Melani Bayes was a Senior, expected nothing more than how much more terrible her life could get. Her parents killed in a tragic car accident. She lived at the original house she grew up in, with her aunt. Her friend Kate was the only one until the new boy moves in town with his own story. Only in matter of time Melani will be no other than Taken.


7. Chapter 6

Justin's p.o.v.

"Justin, stop, turn around" I heard Kate yell with the lab top sitting on her lap.

"What? Why?" I said looking at her when we reached the Vegas strip.

"Melani is in the woods not the casino" Kate said making me groan.

" Shit, Okay" I turned the car around making loud screeching noises and drove off towards the woods.

Melanis p.o.v.

Jason dropped me on the couch and went to Connards room and grabbed him. He walked out with Connard by the shirt and stood him in the kitchen. Connard looked at my strangely and noticed I was red at the wrist. Jason ran in his room and walked out a couple minutes later with a bag filled. He walked to the door and stopped.

"Come on" Jason yelled with anger sharp in his voice. I stood up and walked next to connard. Jason walked out and got into the front of the van obviously going to drive. Me and Connard jumped in the back sitting down as Jason fastly drove off. I grabbed Connards hand scared, even though Connard was with Jason he never hurt me physically. Connard let me rest in his lap crying into his shirt.

"I can't do this" I whispered to him.

"Nobody could"

Justins p.o.v.

"What the hell, Kate where is she?" I yelled looking around in the dark forest with only the headlights of the car on.

"I don't know, It says were right here" She said looking at the lab top. She reached down to the ground and picked up a charm bracelet.

"Shit" She said and closed the bracelet in her hand.

"Justin, why don't we just get the FBI to help us" Chaz asked.

"No, Theres no way he's smarter than me" I said walking back to the car.

Melanis p.o.v.

I woke up on Connards chest and looked up to see him sleeping. His hand gripped my hip pulling me into him. I looked and studied every strand of his dark brown hair. I moved my eyes away from him and layed back down on his chest when I saw his eyes gently open.

"Hey" He whispered to me, I raised my head to look in his chocolate eyes. I gave him a slight smile and scooted up next to him.

"Melani, whats wrong?" Connard asked with no clue.

"Really you have no clue, you guys kidnapped me, I had a life before this, I was actually friends with Justin Bieber, Now I have no friends, I have nothing here" I said to him not trying to make a angry impression to Connard.

"What about your parents?" He asked.

"my parents...well, there gone"

"Oh." He said looking ashamed. I looked away and layed down on the vans floor. I let out a slow breath before laying down with Connard beside him laying my head on his rising and falling chest.

"Get out guys" Jason yelled after opening the van door.

"Where are we?"Connard asked while getting out.

"Arizona" Jason said and walked into the large more comfortable looking actual house. Jason grabbed my arm and slammed the door shut. He dragged me beside him up the carpet stairs. He didn't say one word to me. He opened up a door and threw me in a room. The room had all white fabric and oak wood furniture.

"I'm going to come talk to you later" He whispered and left the room locking it from the outside. I looked around the empty room. There was a big window view of the woods in front of me. I walked up to it and watched the birds fly over the trees.

I looked to my right to see a closet door. I walked over to it and opened it slowly. It was a walk in closet. I flipped the light switch on and walked in to see every clothing you could imagine.

I walked to the back of the closet to see a slide door.I slid it open to a bathroom. I flipped the light on in the bathroom and walked in.

There was a sink next to a white tub and the toilet was set in a corner.

I walked over to the bathtub and turned it on. The warm water turned hot and the tub quickly filled up. I walked over to the sink and turned on the water.

I set my hand under the water and brought it up to my mouth. I swallowed it to heal my dry throat. I turned the water off and walked back over to the tub.

I slipped my clothes off and slowly got into the water. I sat in the warm water soothing my tight muscles.

. . .

I hopped out of the tub and wrapped the towel around me. I walked out of the bathroom and into the closet. I grabbed red matching underclothing and black skinny jeans and a tanktop.

I put them on and walked out of the closet to see the door wide open. I closed the closet door slowly to be slammed face first against the wall.

"Tell me what your doing?" Jason yelled at me. I put my hands on the wall and kicked my legs up to hit Jason in the stomach. He let go of me and I turned around to kick him in the face. He grabbed my legs and pulled me down on the ground,

"I'm doing nothing"I screamed in his face.

"You and connard were talking about something"

"No Shit" I yelled as he grabbed my hips and layed on top of me.

"Are you trying to escape again" he asked calmly.

"Well I haven't eaten for a while so maybe I will escape" I yelled flipping him under me. He breathed deeply and loosened all his muscles just holding my waist.

"Maybe you should" He yelled and stood up still holding me.

"Maybe I will" I yelled and pushed him off of me. He stood still in the room as I walked over to the door. I ran out the door and down the stairs.

"Melani" I heard Jason yell running behind me. I ran into a room and fumbled with the lock but Jason slammed the door open and shut it quickly.

"Really, Melani" He yelled picking me up and slamming me against the wall pressing his body against mine.

"Jason, There's a reason, I just-" I tried to lie reasoning with him.

"No, Shut up -" he yelled before I continued my talking.

"Jason,your my kidnapper"

"Melani" He whispered "I-I fucked up"

"What do you mean?" I asked really serious.

"Hum, nothing, but I'm leaving with Connard tonight and by that conversation we just had,I would like you to come with us to a party" He said looking at me very Seriously.

"Really?" I asked unsure because five seconds ago he was just fighting me.

"Yeah, Go find something to wear then, It's 10:34 p.m. Now so be down here by 11"

"Okay" I mumbled and walked out the door. I pressed my back against the door and let out a breath, He is Bipolar.


I walked down stairs to see Jason wearing another Suit and Bow Tie. He grabbed my arm and looked at my Purple ruffled dress. I found a curler upstairs and curled my hair putting it up a little too.

He looked at me and then looked away as he grinned a little. Connard walked up beside us wearing the same as Jason.We walked outside and hopped into another of 'Justins' cars.

Connard drove us out of the woods and onto a highway. We drove on the highway in silence. I reached over to the radio and turned it on. Justins song As long as you love me was on. I turned the radio off and looked at my reflection in the window. I was to focused on my reflection to notice we were surronded by mansions. Connard stopped the car infront of a mansion that was all white and better than any other on the block. Connard walked with me up to the house while Jason was talking to someone on the phone. I looked back to Jason as he looked at me with eyes that had an anonymous feeling. I walked inside with Connard and Inside was a Huge Ballroom.

"Who's house is this?"

"The mayors" He answered then held out his hand infront of me.

"May we dance" He said in a terrible accent.

"I would be Delighted" I said trying to fancy but failed. He smiled and took my hand spinning me then landing me on his arm. I laughed as he placed me infront of him. He placed his hands on my hips and we swayed back and forth. I looked over to Jason who was looking at us in that Anonymous Emotion. I placed my head on Connards shoulder still looking at Jason. He looked straight at me then crossed his arms walking off and way from my eyesight.

2:15 a.m.

I was standing by a group of people alone and drinking some wine. I took a sip to spit it back in the glass.

"Oh god that's awful" I whispered sitting it on a plate of drinks a servant was carrying. I felt a hand grab my hip as I turned around.

"Finally your alone" he whispered in my ear.I turned around and he grabbed my hand. He pulled me into a group that was already dancing on the floor. I jumped closer to him when he gripped my hip. I looked at him and knew why I was here and whats happening. Im in his sweet spot, go.

"I-I need to use the restroom" I said quietly then walked out of the crowd and out of his view and towards the door. Two hands grabbed my waist while I was by the entrance.

"Where do you think your going" I turned hitting Connard in the face.

"Sorry" he let go of me and I ran away and behind me I heard yells of voices because of the scene that just occurred. A voice startling me but giving me the adrenaline that is now running to my body I hear yell.

"Melani" Jason was close behind me. I was almost free just get to the car. I saw the car up ahead. I reached the car hoping in making the alarm go off. I reached down and hot wired the car. Starting the car and backing up Jason ran right I front of the car.

"Fuck" I moaned. I went forward just a little making Jason move the slightest bit. He moved beside the car and got in.

"What the hell melani" he yelled. I ignored him and Connard got in.

"What the hell are we doing!?" Connard yelled.

"I wanna go home!" I yelled at Jason. Jason grabbed my hand and I turned looking at him.

"I'm so sorry"he said hitting me in the face as everything went black.

Justin's pov

"Here, lets go" I jumped out of the car and walked up to the house. I opened the stupidly unlocked the door and saw an empty main room. I walked over to the first door I saw and opened it seeing nothing. Shit.

I finished searching all the rooms finding nothing.

"Shit they left"

I yelled as we all were standing in the main room.

"Where the hell would they be?!" Chaz yelled as me making me more angry than I am.

"He probably left again, but he doesn't leave this early" I whispered but then it hit me "but he could be selling her"

"What do you mean sell her?" Chaz yelled. I walked away from him, I really didn't wanna deal with this now. I walked out side and hit the side out of the house making my hand burn red.

"Shit" I screamed and Chaz walked out with Kate.

"Chaz, Calm down, Justin you too" Kate ordered.

"Is there at least possible last place? Or at least better be last place"

"Denver, Colorado" I said running my fingers through my hair.

"We can't be running around like this forever" Chaz reminded me.

"Don't you think I know that" I yelled at him.

"your really going to yell at me" Chaz laughed " You took us miles away from california and we still haven't found a girl that we've just met"

"What about kate Melani is kates best friend! do it for her" I yelled back at him.

"Your really going to use Kate as an excuse, Well fu-"

"Guys stop"Kate screamed. We looked at her then back at each other. I shook my head and walked back to the car.

"Come On" I said and we all got in the car hoping Denver would be the last place.

Melanis p.o.v.

"Help!!" I screamed then I sat up.

"Melani, it's ok" I looked at the dark figure walking towards me. The light coming through the small window shined on his face. Anger rushed through me and I hopped up and grabbed him by the throat. He grabbed my arms and pulled me off of him. He pushed me against the wall taking a chain and locking my arms. He smiled at me and walked back into the darkness of the room then left the room completely.

"Joshua!!" I screamed scratching my throat as I began to cry.

"How the fuck did this happen!?" I yelled. The last thing I remember Jason hit me and I went out cold. I looked around before laying down on the cold concrete floor, falling into an un expecting sleep.

I awoke to the door of the room opening.

"Melani" I heard someone whisper from the dark. I couldn't speak the voice stopped me. The person came into view and then my heart skipped a beat. Shit. Justin wasn't kidding.

He walked up to me and showed me a plate of food. Oh my god I haven't had food in forever. I grabbed the plate slowly and began eating as he sat beside me. I slowed my eating and looked at him.

"Uhm,aren't you..."

"Austin Mahone, yes I am" he said so serious. I sat the plate down quickly.

"But... your in a gang.... your so innocent" I whispered as he laughed.

"Innocence is just an expression" he smiled " not an emotion"

"I think I have that expression" I said and took another bite of my food.

" so your a bad girl?" He smirked at me.

"No, my dad was a CSI agent and my mom was a cop" I said as he smiled grabbing my hand and pulling me up.

"show me some moves then" he smiled not noticing I was chained up.

" I'm kinda chained up" I said pointing at the chains.

"We'll then I'm going to have to come closer" he said and got really close about two inches away. He grabbed my waist and full on kissed me.

"Whoa, I thought we were fighting" I said placing a hand on his chest.

"I wasn't meaning those kind of moves" he said and kissed me again. I pushed him off of me before he grabbed me pushing me against the wall, he was a lot stronger than I imagined and taller.

"Shut the fuck up Melani" he said grabbing my arms placing them above my head using one hand while holding me against the wall with his other hand. He forced his lips on mine again which I wish I didn't have to refuse but I did.

"Stop!" I screamed before Austin let go off me to chain me back up before I could punch his pretty little face. He left the room with me screaming.

I fell to the floor and wiped my cheek. Fuck! I hit the ground with my fist and screamed. I stood up and pulled at the chain.

"come on god dammit" I whispered.

Justin's pov

"Okay, come on" I said as we all got out of the car and we walked up to the house. It was tempting to finally get her back. I walked up to the door and reached down under the welcome mat and took the key opening the door.

"JASON!!!" I yelled and walked around seeing nothing. Everything was clean. Shit! He wasn't even here yet.

"He isn't here yet" I yelled swiping everything off the counter. I placed my elbows on the counter and groaned.

"His names Jason?" I turned seeing Kate.

"Yeah, fucked up Jason" I walked past her and into the main room. I sat on the couch and flipped on the tv.

"Guess we just have to wait he's going to have to be here soon"

"Great traveling halfway across the country to wait!" Chaz yelled.

"Shut up Chaz, your complaining is ruining our friendship! Yes we have to wait, to save a girl who may be half dead or dead by now, I know this dude but I can't tell you because he's fucking a long story. You gotta trust me, when you moved she was your first main friend then Kate, so you should at least be happy we're ahead of him" I yelled and once I finished soft cries were held behind Chaz.

"Kate?" I whispered.

"What is he going to do to her?" She cried.

Jason's pov

I just can't get the image of Melani in the possession of Joshua's. After I knocked her out, and we were halfway down the road we got blocked and Joshua jumped out of a car, obviously it was him. He walked over to the car opening it grabbing unconscious Melani and having his men hold us back. I just looked at Melani, still passed out and not knowing what's happening. I just couldn't stop calling her name. I felt a part of me be taken. I never wanted to feel a fucking feeling but she did it. I fucking love her.

"Connard" I said as he looked up at me.

"We're gunna go get her" I said starting up the car.

Just the rush made me so focused, I followed everything I remember and I remember where Joshua's is.

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