Runaway (Larry)

*Old story I decided to finish*

"I love you, Louis." Harry said. He smiled wide, eyes sparkling. I looked at the old, rundown hotel, which used to be my home.
"Let's run away together." I say.


9. chapter 9: Unsanitary Sex

Louis' POV

"Don't worry, Lou. I'm gonna make sure he won't get you." Harry reassured me, giving me a lopsided grin. I smiled wide, but my heart was beating fast.

"Wait, I'm confused?" Liam asked, a worried glance toward me. I hadn't told Liam or Niall about my problem with my dad. I didn't want them to get to worked up.

"It's a long story about my dad. But, to put it mildly, we can't go back to Patty Motel. Not yet, anyway." I said softly, looking around at them.

"Oh." Niall swallowed and cuddled up to Liam. "I had no idea. It must be a bad relationship. I'm so sorry, Lou." He whispered. Liam nodded with him.

"It's fine, really. Let's just go get our ice cream. Me n' Harry will figure it out." I breathed in and looked at Harry. He reached over from the drivers seat and squeezed my hand. I felt my eyes burn and I looked away.

We got our ice cream, but it wasn't satisfactory. If anything, it made me more sad, knowing I was pretending to be okay. Nothing was okay at all.

"Hey, I gotta go to the toilet. Babe, come with?" Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"Wow, you two are inseparable, aren't you?" Niall joked. I chuckled and lightly smacked him upside the head.

"Yeah okay, just don't fuck each other on the table while we're gone." I sassed. Liam laughed, choking on his ice cream.

"No promises." He gave me a wink. I rolled my eyes and followed Harry, who was waggling his eyebrows at me.

"Hey, everything's gonna be okay." He stared into my eyes, smiling from ear to ear. Finally, tears fell from my eyes, and I hugged him tight.

"I'm never going to get rid of him, Harry. He'll follow me until the day I'm dead." I whispered, my cheeks burning.

"No." Harry lifted my chin with his fingertips. "No, he won't. I won't let him. So long as I'm alive, we're in this together. Okay, babe?"

"Yeah, okay." We hugged and relief filled my stomach. Now that I thought about it, I knew I was protected.

Harry leaned down and connected our lips. He slid his tongue into my mouth, roaming his hands down my thighs. He lifted me up onto the sink counter, his kiss deepening.

"This is a little unsanitary." I muttered, but Harry held me tighter.

"Don't care. Need you." He kisses down my neck, unbuttoning my jeans. He slowly rubbed his hand down my length through my underwear. I gasped in pleasure and shut my eyes. He lifted up my legs, pulling off my pants and underwear. He licked down my chest, kneeling down on his knees. He slid his mouth around my cock, and I grabbed his hair with my hands, pulling tightly. He bobbed up and down, sucking in his cheeks. I moaned and my cheeks turned a deep pink. He licked the top, and I felt a surge of pleasure buzz through me.

"Fuck me, please." I groaned, licking my lips. Harry stood up, whipping his mouth. He latched his lips with mine, sliding down his pants to his thighs. He lifted me to his waist, and I wrapped my legs around him. He thrust inside of me, and I let out a scream. Harry smirked and covered my mouth.

"Quiet, Baby." He murmured. He thrust harder, pushing me against the wall. I moaned and curled my toes in pleasure. He grunted and rocked into me, leaning his forehead against mine.

"Mmmm, Mmmmh!" I was muffled, but I was still loud. I arched my leg, holding onto him tighter. I felt a pit in my stomach, and squeezed his shoulders. Harry smiled and pushed deep, and I came with a scream and a shudder. I felt him cum deep inside me, him letting out a moan of relief.

"Nothing like I'll-protect-you sex, is there?" He asked, tugging my pants back up, along with his. I nodded, to in shock to speak. "Let's go back out, shall we?"

M'Kay." I jumped up into his arms, to sore to walk. When we walked back out, Liam and Harry were smirking.

"Lucky we're the only people here. We could here you screaming loud n' clear, Lou." Niall gave me a knowing smile, and I returned it.

"Hey," I shrugged. "It happens."

"So, I think we found another motel we can go to." Liam added. Harry nodded and sat down, me on his lap.

"Anything to get away from my dad." I said, looking at the hotel name on Liam's phone. "Palm Hotel. Nice name."

"It's gonna have to be home for now." Harry kissed me on the nose.

"My home is wherever you are, bae." I joked. We all laughed and prepared to drive to our new home. I could only hope my dad wouldn't find us.

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