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2. chapter 1

Monday morning:

Angela's pov:

The alarm went off.

I woke up , still tired .

"I don't want to go to school, but I have to."

My mom called, " Angela , hurry up . You don't want to be late for your first day ! "

I responded , "okay I'll be there in a second"

I got out of bed and quickly got in the shower.

*skip shower*

Right when I got out I quickly dried myself and got ready .

I brushed my hair and brushed my teeth.

School supplies...check !

Backpack...check !

Phone...check !

Earphones...check !

I'm set to go :)

I went downstairs and my mom put a plate with eggs and bacon in front of me shaped in a smiley face.

My mom's convo and I

M-do you like the design ?

A-yes,it's really cute!

M-I'm glad you like it :)

A-okay mom , what is it ?


A-tell me mom... :(

M-I have to go on a special and important business trip...

A-oh, do you really have to go ?

M-yes,I have to sadly.

A-I'll miss you !

M-you're 18 , I think you could handle being alone for a week.

A-okay mom , I'll manage then.

M-alright, I left money if you need to buy food,clothes,school supplies or whatever it is you need.

A-okay,when will you leave mom ?


A-okay, I'll come before you leave.

M-okay see you then.

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