Runaway (Larry)

*Old story I decided to finish*

"I love you, Louis." Harry said. He smiled wide, eyes sparkling. I looked at the old, rundown hotel, which used to be my home.
"Let's run away together." I say.


8. chapter 8: tenting

Louis' POV

"God, if there's one thing I hate, it's ticks. And right now, this is tick central." Harry complains, and I roll my eyes.

"Oh, I wasn't aware you were dating a wussy, Lou." Liam snickers, and we high five. Harry huffs, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Come on, babe. I'm only half-kidding." I reassure, kissing him lightly on the cheek. He slaps my arm, but can't hide a smile.

"And I wasn't aware I was going camping with two love birds. I bet you two are going to fuck in your tent." Niall says, and harry and I glance at each other.

"Good idea." I say, and Liam lets out a throaty laugh. The fire sparks up with a crackle, and we all shift backwards on our blankets. Our tents sways in the breeze behind us.

"Heeeey! You're supposed to be on my side!" Niall pouts at Liam, and punches him on the shoulder.

"Oh, did the wind just hit me?" Liam mocks Niall's weakness, and Niall lets out a defeated whine.

"You're a terrible boyfriend Li." Harry mocks back, patting Niall's knee. Niall slides away from Liam, looking away from him.

"Baaaaabbby! I was kidding." Liam shouts playfully, falling over and wrapping his arms around Niall's waist. Liam fake-cries and kicks his feet in protest.

"Leeyum!" Niall yells, attempting to unwrap his arms but falling over. They both lay on the ground and laugh. Liam kisses Niall's cheek and Niall moves his head to meet his lips.

"Still can't believe you're fucking gay." I mumble, blushing at how many times I've smacked his ass. Liam chuckles and sits up. Niall crawls into his lap and they snuggle.

"Alrighty, I think it's time for bed." Harry concludes, and we all stand up. Harry and I pick one tent, and Liam and Niall go in the other one.

I settle in my sleeping bag. Harry throws his across the tent, landing in a heap by the door. I raise my eyebrow. Harry smirks and collapses beside me, reaching down and zipping up the bag.

"Cheeky." I say, snuggling into his warm body. We both close our eyes, the crickets chirping quietly. Sleep overcomes us.


We awake when a scream fills the air. Panicked, we sit up quickly.

"Oh Jesus, LIAM!" Niall's yells from the other tent, along with a series of moans. Harry and I relax, holding our chests and rolling our eyes.

"I though you said WE were going to fuck in our tent?" I shout over to Niall. He says something back, but is cut off from another pleasurable scream.

Harry scoffs. "I can do ten times better." He says, then pins me to the floor with his body. He kisses up my neck, sucking the skin. I can already feel the hickey forming.

I let out a shaky moan as Harry rubbed his crotch against mine. He reached down and unzipped my jeans, sliding them off, along with my underwear.

Harry removes his own clothes, and lifts my legs up onto his shoulders. He lips reach mine and he slides his tongue into my mouth. We French kiss slowly, me moaning loudly as Harry strokes me.

He pushes into me, and I gasp. He thrusts quickly, almost sloppily but still extremely pleasurable. He grabs my hands above my head, our stomachs rubbing together.

I scream from the pleasure coursing through me, and I hear Niall do the same. Liam laughs lowly, along with Harry. We were practically toys in their hands, and we both loved it.

We competed to see the better sex partner between Harry and Liam. Niall and I both had equal pleasure, so the next morning we decided on a tie.

We were hiking up a mountain now, the tents still at the campsite. We were going back home soon, and just wanted an adventure. Well, Harry and Liam did. Niall and I were still sore from last night, but they just laughed and kept walking.

"Have you ever tried whip cream during sex?" Niall suddenly asks, staring off at a bird flying in the sky.

"Um, no, but I've heard about it. Have you?" I ask, wonder creeping into my mind.

"Yeah. It was amazing, and delicious. You should try it." Niall says.

"Yeah you should." Liam agrees. I raise an eyebrow at Niall, but he simply smiles secretly and keeps walking. I chuckle.

"I'll have to try it sometime." I agree.


After our hike, Niall and I are even more sore than before. Liam and Harry smirk and ignore our complaints, basically just being terrible boyfriends.

"We should break up with them." I say loudly enough so all three can hear me. Liam and Harry stop and stare, still slightly smiling.

"Yeah, you're right. We can do SO much better." Niall plays along. We both turn around, jogging back to our tent and grabbing our bags. I jiggle my keys and we both head to my car.

The smiles are wiped off their faces, and both run to us, protesting loudly. They grab both of us bridal style.

"No! We're sorry! Don't leave!" They both protest, stumbling over their words. Niall and I smile, throwing our bags back by the tent.

"Well, okay. If you promise to get us ice cream." I bargain, and they both nod. They run to the car, and Niall and I laugh. What idiots.

As we load into the car, my phone buzzes. I pick it out of my pocket, Harry driving off to the ice cream parlour a few miles from here.

The screen lights up and the colour drains from my face. Niall notices and shake my shoulder.

"Yo, what's got you so scared?" Niall asks, and Liam and Harry turn, concern etched on their faces. I shakily lift up my phone, the text in plain sight.

I'll see you at Patty Motel when you get back from your camping trip, Louis. I've MISSED you so much, son. I can't wait for our reunion.

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