Broken: Inside and Out


2. 2.

I walked out into the living room to find my mom standing at the kitchen counter going through our mail. She looks up at me and smiles "How was school today?" I walk over and sit on the couch. "Good." An obvious lie. My night dragged on slowly, listening to both of my parents complain about their jobs with the drone of the T.V. in the background. After dinner I got up from the" table and went into my bathroom to shower. I started my shower and took off my sweatshirt, when I looked down at my arms, my cuts were a bright red, the skin around them puffed and irritated, blood caked all over my arms, and an unbearable itch coursing through the cuts. I did my best to ignore the itch and got into the shower. But when I got in, a new pain rapidly surged through my arms. A searing, burning pain, as the water hit my arms. I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. Once out of the shower, I put my jacket back on, along with some sweatpants, walked out of the bathroom and went straight into my room. I slowly sunk to the floor and took in sharp breathes. What the hell did I just do to my arm? How long will it take for these to heal? How can I hide them? I got up and looked in my closet. 4 sweaters and 7 sweatshirts. I could take advantage of the cold weather this month and keep my arms covered with the long sleeves. As February dragged on, my cuts slowly started to heal. Things turned around for me as well, I started dating my amazing boyfriend that I'm still with today. He changed my life...

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