The tutor

"Look boys, you all dropped out of high school to go on tour so you did not get the learning you needed. So we hired you a private tutor to accompany us on tour!"


1. What?

Brittany's POV 

"Hey mom I'm home!" I call out as I walk in the door. I throw my bag on the floor and trudge up to my room.  I glance at the mirror when I walk past it. I have straight brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin.  I wouldn't say that I was ugly but I wouldn't say that I am pretty either. I am not popular, just a normal girl. Although I am super smart and athletic. I have the highest marks in school but nobody makes fun of me for it. I am also captian of the basketball team and we win every year, not to brag or anything. I face plant on my bed and don't move for another 5 minutes. "Are you dead or something?" I hear a deep voice say from behind me. I recongize it as my brothers and flip him off. He chuckles and walks away. I start to drift off when I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. 'Please leave me alone, please leave me alone, please leave me alone...' I chant in my head. To my dismay my door creaks open and there is a dip in my bed next to me. A cool hand touches my back and she whisper "A man called to offer you a job today" "I already have a job.." I mumble back. 'Just leave me alone already!' I think. "Not just any job, a tutoring job." I roll my eyes even though she can't see my face. "I accepeted it for you" At this my head shoots up. "What!" I snap "Mom I don't have time for another job with basketball, school, my current job, and piano!!" Oh ya forgot to mention, I'm really good at piano. "I know sweetie, I know. But this was the oppourtuntie of a life time and I know you would regret it for the rest of your life if you didn't do it." "What is so amazing about being a tutor!" I exclaim. "Well the people you are going to tutor are" She pauses "One direction" I give her a dirty look "Nice joke mom, very funny" Although she didn't look like she was joking. She can't be serious though. Can she? "They will be here in 2 days to pick you up, they are passing by here on their tour. You are locked in a 2 year contract. I love you sweetie, don't forget that" I stared at her like she grew an extra head. 


Louis' POV 

"Paul we don't have time for a tutor!!" Harry exclaims. "This was supposed to be our down time between recording albums. And how is this going to work if we are on tour?" "She will be coming with us, sorry boys but you need an education." Did I hear him right, the tutor is a she?!? We all look at each other in discomfort. This bus is like our man cave, we don't want a stuck up girl to come along and mess it all up. "NOO!! Now were all going to have to wear clothes on the bus?!?! NO FAIR!!" I Exclaim in protest. "You are just going to have to deal with this, now stop whinning she will be here in 2 days so in the meantime just clean this place up a little." Paul was loosing his temper and we all know what happens after that so we all scurry off to our bunks.  

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