One Suprise Led to Another

Summer has just begun, and lets just say 16 year old Emma Ross is sure glad it didn't only last for 5 seconds.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Niall's P.O.V.


                I went looking for Ashton and all of them, when I heard them talking.


                "You guys need to know that to shouldn't hang around Emma." Ashton said.


                "And why's that?" Calum chuckles.


                "Because..." Ashton paused for a moment. " Because I don't think it's good to mess around with her."


                "Oh come on Ash. The only people that would really ever mess with her would be Zayn and Harry. I'm suprised they haven't already." Micheal says acting like he wasn't paying attention to a word Ashton just said.


                "Ok. Good. That's that. You can go back to what ever you where doing then."Ashton says racing out of the room before the others could. With my luck, he bumps into me. "Have you been here the whole time? How much did you hear."


                "Uhhh... Only the last part?" I said in more of a question form.


                "Good." Was the last thing he said before walking down the hall. At that time i knew i had to tell him the truth. I wouldn't let Zayn and Harry get the blame for something I had done.


                "I did." I say.


                "You did what?" Ashton says turning back.


                "You thought that Zayn or Harry would hurt her, but no. I did. And I don't think she will ever trust a single guy ever again. I used her for 3 years trying to get back at Ellie for breaking me so many times. Everytime I thought we where good, she would let go. And i didn't like it. I wanted it to look like I was happy without her. I never was though. I never loved Emma. I loved Ellie. I lied for 3 whole years. Watching as Emma fell more and more in love with me. Then whe  she needed me most I wasn't there. What I did was wrong. And I know you like her. It's easy to tell. What you told the others was all a lie. I know that. And if I find out that you or any of the others are doing the stuff I did to her, I will make sure you will never see her again." I say.


                 Every thing was silent for a long time till i heard someone behind me say, "Why? Why would you do that to someone who believed you. Someone that loved you. And you knew that. You disgust me." Calum said.


                Before he could walk away, Ashton decited to speak. "You hippocrate. You act like you've never done that before."


                "Shut up Ashton your not helping." Micheal said from behind Calum.


                "You need to mind your own business little boy." Ashton grits through his teeth pushing Micheal against the wall.


                "And you need to understand I was apart of this conversation too." Micheal says before punching Ashton in the face. As soon as he did so, Emma walks through the door.


                "What did I just walk myself into?" She says to herself before walking up to Luke who was watching from a distance.


                "You shouldn't be taking this out on me. Niall was the one that pissed you off." Micheal said wipping some blood off his lip. Really? He had to-


                 "Your right." Ashton said. The last thing I remember is Emma running over to my side.


Emma's P.O.V.


                I can't believe Ashton just did that. My dream boy almost killed the boy I love. Its been almost a year sence Niall and I were together. It was a mistake, but like they always say, you never stop loving someone. And I never will. I know he never loved me and never will, but I don't think he understands that I loved him and still do.


                "How could you do that to him?!" I scream at Ashton.


                "How could you ever love someone like him?!" He screams back.


                "Someone like him? What is that supposed to mean? I love him! So what! Like your any different!" I say about to break down.


                "You stupid, poor girl. Couldn't you tell he didn't love you? You are nothing to him." He grits through his teeth getting coloser to me.


                "Ashton! That's enough!" Calum yells pulling Ashton away from me.


                "Dont you see Calum?! She worthless! A girl from the corners would be better than her!" Ashton says and as soon as those words left his mouth, Luke hit him and he fell to the ground.


                "You don't ever. I mean ever talk that way about her. Do you understand me?" Luke says grabbing Ashton by his shirt and throwimg him down. "You should probably go get cleaned up boys. We still have a show to do."


                "No. I can go tell the others to cancel the party. This is more important than a party Harry has one every weekend. We can do it later." I say going down stairs before they could protest. Hiding the my tears as I did so.




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