One Suprise Led to Another

Summer has just begun, and lets just say 16 year old Emma Ross is sure glad it didn't only last for 5 seconds.


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Emma's P.O.V.


                "So. Emma do you think you can tell us why you decited to cancel the party, and what was going on up there?" Harry asks.


                "And where's Niall? I haven't seen him sence he went to get the others." Liam said concerned. I honestly don't care if the boys knew what happend, and with Luke, Ashton, Micheal, and Niall getting cleaned up I figured this could be a good time to tell. (Calum came down with me. I guess he could tell i was shooken up. He was too.)


                I looked at Calum to see if he was confortable with me telling them the boy band drama. He nodded yes letting me know it would be fine. "Well, I walked in late so i don't know what started this dilemma." I started. The others waited eagerly for  me to continue. "But when I walked in, Ashton got a mouth full of Michael's fist. Then Ash hit Niall for no reason what so ever."


                "Oh god. I can already tell this won't end well." Loui says holding his head in his hands.


                "Your right. But back to the story. After that, Niall passed out, and Ashton started taking it out on me. He said he couldn't beleive I could ever fall in love with a coward like him. I would really like to know who told him about that. I didn't want them to know anything about me. I want to start over new." I say trying to keep back the tears. " Then he got really close to me. Too close. Calum told him to stop, but he just got closer. I Swear he was about to hit me, but Luke pulled him away."


                "I woouldn't hit you." I heard someone way from the stair case.


                "Ash. You almost did. Your lucky I stopped you before anything else happened." Luke says coming over to sit next to me.


                "Shut it Luke. We all know I would never hit her. Am I right Em?" Ashton says coming up behind me breathing on the back of my neck.


               I was silent for a minute till I finally felt like I had enough strength to speak. "I was scared Ashton." I stood up so he wouldn't be behind me. " When ever I saw you on the Twittcams and the Keeks. You where different. You where funny, nice. Then. When I finally get to meet you, you amost kill him!" I say pointing to the stair case where only Niall was at. "You knew how i felt about him. And you didn't like it so you thought hurting him would make him feel weaker and make me feel like I never deserved him. You thought that I would think you where better for me. You know what? Your wrong. Ashton Flecher Irwin, I'm done with you. We might have just met, but I can already tell you there won't be a we through out this whole tour and after." I honestly didn't know if what I was saying was true. He might not even like me, but with the way he acts, I think he does. The part I didn't believe the most is there would be no us.


                "No, Emma. Your wrong. I did it because I don't think Niall deserves someone like you. I can tell you anyone else in this room can treat you better. Not just me anyone else. I understand. And I'm sorry." Those where the last words he said before he slammed the door and left.




Emma's P.O.V.


                It's Monday. Or 3 days sence Ashton left. I haven't been around him enough to say I miss him, but i have a feeling it would be a lot more happy and joyful if he was here. The 5SOS boys have small fights every now and then, and threaten to split up. Luckly Harry is always there to make things right. Niall has become close to 5sauce. Well, at least thats what he thinks. Really it's more like he's a baby duckling following them around everywhere they go. I wish things could get better. It was almost like everyone heard what I just thought, because as soon as I was done thinking there was a knock on the door. (Yes I was still at Harry's. I feel more at home there.)

                I get up to go answer the door, and who would have guessed who was on the other side of the door. Ashton.


                Please stay. Please stay.


                "But I thought you hated me." He said. He had red puffy eyes, and tears stains on his face. Has he been crying over what I've said to him? Fuck. Now I feel bad.


                "Wait, did I say that out loud?" He just nodded indicating that I did. I sigh before i start to speak again. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean the things I said to you. Everything had been quiet and depressing sence you've been gone. I think I speak for everybody when I say please don't leave us again." Ashton walked past me ignoring every word I said. All he did was hand Luke a peice of paper and go up to his room.         

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