Did we already met?


3. Moving.

"I have your box with pictures here!" I heard my sister Lola yelling. I picked it up and looked in it. I saw a picture from Luke and me, it was when we were fooling around in my backyard when we were like 5. I miss him. It hurts me so much that I lost my best friend. I wish I could stop him from moving to Australia. But I couldn't. Now my sister and I are 18, we're going to college in Australia. I hope I would run into Luke, but I don't know. He promised that he would talk to me every night. But he didn't. I don't blame him for that but it hurts. Now he's in college and trying to be a famous YouTuber. I trow my stuff of the stairs and yelled to my sister that we have to go.

Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to tell something about me. Hi I'm Madison. I am 18 years old. I live in London with my sister Lola and my parents. Lola and I aren't like most sisters, we're twins. She is my best friend. My best friend Alyssa goes to the same college in Australia too. I like a lot of bands, but my favorites are Mayday Parade, We Are The In Crowd and Bastille. I am not a girly girl. I hate those girls. I hope I can see Luke once again to close the chapter with him. I have to forget him, and I have to forget that I fell in love with a YouTuber. I have to forget him. Because he would never fall in love with me like I did with him.

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