets, Trying to tighten his parachute at the same time. If nate wanted any time to prepare he was cut short, an explosion blasting him out of the plane. Wind slapped his ears harshly as nate tried to adjust to the feeling once again. As he was trying to not see spots when he opened his eyes from the sun, he was completely unaware of the birds flying towards him at a alarming pace. They hurtled into him, Making his direction turn dramatically. Spinning out of control was making him dizzy, So when he finally aligned himself the right way he was thankful he would be able to open his parachute. Just as he opened it, The strings snapped meaning he was still falling at a alarming rate. "Seriously!" Nate shouted, The wind making any noise he made mute. Nate didn't have any time to look around or brace himself before he went plunging into the heavy water with a loud splash.

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