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3. chapter 2

I was pretty upset that my mom would be away for a whole,what am I going to do for a whole week by myself ?

I'll still go to school , but ... I'm going to be alone.

I finished eating my breakfast and headed out,But I got stopped by my mom which she had a question.

"Angela ? Are you driving to school or are you taking your 4 wheeler ?"

"Mom it's called a skateboard :P ,and I'm going to take it."

"Alright, but be careful !"

"Don't worry mom , I will."

"Have a nice first day of your new school!"

I started to go to school,it was only 10 minutes away.I was thinking about what my mom told me and I told myself,"I hope so mom...I hope so.It was a breeze getting to school.When I arrived , I gasped in shocked.

"I've never seen anything this big, especially for a school !"

The colors were vivid and the landscaping was beautiful.

I was going into the main office to get my classes when

Suddenly somebody ran into me.

It was a cheerleader.

"Watch where you're going, you freak"

I just looked to the floor when she said that.

I looked up and said, "I'm s-s-sorry, I-I-it won't happen again."

She looked at me in disgust,"you better be sorry."

She shoved me and I just ignored it.

I went inside the office.

"Hi,I'm Angela Martinez. I'm new here and I was wondering if I could get my classes?"

An old lady came to assist me and said,"hi Angela,I'm linda.sure you can get your classes."

She went to the nearest computer and searched up my name and

Printed my classes.

"Here you go pumpkin, if you have any questions,just come to me,okay ?"

"Umm,Linda ?"

"Yes dear?"

"May I have the schools map? I don't want to get lost."

"Of course you can."

*hands Angela the map*

"Okay,thanks linda :) have a nice day ."

"You to pumpkin."

I walked out of the office and started to find my first class.

"Room 222 ?"

*looks at map and starts going up a pair of stairs*

"Hmm...oh there it is ."

I looked at my program sheet again and printed on the sheet said


"Eh, health is easy."

I started to find my next class.

It was easy to find since it was just below my first period.

"Room 102."

"Medical terminology?"

"Sounds like fun."

I started to find my next class.

I looked at my watch to see what time it was.

"Cheese and crackers ! It's almost class time."

Since I only have 3 periods I decided I would look for my 3rd class during lunch.I started walking to my first period.I walked in and sat down on an empty seat.I was actually ready to learn.The bell rang and the teacher started to take roll.

"Billy ?"


"Jacob ?"




"Angela?" Wait, you're the new student !

Here and yes I am.

"Class we have a new student, everybody welcome her and be nice."

The whole class looked at me and the teacher resumed taking role.I just smiled and started to pretend I was writing something important.When I looked up I saw that they had looked away. The teacher started talking about the female reproductive system.

Then a guy walked in.

Teacher: why are you late again

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