One Suprise Led to Another

Summer has just begun, and lets just say 16 year old Emma Ross is sure glad it didn't only last for 5 seconds.


9. Chatper 9

Chapter 9

Emma's P.O.V.


                "Ewwwwww..." I hear someone from the door way.

                "If you don't like what you see than leave." Calum says throwing a pillow at the door way.

                "Ewwwwww..." Someone else said, that I could tell was Niall by his adorable accent. "Come on Loui, we shouldn't bug them. Who knows how much sleep they had last night." Niall says. WelI guess that answers the question of who else was at the door.

                "Or if they had any at all." I could practiclly see the smerk on Louis's face.

                "We had enough..." Calum answered.

                "Calum shut up. Stop acting like you got layed!" Niall joked.

                "Only in his dreams." I mumble.

                "Your right, but what do you two want?" Cal says getting up. Noooooo!

                "Well, we where wondering if you guys wanted to come with us to get some Nandos." Niall answers.

                "For breakfast?" I ask.

                "Yeah..." Louis says like I was supposed to know that.

                "Whatever. Just get me what ever Niall is having." I mumble.

                "Same." Calum agrees.

                "But he gets everything." Loui compains.

                "Exactly. You can't ever get the wrong thing. And the extras you can just give to Niall." I say. Louis just mumbles something before exiting the room.

                "I'm gunna get in the shower." I grab black skinney jeans and a batman t-shirt before head to the bathroom.

                "Ok have fun!" Calum yells.


Calum's P.O.V.


                After Em went to go take a shower I was going to go down stairs to see if the others where up yet. When I heard them talking.

                "Em and Calum are really close."

"I don't care. I have Alie so why does it matter. And she does make me happy." I assume Ashton said.

"You don't seem as happy as you tell yourself you are." And obvious Irish accent said. I decide to walk in just in case Ashton wanted to start something. I'm tired of the drama that has been going on lately. Over one girl. And I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but she likes me. Not Ashton , or Luke. Me.

"Hey mate." Liam smiled.

"You have fun last night." Harry smirked.

I rolled my eyes, "Obviously nothing happened. There was no screaming or anything." Sadly.

"Well, we don't know if she's a loud one or not." Harry smirked once again. I get so tired of that smirk. He gets all the chicks with it.

I roll my eyes at my thoughts. "Keep rolling your eyes, you might find a brain back there." Harry smirks for the 100th time today.

"Keep smirking you might finally get some later." I snap looking at Taylor who was bright red.

"Oh, I will. You don't need to worry about me." Harry winks at Taylor as she turns redder than before.

We talk for about another 30 minutes before I hear someone running down the stairs. "Hi everyone!" Emma exclaims happily.

We all say our good mornings and hi's before she begins to speak again. "I have an idea."

" I don't know if we can trust you Emma. The last time you had a "plan" not everything went as "planned"." Luke joked.

"I'm not planning anything like that." Emma moaned. " I was thinking than maybe we can all go out, and maybe get to know each other better." She suggests butting her lip.

"That sounds like a great idea! " Louis shouts holding a bag of Nando's.

"Sounds like a date to me." Liam shrugs.

"Okay." Luke agrees.

Everyone agrees except for Ashton. Ugh. Why does he have to be so difficult.

"Come on Ashton." Louis whines. "You have to come it won't be right with out you."

"Yeah Ash. Come on. This will be a bonding time." Emma begs.

"Fine." Ashton mumbles.

"Yay! " Emma jumps up and down like a little kid. "Now. Everyone get ready so we can figure out something to do. We have a long day ahead of us."

"Very." Ashton mumbles under his breath.

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