One Suprise Led to Another

Summer has just begun, and lets just say 16 year old Emma Ross is sure glad it didn't only last for 5 seconds.


11. Chapter 10

Luke's P.O.V.

"So do you have any ideas to where we should go" Michael asked fixing his luscious hair. That boy and his hair I swear.

"We could go roller skating if you want?" I suggested.

"That's actually a really good idea! Let's do it!" Emma says putting on her shoes.


After we got there we got the shoes and everything, and of corse Em and Calum connected immediately. I really like Emma, but I know I have no chance what so ever with her. I can already tell that this whole tour will be an off and on game with Calum and Ashton. I'm just a no body in her eyes. "Lukey?" I hear Emma say taking me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah?" I say in a raspy voice.

"Um. Are you okay?" She asks sounding concerned.

"Yeah. I just have a lot on my mind right now." I lied.

"Okay. You better not be lying to me Hemings. I love you like a brother." She finishes and walks away.

With those 6 words my heart broke.


I FINALLY UPDATED!!! IM UPDATING MORE I JUST HAD TO END IT HERE!!! :D poor Lukey!!! :'( do you ship it? Or nah? Like, fan, fav. Pweaseeeeee it will help me update! :D love you byeeeeee xx

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