Melani Bayes was a Senior, expected nothing more than how much more terrible her life could get. Her parents killed in a tragic car accident. She lived at the original house she grew up in, with her aunt. Her friend Kate was the only one until the new boy moves in town with his own story. Only in matter of time Melani will be no other than Taken.


2. Chapter 1

"Melani" Kate singed beside me shaking me out of my thoughts.

"Hmm" I shot my head up and looked into her green eyes.

"Micheal's Party is next Friday, see your not even listening to me" She said throwing her hands in the air and standing up off the wooden bench we were sitting on infront of our lockers.

"And.." I questionably smiled.

"Your going" She persuaded as she always does, being a persuading person.

"No, Thank you, I have to clean the house, which is huge that my aunt can't clean all by herself" I said and stood up next to her. I walked over to my locker and put in the combination and opened the locker tuning in to whatever kate was beginning to say.

"Come on your parents gave you that big old house to clean another time, please go to the party with me" She whined grabbing my arm tightly.

"Maybe, But today after school you should come over to study." I said more like a question grabbing my science and math book.

"Sure, if you mean by you study and I sit there until your done" She chuchkled then walked off to class through the crowd of people.

"That's not funny" I whispered to her ways of trying to get through school. I shut my locker before walking to math. 

I walked into the class room to notice something was different. I sat in my seat avoiding the crowd of girls standing next to my chair.

"Girls, please sit" Mr.Jenkins shouted waving his hands then proceeded to writing today's assignment on the board. I opened the book to the numbers that were placed on the board. The girls scattered to there seats as I turned my head to notice a boy. He was new, brown hair, cute face, Brown eyes. I looked away as he noticed me. I couldn't help to not smile.

3:19 p.m. After School

I walked down the halls to get to my biology class to talk to mrs.Wilson about somethings. I was so late. Kate was supposed to be at my house by now, I gripped onto my book bag as it almost fell off my shoulder. I turned the corner to be pushed against the wall elbowed in the stomach.

"Hey, Kev look at this little sophomore" He laughed, I didn't know him but he was basically a football player due to his strength and obvious outfit. Kevin walked up and looked at me. I frowned and slowly lifted my leg to lift it faster and hit the guy where the sun didn't shine. He let me go and groaned in pain as I hit kevin with my elbow to his face. Another guy came up as I ducked down avoiding his punch making him hit the wall face first.

"I'm a senior by the way" He fell to the ground and layed there rubbing his head and kevin was troubling trying to stand up. The guy who I first hit dissapeared. I walked off to be hit against the wall once again.

"Your going to do tha-" He fell to the ground as I looked at the new kid who puched him.

"Your Welcome" He smiled rubbing his knuckles.

"Thanks" I smiled before quickly turning to get to the biology room.

"My names Chaz" he yelled before I turned the corner. I stopped and looked at him.

"Cool" I smiled leaving his sight.

Once I reached the room I found out, Mr. Wilson was gone and the door was locked. I turned around to walk back outside. The side doors were always unlocked and I walked out of them. I felt the wetness dripping on me as it began to downpour. I ran to my black ford fusion fastly and hopped in. I threw my bag into the backseat, then stuck the key in ignition. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone as it kept buzzing. I unlocked it and opened the message.

'Where are you!!!!" It was Kate worried would describe all the exclamation points.

'On my way :)' I texted back and back out of the school parking lot.


I reached our house and saw a car that I've never saw before, in the place where my aunt usually was parked showing me that she was probably still at work. I parked my car before getting out the same time the mystery car also opened a door. Getting out of the car was the new boy, Chaz.

" Hey, how did you find out where I lived" I asked walking up to him. He pointed at my porch and I saw kate standing there smiling with her phone in her hand.

"Hey, so I was thinking, of how you fought three football player which were about two feet taller than you, with no help, so I asked Kate if she knew you, and she did" He stated " so how'd you do it" I motioned him to follow me quickly without getting more soaked than we already were. Walking into our house into the fully white living room bordered by plain white walls with only a few family pictures, bowls of fake fruit and decorative clocks.

"Wheres your parents?" He asked with me leading him down the hall with Kate behind him.

"They, passed away about five years ago and already wrote papers of giving me this house to me when I turned eighteen, well before that happens me and my aunt lived here" I said walking up to a door unlocking it with a key that only I had.

"Where's your aunt then?" He asked once again which I determined he was going to ask a lot of.

"Work" I answered quickly before opening the door to a fancy clean room which looked as if a meeting room. Chaz walked in with Kate who has already seen this room many times before. The long marble table sided by black chairs and at one end was a big rolling chair made with leather.ore like a question.

"You have a business room" Chaz said m

"No" I paused "My dad was part of the csi". Chaz stood there looking around the room in amazement. The room had nothing on the wall except diplomas.

"What about your mom?"

"Fbi, So it's in my genes" I smiled slightly before Chaz went to sit in a chair along the table.

"Thats really Hot" He smiled tipping I a chair. Kate coughed annoyed in the background, I could tell just by her presence she was jealous of Chaz's comment towards me.

"Do you guys wanna go to McDonald's?" Kate asked crossing her arms. I nodded and Chaz followed Kate out of the room. I stood up when something caught my eye. I picked up a folded piece of paper on the floor. I opened it to a mugshot of a boy. He's hair swooped to one side and his cheek bones were amazing. I flipped the picture over and in Cursive it read -Jason McCann.

I placed the picture on the table and ran out of the room and locked it. I turned and caught up with Kate and Chaz in my living room talking.

"Hey Mel" Chaz stood up "What took you so long?"

"Oh the lock on the door" I quickly made an excuse.

"How bout' we go get something at McDonald's now" Kate slightly smiled before heading to the door.

"Sure" Me and Chaz said at the same time we followed Kate towards the door and began walking to the McDonald's that was just up the road.

"So thanks for telling me straight forward how you did that" Chaz smiled at me playfully elbowing my side.

"Your Welcome" I smiled with him smiling back. His hair flopping as he took every step.

"You guys are actually my first real friends here, you know that right?" He asked which I shook my head to.

"No, well see Kate is my only friend even though I've lived here for live my whole life, Because everyone else are just know it alls at school" I said to him without showing eye contact.

"Good thing i'm not a know it all" he laughed slowly fading it out, questioning himself if he was.

"Maybe you are, we'll never know" I sarcased to him.

"Guys what is that" Kate blurted out to a Bundle of girls crowding McDonald's. We quickly ran over to see what was going on. We found our way to the glass window to see a boy sitting there drinking a soda with all these girls outside. I looked over to chaz who was jumping up and down, He was like fangirling. But he was actually trying to get this boys attention which he did.

The boy waved him to the door and then told his security gaurd to let us in. We scooted our way to the door and got out of the clutter. I stood there as the boy kept looking at me, But only because I was death staring at him. I quickly looked away and then realized. This was Jason McCann.

"Guys come sit" 'Jason' said before Kate and Chaz smiled siting in an uncomfortable looking chair.

I walked up to him, and sat on the other side of the table as Kate and Chaz joined sitting on either side of Jason.

"Chaz, Its amazing to see you!" He exclaimed smiling before beginning a handshake with Chaz.

" And who may be your beautiful friends?" He asked making Kate squeal and blush.

"Thats Kate and Thats Melani" Chaz smiled pointing to either one of us.

"Who's this Chaz?" I asked as everyone stared at me blankly.

"I'm Justin Bieber" 'Justin' Said laughing as if I was stupid.

"Really, Tell me what you do then?" I said sitting up straight giving him a death stare deep into his eyes.

"I'm an International Singer" He responded confused of how I didn't know him.

"Oh, really" I was beginning to become confused " Kate can I talk to you, And chaz".

We stood up and walked over to a spot were justin couldn't quite hear us.

"Guys thats Jason McCann" I quickly blurted out, as they laughed because they didn't know who I was talking about

"No, Thats Justin Bieber" Kate laughed pointing behind her towards him.

"No, When I was up in my dads Secretary I saw a picture of him that fell in the floor and on the back it said Jason McCann, Americas Most Wanted in my own fathers handwriting" I quietly whispered to them before there faces became blank.

"I've known justin for a long time, And probably your dad may of had an obsession with JB and was trying to hide it I mean like he is famous and all" Chaz stated before I argued with him.

"If I didn't know who this 'Justin bieber' was I'm pretty sure my dad wouldn't unless he is a criminal" I said before Chaz and Kate ignored me walking towards Justin who was stretching and throwing a cup away.

"How bout we get outta here?" Justin asked smiling towards me.

"I gotta go somewhere but Melani can stay, Right melani? " Kate quickly said, winking at me. Wow really shes leaving me with two guys, one a suspecting criminal.

"Bye" All three of us said, before a security guard walked her outside.

"Well where are you two planning on stealing me off too?" I asked before Justin's brain lightbulb lit up.

"San Diego, Katys having a party later down there" He said excited before heading towards the door way.

"Katy? Katy Perry?" I asked as Justin assured me nodding. I started to freak "you seriously do not know Katy freaking Perry?"

"No, I just know Katy Perry" he smiled laughing before we were escorted through the crowd, paparazzi and screaming fans. Reaching Justin's limousine we got inside a fats as the limo took off.

"That was fun" Justin laughed as I found another Justin Bieber stick in my hair.

"Yeah fun, so when are we getting back from the party?" I asked before my jaw dropped to Justin's answer.

"Sunday?!" I yelled.

"Yeah, are you to much of a goodie-goodie for that?" Chaz laughed before I gave him a daring stare.

"Oh you are know it all, I've just figured it out" I stated at Chaz.

"So how long is it going to be till we get down there?" Chaz asked after sticking his tongue out at me.

"About an hour" Justin smiled sitting back into a seat.

"So what are you doing here?" Chaz asked sitting back as well.

"Im on break and wanted to see you" Justin answered "By the way hows school for you Chaz?"

"Great today was my first day even though it was friday at least I know some people to hang out with over the weekends with, and stuff"

"Hmm and you Melani, What do you think about chaz, I know he isn't much but, do you have a crush on him?" Justin asked making me choke on air, making Justin laugh.

"No, I have actually very high standard for boys, which Chaz doesn't fit" making Justin burst into laughter, Chaz rolled his eyes at Justin.

"Oh well, want a drink" Justin said clapping his hands together and turning to a mini fridge.

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