my bestfriend (true story)

this is what happend to me. a big change in my life, thought i would share how glad i am. i love my bestfriend!!! please read!!


2. 8th grade

So now, summer is over, back to school. Not exciting, at all. me and Brittney meet up in the hall and go to homeroom. It wasn't that bad, until i looked at the door and there was Kara and Morgan. It was really awkward because me and Kara made eye contact. I turned to Brittney and rolled my eyes, and she laughed. then i hear Morgan say "ew were not sitting by them" and i just ignored it. Everyone was confused because me and Kara went from best friends to enemies. Everything was perfectly fine in are friendship till we met Brittney and Morgan. Brittney was always telling me to stay away from Kara  i never understood, but i couldn't stand the thought of loosing another friend, so i went along with it. The year goes on, full of hatred twords Kara and Morgan. It grew over the school year. Listening to them complain about us, i knew everything we had was gone. but summer was here again. time had flew by to fast, we wernt ready for high school. and i was highly depressed because Brittney had moved away, and i was officially alone. I was terrified of what would happen in ninth grade. summer goes on. Boring and lonely. But before i knew it, school was back. going into high school.

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