The tutor

"Look boys, you all dropped out of high school to go on tour so you did not get the learning you needed. So we hired you a private tutor to accompany us on tour!"


4. Getting to know eachother.

Brittanys P.O.V. 

"Would you like a tour of the bus love?" Zayn offered politely. I felt my heart flutter in my chest, he called me love. I gave him a small smile, "Sure, thanks" Louis followed behind us, pointing out random things, like where the carrots were. He hasn't left my side since we stepped on the bus, it was very nice of him to make me feel welcome. Just then I saw Niall and Louis share an intense look, 'Niall probably ate Louis' carrots' I thought. Zayn showed me the bunks, the kitchen, then we returned to the living room to see Harry then. When he saw me he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck and looked away. I started laughing and his awkwardness and the boys joined. I walked over to him. "Harry, its alright. Were practically going to be living together for 2 years it was bound to happen eventually." He nodded his curly head, but still refused to meet my gaze. At this I let out a small chuckle and decided to drop it. "Sooo.... tell us about yourself?" Liam asked, he seemed nice. I answered slowly, careful not to give anything to big away. I don't need these guys treating me like a china doll like everyone else. "Well I am 18, senior year of highschool. I play basketball and I actually have a scholarship to University of Florida. I also play piano for fun. I don't have a boyfriend, but I have tons of friends." When I announced that I was single, the boys grinned, but then try to cover it up. "Sorry to leave so soon, but I am going to go unpack." With that I walk off, throwing a smile over my shoulder.


Zayns POV
"Okay who else notices something.... off... about her?" I announce as soon as she left. I saw all the boys nodding and glancing at each other. "Should we talk to Paul about her?" Niall suggests. "Ya he might know, Paul knows everything!" Harry exclaims with a grin. We all walk away to find him.  

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