Did we already met?


2. 12 years ago.

"LUKEEEE STOP" laughed Madison. Luke was tickling her. "If you give me my candy back, I'll stop tickling you." Madison and Luke where playing in the backyard of Madison. She stole his candy. "MOMMY, LUKE IS TICKLING ME HELP" she ran to her mom. Her mom laughed and stood up. The doorbell rang, it was Luke's mom. Madison said " So you are really moving?". She hugged Luke so he won't go with away with his mom. "Yes, I am. Sorry Madi. But one day, we'll meet each other. Don't forget me, because one day I'll be famouuuuuuus!" Luke laughed, but he had tears in his eyes because he had to go to Australia. They hugged once again. Madison was already crying her eyes out and Luke was fighting against his tears. He and his mom get in the car. He was away.

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