Melani Bayes was a Senior, expected nothing more than how much more terrible her life could get. Her parents killed in a tragic car accident. She lived at the original house she grew up in, with her aunt. Her friend Kate was the only one until the new boy moves in town with his own story. Only in matter of time Melani will be no other than Taken.


3. Chapter 2

6:20 p.m. Arriving at Justins Hotel

"Your ,staying here" I said as he opened the door into the most awesome hotel room ever. He nodded and jumped onto the couch which was colored white matching the room.

"We have a couple hours, What do you guys wanna do?" Justin asked turning to us.

"Shoot, I have nothing to wear, But I got my Credit card at least, Could we go shopping?"

"Don't mind that i'll buy, lets go then" Justin said before we began to the crowd of beilebers.

6:48 At food court in Mall

"Hey, so since your a big Superstar and everything, Do you know Austin Mahone?" I asked walking beside Justin.

"Austin, Oh know, I've heard things about him, Like he's in a gang or something"

"Austin, Really, no he isn't" I laughed at his comment.

"You don't know him like I do" Justin said as Chaz kept eating his pretzel.

"Oh, So should I put him on my badboy list" I sarcassed.

"You have a BadBoy list?" Justin chuckled at me.

"Yeah, But your not on there" I laughed moving my mouth to his ear.

"Yet" I whispered.


7:18 Forever 21

"What color dress should I get?" I asked them holding up two dresses one purple one red.

"Red" Chaz said.

"Purple" Justin Yelled.

"How bout Black" I said grabbing a dress off the rack. It was mid thigh black one strap with diamonds covering the the strap fading into the dress.

"Sure" Justin said walking up to me and grabbing it out of my hand. He walked up to the Cash Register and payed quickly.

8:45 15 minutes before Leaving to Katy's party.

"This is really wierd" I laughed towards Chaz sitting on the couch eating out of a bag of m&ms by the handful.

"What's weird?" Both chaz and justin asked looking at me.

"Meeting you, and finding out your best friends with Justin Bieber and then actually being ok going to Katy Perry's Birthday Bash" I said fixing my earrings in the mirror in front of me hanging on the wall.
"Yeah, kind of is, but life's wierd, it seems that you aren't even very surprised your hanging out with the one and only Justin Bieber" Justin said smiling the best smile ever.

"Well, at first she thought you were americas most wanted" Chaz laughed, but Justin stood there looking at me curiously.

"Yeah, Melani is so Badass" Chaz smiled laying down on the couch and burped.

"Oh, so can you do like good fighting and stuff?" Justin asked to me before walking in the bathroom keeping the door open.

"Yeah" I answered rubbing my cold arms

"That would be usefull" Justin said spraying cologne on him.

"Guy's are you ready to go?" Someone justin worked with said walking in.

"Okay, guys let go" Justin said standing up.

"Wait, is this your new girlfriend Justin?" Justins friend said, making Chaz laugh.

"No, this is Chazs' crush, Melani, Melani this is Alfredo, he works with me and he is one of my buddies" Justin said as I stood up and waved shyly.

"Oh, Okay well lets go" Alfredo said glimpsing me then walking out of the hotel room.

9:29 31 minutes away from Katy Perrys Party.

I adjusted my head which was rested on Chazs shoulder, I fake yawned so Justin would think i'm just tired and not actually kinda wanting to lean on Chaz. I mean Chaz is a sweet handsome guy. Who wouldn't fall for him. I sat up when I heard a click of a phone.

"Justin, what was that?"

"Just you and my Buddy cuddling" he laughed typing on his phone.

"What are you doing with that picture?" I asked sitting up trying to snatch the phone.

"Twitter!!" He yelled. I grabbed the phone out of his hand fastly. I gotta say we we're kinda cute.

"Dude, really don't put that on Twitter, I don't want her boyfriend saying stuff" Chaz said serious.

"No, Its fine" I said quietly which they both heard.

"Really" They both said with different tones.

"Sure, I really don't wanna start something over a little picture" I rested my head against the limo seat and closed my eyes listening to to the music on in the radio, Obviously it was Justins songs, He is full of himself.

10:13 Arriving at Katy Perry's party.


"I love you justin!!!!"

People screamed at justin as he just smiled and walked inside. I walked into the club that was more fancy than any other club i've been to and thats alot. There was a dj, bartender, catering, huge dance floor, laser lights, and many famous people.

"Chaz, Give this to Katy for me" Justin said handing Chaz a letter and letting Chaz walk off.

"What was that?" I asked Justin about the envelop he gave to Chaz.

"A distraction, I know you don't have a boyfriend, You lie exactly like me" he whispered into my ear.

"No, I do have a boyfriend, I should actually go call him" I lied once again.

"Lies" he laughed which I had to roll my eyes on.

"Fine, I'll dance with you" I said pulling him onto the dance floor where many other famous people, obviously more famous than Justin were. Justin laughed showing off his dancing skill to me which I had zero of.

After which felt like an eternity of dancing with Justin, I found our self in the middle of a slow song with his hands on my hips. He had a sparkle in his eye which led him to slowly leaning into a kiss.

"Holy crap is that Chaz" Justin yelled looking behind myself. I quickly turned around to see Chaz blocking a punch from a guy. I tried to follow Justin but I kept getting pushed around and farther from him. Somebody bumped into me and made me trip fall and push open the back exit. I fell onto the cement and got up trying to open the door but it was locked. Knocking on it wouldn't do anything, its terribly loud in there. I began pounding on the door anyway. I turned around and groaned before turning to see Justin by the closed door.

"Hey" I turned around to see Justin.

"What are you doing get in there and get Chaz?" I yelled at him.

"He's fine, the security guard got the other guy, I guess" he slowly said walking up to me.

"Oh well then are we going back inside" I asked before he got anymore closer.

"Why don't we hang out here" he smiled under the alley light.

"I see what your doing" I said as Justin reached his hand out to grab mine.

"What am I doing?" He asked worried.

"You want to be on the BadBoy list" I laughed as he grabbed my waist roughly.

"My names already on that list" I noticed this wasn't Justin.

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