One Suprise Led to Another

Summer has just begun, and lets just say 16 year old Emma Ross is sure glad it didn't only last for 5 seconds.


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Emma's P.O.V.


                I know Calum won't tell anyone about what he saw, and so what if he does? Ashton won't stop going off about how he doesn't want the others to know. I'm not sure why though. I'm pretty sure somethings going on with him, but I'm not sure what it is. After the movie ended we both went to our own rooms because like I said "he doesn't want the others to be suspicious." It's like he told them something I don't know about. Anyways, he souldn't be worried there is no us anyways.... I think?


Ashton's P.O.V.


                "Ok. Yes. Love you too. K. I'll see you tomarrow. Yes I miss you too. Ok bye." I hung up the phone fast before anyone would catch me. All the boys know is that Emma and I went on a "friendly" date, and nothing happened. They don't know that we almost went too far. I'm kinda gald that Calum caught us when he did. But when Calum said that she promised or something, I was afraid that he told her about Alie and I. We hooked up about 3 days after Emma and I got in a fight. I would sneak out almost every night to see her. Honestly she was just my rebounder, but I can't just use her and leave like Niall did, so I stayed. One night I was about to leave, and I left at the time I usally do.. 12. I was pretty sure everyone was asleep, but I guess I was wrong. Everyone but Emma was awake. They where wondering where I was going so late. I couldn't just lie to them so I told them the truth. They where made at first. They kept talking about how much Emma likes me, and that if I got together with her I would be using her as much as Niall did. So after Emma and I had that mini makeout session, I was glad Calum broke us up before she could think we where anything more than just friends. I mean I like her and all, but I have Alie. She makes me happy. As long as I have Alie I don't need Emma.




                "So how was the date with Em?" Louis asks shoving some chips in his mouth.


                "Yeah Ash. How was it?" Calum asked with a devilish grin.


                The was he looked at me made me a little unconfortable. "I-It was great. I mean it could have been better, but you know." I say shrugging.


                "The only reason you didn't like it was because it wasn't Alie's face you where eating." Calum says of course breaking the news to everyone else.


                "Uhhh... Calum what are you talking about?" Luke says getting suspiciously.


                "Well, where should I begin? Oh! I know why don't I start at the part when you and Emma almost went as far as I bet you and Alie went? You know what, you can tell the rest. I bet it wasn't what it looked like. Am I right?" Calum says rasing his voice.


                "Your right Calum!" I yell back.


                "Ok. I've been here for a while now, and I would really like to know who Alie is, and what last night was?" A voice from the front door said. "Wait. Let me guess. Alie is some chick you hooked up with, and now she won't leave you alone, and last night was a mistake. Am I right?" it was all silient for a minute before she started talking again. "It's fine though, because I feel the same way." She said walking over to the couch and taking some of Loui's chips.

                "Are you serious or are you just being sarcastic?" Michael said obviously suprised with Emma's answer. We all where to be honest.


                "Serious." She says with a mouth full of chips. "Do you not think I learned the first time?" She said giggling a little. Then she went over to Calum and whispered some thing to him that non of us heard. He replied by nodding and saying thanks. She went up to her room leaving all of us speachless.


Calum's P.O.V.


                 "I'm not as stupid as you thing Calum, and anyways do you think I would ever break a promise that I made with you?" Those where the last words she said before going to her room, and the rest of the day her words echoed through my mind. She's smart. And she was right. I did think she did it to hurt me, and she was stupid enough to betray me, but she planned this. She ment to do all of this.


               From:  Em<3 - Heyyyyyy can you come up here? I need to talk to you.


                To: Em<3 - Yeah, but why couldn't you just come down here and get me? lol


                From: Em<3 - Because, I know they would ez-drop if they knew we where talking.


                 To: Em<3 - Your right. I'll be there in a min. I have to come up with a reason why I'm going up there. Byeeeee <3


                From: Em<3 - Kk byeeee <3 luv u cal.


                I didn't bother to reply sence it was pretty weird we where texting anyways.


                "I'm tierd. I'm going to sleep I'll see you guys tomarrow. Night." I fake yawn heading up stairs. They all said their good-nights, and I went up stairs.


                 I went into Emma's room and she was laying on her bed playing on her phone. "Hey babe." I say. I'm gunna try and get away with calling her that.


                "Hey Cal."


                "You need to talk to me?" I question.


                "No, I was just bored, and your my favorite." She said jokingly. Well, I think if it was a joke.


                "Calum is everyone's favorite, so whacha wanna do?" I ask.


                "I was thinking that maybe..." She started. "We can prank the others?"




                 "You'll see, just go get me the most messiest things you can find I'll tell you the rest after you do that."     

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