Did we already met?


4. a new start.

We walked out of the airport straight to my car. My brand new car. It was a graduation present from my parents. We threw our stuff in the trunk and drove away. Alyssa was sitting next to me with the card. "Alys, what direction do we have to go?" I asked her because I didn't knew the way. She said to me that I have to go right and then to the left. I did what she said and we drove the neighborhood in. It's really nice here. It's cozy, but the houses are really big. We waited for the car with all our stuff what didn't fit in the car. Lola picked a football out off the car. I didn't know it was in there? She must have threw it in there. We started fooling around and we were making cool pictures. I posted one of them on my Instagram. '@MadisonBeer : We came here, and we're already fooling around. Because we're weird. - @LolaBeer @AlyssaBarkey'. I picked the ball from the ground and gave it a hard kick. It landed in the front yard of our neighbors. I climbed over the fence but I tripped and landed on my bum. A guy laughed. "You should watch were you walk haha. " said the boy. I looked up and then I looked in the most beautiful eyes ever. "Uhm yes, I'm sorry. I kicked accidentally my ball in your yard." I ran to the ball and quickly got out of the yard. I yelled sorry and got in the house where Lola and Alyssa were waiting for an answer. "What?" I asked them. "Mad, you guys were staring in each other eyes for like five minutes." Said Lola. "Oh. Guys our stuff is here. We should get packing out." I suggested because I don't want to talk about that anymore. Because I knew exactly who it was. Luke Hemmings.

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