Melani Bayes was a Senior, expected nothing more than how much more terrible her life could get. Her parents killed in a tragic car accident. She lived at the original house she grew up in, with her aunt. Her friend Kate was the only one until the new boy moves in town with his own story. Only in matter of time Melani will be no other than Taken.


5. Chapter 4

4:56 a.m. Tonopah ,Nevada

"whats your name" Jason asked. We were leaning against the van while Jasons friend left to get Jason money. Jason decided to handcuff my hand to his so I wouldn't run a way again.

"How can you kidnap me and not know my name?" I asked wanting to slap him across the face but I kept my control.

"Because" Jason looked up at me angriliy.

"I don't need to tell you your going to kill me anyways" I scoffed at him not wanting to make eye contact with criminal.

"I'm not going to kill you , a dead body is worth nothing" He yelled back and grabbed my arm. When he grabbed my arm I slapped him across the face and he slapped me back. I was about to hit him when he quickly slammed me against the van.

"I am not going to kill you" He looked straight at me and I could notice the trust in his eyes. A gasp escaped my lips when I noticed him leaning towards me.

"Okay I got the money" Jason looked away from me before snatching the money from the boys hand. I looked at the guy with pleading eyes.

"Get in the van, You too Connard" I backed away from Jason. I got in the van slowly not wanting to hurt my wrist with the handcuff on it. Jason sat farther away from me though, the farthest he could with the handcuff on. I was scared of him but I didn't wanna show it. He kills people for a living and bombs buildings. I can't stand him, He's americas most wanted and I'm a csi cops daughter. Me and him are like sworn enemy's like obvious opposites.

"Are you okay?" Jason asked, making me look at him in disgust.

"Besides the fact that my arms bleeding out and im kidnapped, no"I scooted away from him.

"I don't get you, your so different and stronger and smarter than any other girl" he said calmly as our hand the were handcuffed together accidentally touched and I moved my hand away quickly.

"I'm different than other girls" I stated.

"I know but I still don't know your name" he said more like a question.

"Melani" I said as I leaned my head on the wall.

"Thats Swag" he grinned.

"Why did you take me?" I quietly yelled angry.

"Because I-"

"Guys we have another problem" Connard said "Uhm, Joshua is right infront of us"

"Shit, pull over let me talk to him" Jason stood up and got out of the van with my hand still handcuffed to his.

"Who's Joshua?"I asked before Jason began up handcuffing us making me slightly smile. Jason left the van with no answer leaving Connard to answer it.

"Jasons worst nightmare, I better get out there" Connard said opening the door and hopping out leaving me alone.

"Shes in my van but not for you!!!" I heard jason yell. I saw the van door open and a muscular guy grabbed me and held me and pulled me from the van. I screamed kicking and hitting as the guy threw me over his shoulder.

"Stop. Let her go Joshua!!!!" Jason yelled at Connard.

"No, I think i'll keep her around" He said gripping my hips "Just look at her in this torn wet dress"

"I'm not kidding, Give her to me" Jason said more angry this time. This Joshua guy gripped onto me tighter and kissed my kneck. I flinched screaming.

"Joshua i'm not kidding" Jason yelled holding a gun.

"Whoa, Jason calm down,I see this girl mean alot to you i'm not surprised that your pulling a gun on your old friend, But obviously a girl can get between anything" He let me go and I ran to jason. He grabbed me and we walked towards the van Jason pushed me inside and got in after me. We pulled off and I grabbed Jasons arm. He looked at me.

"I'm sorry" I pulled my hand away and layed down. I began to fall asleep hoping Justin and Chaz were still safe.

6:09 a.m. half an hour away from Tonopah

"Justin, let me drive you look super tired" Chaz said grabbing my shoulder.

"No" I yelled but quickly calmed myself " I'm sorry, you know how to get to Las Vegas from here?"

"I can read justin" I pulled over and let Chaz get in and we started driving again. I began falling asleep hoping Melani was still safe.

6:25 2 hours from Las Vegas

"Uhm,Connard?" I asked Connard while Jason was deep asleep next to me.

"Yeah" he said still focused on the road

"What will Jason do to me?" I asked with my finger through the holes in the metal screen between me and Connard.

"I don't really know, Do you want something to eat?" Connard asked with a smile towards me.

"Sure" I just noticed Jason was awake and just heard my question.

"What do you think i'm going to do to you?" He asked sternly.

"You pulled a gun on someone today, what am I suppose to think." I yelled at him.

"I already told you I won't kill you Unless I have to"

"That makes me feel alot better" I sarcassed to him.

"It better" He yelled before I clenched my hands into a fist.

"Your a dick Jason" I screamed at him

"Shut the fuck up" Jason yelled swinging his hand almost slapping me but I blocked it.

I punched his arm and then he grabbed my arm where he did last time and reopened my almost healed scars. I yelped in pain and pulled his hand off of me. I punch his bruised cheek getting on top of him making him smile disgustingly. I screamed at his action before he flipped us over.

"Jason get off!!" I screamed and tried pushing him off. He grabbed placed both of his hands by my head and pressed his lower area against mine. I breathed heavily as he pressed harder, He grabbed my hands keeping me down. I quivered underneath him screaming. He got off of me and sat beside me.

"What the hell!" I yelled at him still laying on the floor.

"I thought it would be fun" Jason laughed,

"Your fucked up" I cursed at him.

"Guys what do you want from micky D's?" Connord asked.

"Two cheese burgers and two waters" Jason said looking at me the whole time. He took his eyes off me and started to tear his shirt he pulled of the fabric. He took off the rest of his shirt revealing his body. He grabbed my arm and wrapped the fabric around my bleeding arm.

"Are you Bipolar?" I asked him as he looked at me smiling.

"Maybe" He said tucking the fabric in to it would stay on my arm. I looked at him and he stood up and grabbed our food. He handed me my sandwich and water.

"Thanks" I whispered loud enough for him to hear.

Justins p.o.v.

"Are you almost there?" I yawned at Chaz.

"Uhm, I'm not sure" I heard him say.

"What do you mean?" I quickly shot up.

"Where do you think we are? I just followed the signs" Chaz argued to his terrible driving skills.

"No, Omg we're in Carson City, You turned left back on highway 34 and not right" I yelled at him "Just let me drive"

"Why are you so angry to get her back?" Chaz asked sternly staring at me.

"Because, I'm not letting him get away with this again" I said making Chaz annoyed.

"Who is he anyway?" Chaz yelled.

"Nobody" I said before the car screeched to a stop.

"Is that Kate?" Chaz asked pulling up to the girl sitting on the bus station bench.

"Kate?" I asked out of the passenger seat window. She looked up with a huge smile.

"Oh my freaking, what are you guys doing out here?!" She yelled at us.

"We could say the same thing" Chaz said to her.

"Get in the car, there's a lot of explaining" I ordered.

7:58 Las Vegas, Getting to Jasons Hide Away

"Melani, Get up, Lets go inside"

"Where are we?" I asked being totally ignored. Jason held my right arm until we got inside. He pulled me inside and locked the door. I noticed their were no windows, Their was just a fireplace in the wall which was brick. There was one couch in the first room that was black, In the kitchen was four chairs around a metal table with a fridge and microwave next to a gas burning stove.

"We don't have any 'guest' rooms here so you can sleep in my room" Jason asked me.

"Why not the couch?" I asked not wanting to sleep with Jason.

"Because the doors right there" Jason said "And me and Connard need to go talk to my dealers here"

I nodded and stood there. Jason signaled me to come with him.

"Here is my room, and I have this shirt and these sweatpants you can probably try to wear" He handed me the clothes and sat on the bed.

"I don't want you to leave this house, because the only people in this town are bad and I don't want you to get killed, a dead body is worth nothing, theres food in the fridge, if you need a drink I got my stuff in my mini fridge in the closet" He looked at me and gave me no emotion "Just get some sleep" He stood up and walked out of the room.

I fell on the bed and heard the door click seconds later. I walked out the door and tried looking for the bathroom which I found. I turned on the shower and slipped my dress off. I got into the shower and began singing lights by Ellie Goulding . I reached for the soap bottle and noticed it was mens body wash, and mens shampoo and conditioner. Ugh Men. I washed my hair and body and got out singing Justin Timberlake's song Suit & Tie. I wrapped the towel around me and ringed out my hair. I grabbed the sweatpants and put them on along with the large shirt.They were the slightest bit of bigger but worked. I walked to the fridge and opened it up to beer, and Junk food. I closed the door and returned to justins room. I sat on the bed and thought of Justin and Chaz, and Kate. I wonder if My aunt even knows, she must be worried sick. Someone call the cops.

I think I need Jasons mini fridge. I walked to his closet door to see a beautiful walk in closet. It was organized and pretty. I saw the fridge and opened it and grabbed some vodka. I closed the door and opened the bottle. I took a swallow and walked back into the room and sat on the bed until I fell asleep.

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