Broken: Inside and Out


3. 3

Now, my boyfriend's name is Cody and we have known each other since we were little kids. His family moved across the street from my grandparents house when I was in 1st grade, but here's the thing, Cody is about 3 years older than I am, so when I was 7 he was 10. I was always over at my grandparents house because both of my parents work late hours. He and I actually started to grow closer to each other when we were younger, but we kind of stopped hanging out and talking when I was in 4th grade. But in 6th grade, out of nowhere, he just showed up and we started talking again! I was incredibly happy! But one thing, or person, got between us, and her name is Jordan. Her and I were the best of friends, we've known each other since we were toddlers, though she's a year older than I am. But when I introduced her to Cody, she totally ignored me and was constantly flirting with him. Sure I was very jealous, but the young and naïve person I was, I didn't think anything would happen between them. Later that night I was texting Jordan and I said "I have a confession..." and she goes "What is it Bri?"

"I have a major crush on Cody"

I waited for a reply. About 15 minutes later, this popped up on my screen "Bri, please don't be mad at me, I didn't know this before, but... Cody and I are dating..." I just stared down at my phone. I could not believe it. I didn't respond and she started to send me messages like "Bri I am so sorry!" And "Please don't be mad Bri.." But in all honesty I was beyond pissed! I didn't talk to her for at least 5 days. When I finally accepted it, we started talking again, and I had to sit through their entire relationship and watch my "best friend" take him away from me. About 3 months into their relationship I get a text from her saying "I think I'm going to break up with Cody." I was very confused. She seemed so "in love" with him.

"Why?" About 1 minute later

"Well I met this guy named Casey and he's like 1000x hotter and I am so dumping Cody for him. He even looks like Justin Bieber!"

I could not fucking believe what I just read. Was she being serious? I responded with "Well go ahead! You call the shots!!" And that was that. The end of their relationship. Fast forward just a few years to where I am now, Cody and I have been dating for a year and 8 months now and I could never be happier, but a year into our relationship, I ended up telling him about my secret....

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