Melani Bayes was a Senior, expected nothing more than how much more terrible her life could get. Her parents killed in a tragic car accident. She lived at the original house she grew up in, with her aunt. Her friend Kate was the only one until the new boy moves in town with his own story. Only in matter of time Melani will be no other than Taken.


4. Chapter 3

"So, your Jason" I tried pushing Jason off of me but he had a good grip.

"How do you know me?" He asked.

"Your Americas most wanted, and I'm going to kick your ass" I pushed him off of me and lifted my leg about to kick him in the face, but he caught my leg. He twisted my leg making me land face down on the cement with my hands holding me up. I hopped up and turn around hitting him in the cheek, I kicked my leg out and tripped him making him fall. He grabbed my leg making me fall beside him as he crawled over me and signaled a van as he picked me up. Placing my arms behind me he sat his head on my shoulder.

"Your going to be fun" He whispered to my ear. He pushed me into the van and I landed in the back corner. He got in and slammed the door making me jump the slightest bit.

"Your not getting away with this" I whispered. He came up to me and grabbed my arm.

"What did you say?" He growled with his fingertips bruising my skin.

"Nothing" I flinched, i knew if I didn't act fast there would be no way out of his kidnapping act.

"Thats what I thought" he said to me, making me speak up.

"Actually I said you'll never get away with this" I said. He grabbed my arm and slapped me. I raised my fist and punched him. He gripped my arm tighter ripping my skin. I screamed with pain and grabbed his hand, as he let go and stared at me. He put his hands in his pocket and leaned against the back of the van. I grabbed my arm as it slowly bleed and deeply breathed. I needed to get out and away from him.

Justin's p.o.v.

"What the hell was that?" I yelled to chaz as I pulled him in the hotel room "Wheres Mel?"

"I-I don't know" Chaz said "did we actually leave without her"

I stood up quickly, she's probably still at the party or left with a guy. No, she wouldn't leave with a guy, shes not like that. Then I thought of where she might've been when I remembered pulling up the street before the party a van was parked down an alley with a dark haired male was sitting in, who I recognized.

"Chaz, I think I know where she is, And its not good"

Melanis' p.o.v.

"Come on" Jason said to me from outside of the car. I didn't notice I fell asleep, which wasn't good. I got up and thought I could run away from him when I got out of the van. I scooted up and out of the van. He watched my every move but when his eyes landed on my ass, I took the chance and began running. I heard Jason curse behind me. I kept running and running I came to a steep hill that I fell down tossing and getting scratched by tree branches. I saw Jason at the top and I got up and ran until I got to a river. I was about to jump when I got pushed into the water with Jason. The river was wide and deep. Jason held on to me and held me tight. I held onto him shivering. We began flowing down stream. I let go of Jason and tried swimming to the side but the stream got stronger.

"Here grab my hand" Jason yelled to me stretching out his arm.

"I'd rather die" I yelled at him still doggy paddling in the water.

He began swimming to me.

"Do you hear that?" Jason asked me only inches from me.

"Is that a waterfall" I yelled at him, he nodded. He grabbed a low tree branch and gripped my hand. He pulled me into his chest. I grabbed the branch and began gripping it and getting to the side of the river. Jason sat beside me and shaked his hair splashing water all over. He looked at me and grabbed my arm pulling me up roughly.

"Come on"

1:00 a.m. Justins Range Rover.

"I think I know where this guy is, He has a hide away up in Napa . He steals girls for a living and does unmentionable things to them" I said with anger trembling in my voice.

"So whats our plan, what if he has like ten billion guys gaurding his house thing" Chaz asked.

"He doesn't I know alot more about this guy then you think"

Melanis p.o.v.

"You're staying here" Jason pushed me into a dark room and shut the door leaving it pitch dark. I felt around and found a rock hard bed. I got on it and shivered in my cold wet dress. I tried to fall asleep, But I couldn't I was just hoping Justin and Chaz were trying to look for me. Why does he want me, and how can I win him over and Outsmart him. I knew that my dad knew him, So it has to be in my blood. I think I know how to escape.

Justin's p.o.v

" How much longer?" Chaz mumbled from his sleep.

"Uhm, about half an hour" I looked around as I stopped the car. A road worker walked up to me and knocked on the window.


"The bridge up ahead collapsed and were trying to fix it as soon as possible, so were going to need you to turn around take route-"

"But i'm Justin Bieber, and I need to get through this way"

" Well, you still need to turn around and take a left on highway 25" I slammed on the gas and quickly turned around trying to get their fastly. I don't know if he's still their with Melani. I looked over to chaz who was falling asleep. I was really tired to but I can't sleep with Melani gone, I know she's the one he wants but i'm not letting him have her. Not from all the pain he's caused me. 

Melanis p.o.v.

" Wake up, Hurry" I woke up to Jason panicking and grabbing me.

"Whats happening?" I said as he pulled me up the long staircase.

"The cops are here, I can't let them take you, I need to sell you" Jason said making me scream.

"What!" I yelled "I am not some type of dog you can't just sell me" I ripped my arm away from him.

"Come on don't start this agian" I didn't hesitate and hit him in his stomach. I ran passed him and reached the top off the stairs. I ran into the kitchen to be pulled down by a boy, I flipped him over me and he landed on his back, groaning. He quickly got up and pinned me to the wall and Jason came in.

"Take her to the van"

"She's a fiesty one, are you sure you can handle her"The boy said opening up the van that was parked in the back of the house.

"Like you can" Jason frowned and hopped into the back with me. He sat beside me and I scooted closer to the side of the van. I was already freezing and this van wasn't doing me any well. My teeth started to chatter and I tried my best to hide it. Jason looked at me and zipped off his jacket handing it to me. I slowly grabbed it and pulled it on, it wasn't much but it was better.

"Where are we going?" The boy driving said.

"Las Vegas" Jason said, the car came to a brief stop and I hit my head on the van wall.

"Thats for hitting Jason in the Stomach, and the roads blocked Jason" the boy in the front said. I mentally flipped him off.

"You know what to do?" Jason said and layed down falling asleep in seconds. I sat there shaking staring at the criminal.

Justins p.o.v.

"Chaz, We're almost there get up" I said reaching over to Chaz shaking him.

"Oh okay" Chaz yawned and stretched, sort of sitting up.

"Okay, we are here" I stopped the car and got out.

"Oh, look its Jason" I heard a mexican accent behind me and I turned around to see a man pointing at me with a gun.

"No, I-I'm Justin Bieber" I pulled out my i.d. and showed them, they pulled my arm over my head and slammed my face against the hood of my car.

"you know where Jason is?" He yelled pressing the gun against my back.

"You mean he isn't here?" I asked angry.

"No, I think you know where he is" he pressed the gun into my back harder.

"I don't know but I guess i'll just be on my way" I asked before he let me go letting me get back in the car. I speed off quickly, I knew exactly where he was though. Las Vegas.

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