The tutor

"Look boys, you all dropped out of high school to go on tour so you did not get the learning you needed. So we hired you a private tutor to accompany us on tour!"


3. Meeting the Boys for real

Brittanys POV 

My alarm clock startled me out of my peaceful dreams in the morning. I peeled open my eyes to see my room, with a lot less stuff then before. I practically packed everything to come with me because I was going for 2 years. The boys would be here to pick me up in 1 hour. I hop out of bed and get ready. Half an hour later I walk down stair, my hair in a pony tail and in a pair of comfortable sweats. I didn't feel like dressing up if I was going to be living with them anyways. I spend my last 20 minutes with my family, joking around and shedding a few tears. Finally I heard a car horn then a knock on the door. I run upstairs to get my stuff and I send a quick goodbye text to courtney promising to Skype her all the time. I go down the stairs to see a boy, maybe my height laughing with my brother. He had brown hair with a beanie on, and blue eyes. Oh and he's  VERY hot. Everyone looks up at me as I approach, and I look away from the boy to meet my mothers eyes. They start to tear up and so do mine. I grab her in a hug and whisper "Good bye mom" "Good bye sweetie" I let her go and then hug my dad. Finally I turn to my brother and laugh. He had his arms spread apart with a big grin on his face. "Aww come here" He exclaims and pulls me into a head lock, and proceeds to give me a noogie. I am laughing the whole time and eventually escape his grasp. I feel the boy looking at us, clearly amused. I turn to leave but look at my family one last time, before I shut the door. The boy holds out his hand and says "I'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson." I shake his hand and reply "I'm Brittany, nice to meet you" We walk to the large bus parked outside my house. "Wow" I couldn't help but say. Louis chuckles and we climb on the bus. The first thing I see is a guy in his boxers, with curly brown hair and green eyes, much like my own. I wasn't even embarrassed, but he clearly was. "Sorry! I forgot that you were coming!" 


Harry's POV 
I was mortified when I saw her walk on the bus and her eyes met mine. SHIT! I thought, really embarrassed  that she saw me in my boxers when we just met. Although it startled me when she showed no signs of discomfort, almost like she was used to it. She probably had a brother or something. 'Thank God' I almost sighed in relief. "Let me go put on some clothes" I heard the guys laughing at my embarrassment as I walked to the bathroom. She just shrugged like she didn't really care. I shut the door and just started laughing. 'This was a great start' I thought sarcastically. I heard a girly laugh outside and smiled. She had a nice laugh. 


Zayns POV 
Britt was really pretty but there was just something off about her. I don't know what it is yet, but I will figure it out. 


Nialls POV 
Damn she had a nice body, probably a big athlete too. Wow smart and athletic. There must be something wrong with her if she isn't a model yet. Come to think of it, there was something weird about her. Just the way she behaves in general. I hope Paul was right about this girl. 


Liams POV 
Brittany seemed like a really laid back person, I can't really see her spending countless hours studying. But something about this girl tells me there is more about her then meets the eye. 


Louis POV 
She seems perfect. Smart, pretty, athletic, plays piano. She just seems like the perfect girl. The guys don't seem as interested in her as I am. I wonder what their problem is. 

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