The tutor

"Look boys, you all dropped out of high school to go on tour so you did not get the learning you needed. So we hired you a private tutor to accompany us on tour!"


2. Meeting the guys... kinda

Brittanys POV 
I see my best friend bouncing down the hall towards me "Hey Chickie Poo!" I laugh "Hey Courtney, I have the craziest thing to tell you!" I tell her about what happened last night. No matter how much I bothered my mom during dinner she still stuck to her story. She even showed me a contract signed by Paul Higgins. She was going to have to do a lot more for me to believe this bull shit story. Courtney looked at me skeptically. "What is shes telling the truth?" I scoff "Ya and unicorns are real" She smacks me "There is no need to bring unicorns into this,  but seriously? You would be gone for 2 years!?" I thought about it, it would suck. Good thing there is no possibility that it is true. "Whatever, see you in period 2" I say and disappear into the crowd. I look back to see her staring at me, with her eyes narrowed. 


The rest of the day went by uneventfully and I arrived home. I walk in my door to see my mom skyping on her laptop. I creep closer to see Paul Higgins face on the screen. WHAT THE FUCK? They are to busy talking to notice me. Why is she skyping Paul? How does she even know Paul? Wait does this mean that shes telling the truth? I HAVE TO TUTOR ONE DIRECTION?!? Do I really want to be taken from my home form 2 years and leave everything behind just to meet them? HAHA who am I kidding of course I do!! I shift my feet and my mother finally notices I'm home. "Hey sweetie come meet Paul!" I slowly approach with a small smile on my face. "Thats our tutor!?!?!" I hear a think English accent in the back ground. I peer around my mothers shoulder to look at the screen and see 5 guys in the background that I didn't notice before. "Hi" I announce "If you don't already know I'm Brittany but call me Britt." I peck my mom on the cheek and go to my room calling out a goodbye as I leave. 


Harrys POV
I felt embarrassed after my outburst but the girl didn't pay any attention. She was not how I expected her to be at all. I pictured a nerdy girl with glasses or a stuck up snob not HER. She looked like a normal girl, well prettier then the average girl. Even through the screen I could see her green eyes sparkling in the light. We all looked at each other in shock. After she said her name was Brittany, that name was stuck in my head all night. We were all nervous to meet her and we didn't really do anything all night. Her face was stuck in my mind and I couldn't get it out. There was just something different about her, good or bad I did not know yet. 

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