One Suprise Led to Another

Summer has just begun, and lets just say 16 year old Emma Ross is sure glad it didn't only last for 5 seconds.


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8


Emma's P.O.V.


                "May I ask what you want with all of this?" Calum asks after he gathered all the materials.


                "Ok, the normal thing to do is to but the honey and stuff above their doors right?" I jesture my hands trying to get my point across.


                "Yeah, that's the most common prank, but sure." He shrugged.


                "Just shush. There is more behind it. Now, I'm going down stairs and ask Harry if he has any more pillows. You stay here I don't want them to think we are up to something." I say.


                "Ok. I'll be here if you need me." He waves.


                While I went down the stairs I messed up my hair so it looked like I've been sleeping, and rubbed my eyes so my mascra was everywhere. I fake yawned and asked, " Hey Harry, do you have any other pillows I can us? Mine are flat. Preferably feather please." I wined.


                "You look adorable." Luke laughed at my hair and makeup.


                "Thanks, now Harry can I have my pillows? I'm tired." I beg.


                'Yeah, but I don't understand why you can't just fluff your pillows..." He stated handing me my pillows.


                "Because. I don't wanna." I run up the stairs before they could figure me out. I'm a horrible lier I'm lucky I didn't screw anything up.


                "You got it?" Calum looks up from his phone.






                "Now, lets get to work." I rub my hands together.


                Even though Calum only knew half the plan, I'm pretty sure he had a good idea where I was going with it. I went to each of the boy's rooms, and put a bucket or stickey stuff ( Honestly I dont know what to call it because we kinda just mixed everything together.) above their doors, and I knew that the girls wouldn't be with them. I might want to pull a prank, but I dont want to die. After that, we put on bucket above every bathroom door, so who ever was the first to go and wash off would be covered in feathers  we took from the pillows. There where 4 bathrooms. One in Ash's room, one in Luke's room, One in Michael's room, and the last one in Calum's room, so I was pretty sure we would get everyone.The other bathrooms where in other rooms, but those are important ones at the moment. Once we finished, we went into my room and waited. It didn't take long before we heard a girly scream coming from the direction Ashton's room was in. We ran out to see his reaction, and to our suprise there was a girl about an inch shorter than me standing covered in the concoction. Whoops...


                "Alie! Are you ok? I heard you scream!" Ashton ran up the stairs.


                "No! Matter of fact I'm not ok! I came up here to get the stuff you told me to get, and this happened!" She cried. "Ugh! I'm going to clean up, I'll meet you downstairs when I'm finished." She walked into Ashton's bathroom.


                "I wou-" I was cut off by another scream. "I tryed to tell her." I shrugged.


                "ASHTON!!! I'M DONE WITH THIS! Call me when you are ALONE!" She screamed stomping out the door.


                "Really Emma? As soon as I am happy with someone you have to ruin it?" Ashton said weakly. (Overly dramamatic if you ask me. Sometimes I wounder if it's possible for guys to P.M.S.)


                "Like I knew she was coming over." I say.


                "Yeah Ash, chill. We didn't know." Calum said.


                "You where just jealous that I have someone two times prettier and better than you." Ash growls. Ouch. I knew he didn't mean it, but it was true and it hurt. I guess it's true that the truth hurts.


                "Ashton. That's your opinion. I can tell you now that you are the only one in this house that actually finds Alie atractive." Calum argues. Ashton didn't reply, instead just walked to his room.


                I didn't pay attention to when the others found their little suprise. Oh, did I forget to say we did the same to the rest of the guy's rooms? Bwaha!


                "Was he right?" I ask.


                "Was who right?" Cal questions.


                "Was Ashton right? I mean I'm not that skinney, and my face doen't look the best." I look into the mirror at all me inperfections.


                "No. He didn't mean it either. He was just a little mad that's all." Calum says hugging me from behind.


                I sighed, "I know he didn't mean it, but it doesn't mean he wasn't right." I get out of his grip facing him now.


                He grabbed my waist and said, "Don't listen to everything people say. People are as reliable as the internet." He laughs at the last part.


                I laugh too, but it was fake. "I think I'm gunna go to bed, you can stay if you want." I paused as I saw his eyes light up a bit. "But. You have to stay on the ground." I smerk.


                "I knew there was a catch, but I'm fine with it. I'll go get some blankets from my room and we can have a SLEEPOVER!!!" he yelld running to his room.



Calum's P.O.V.


                Once I knew she was really asleep I got into her bed... I know, I know. It sounds very creapy and stalkerish, but well, it is I guess. Whatever. She stured a little before saying, "Hey Cal."


                "Hey Em." I reply. She didn't say anything else, but scoot closer to me.


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