One Suprise Led to Another

Summer has just begun, and lets just say 16 year old Emma Ross is sure glad it didn't only last for 5 seconds.


12. Chapter 11

Emma's P.O.V.

Luke hasn't talked or done anything the whole time we where skating or the way back. All he would do was blast music or "go to the bathroom", but every time he comes out he has red puffy eyes kinda like he's been crying. But every time I ask he says it nothing. But right now we are back at the house, and Luke went straight to his room. "I think I'm going to go and check on him." I say as everyone watches him slam his door.

"Good idea I haven't seen him this bad for a while." Michael says nervously.

"I'll be back in a bit." I walk up to his bedroom door, and knocked. "Knock, knock." I say opening the door. He wasn't anywhere to be seen so I suspected he was "in the bathroom". Again.

"Babe? Are you okay?" I ask knocking on the bathroom door.

No answer.

"Luke?" I knock again.

Once again. No answer.

"Okay Luke put your pants on! I'm coming in!" I yell making sure he could hear me.

But once I open the door I see something that shattered my heart into a million pieces. On the floor lied a broken, and lifeless Luke with some unknown pills scattered around him.

"LUKE!" I screamed. Within seconds all the boys came running up to Luke's room.

"What the fuck happened?!" Harry yelled.

"I don't know, and I don't think it should matter right now ! Just get some help!" I yelled back.

"They're on their way. I just can't! We can't lose him!" Calum cried.

"Not again." Ashton says walking in a bit late. "Check his pulse make sure he's still alive."

Michael knees down next to me grabbing Luke's wrist. When he does I notice a few cuts on Luke's wrist. "D-does he?" I ask looking at Luke's wrist.

"Not the last time I checked." Michael sighs running his hands through is hair ruining his perfect fringe. "They're new."

I put my hands over my mouth to stop the sobbing then lye my head on his chest. Before I knew it the paramedics came in, and put him on the medical bed.

I follow them to the ambulance. As soon as we make it out to it I turn around to look at the 3 broken boys. "I'm going with." They nod in agreement as I get in the back of the ambulance with the broken Luke. "Everything will be okay Luke. I promise." I say running my hands through his beautiful blonde hair.

This can't happen. Not to him.


MY LUKEY!!! :'( I'm soooo sorry!!! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!! IF SO COMMENT, LIKE, FAV, AND BECOME A FAN!!!! Love you!!! Xx

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