Runaway (Larry)

*Old story I decided to finish*

"I love you, Louis." Harry said. He smiled wide, eyes sparkling. I looked at the old, rundown hotel, which used to be my home.
"Let's run away together." I say.


7. chapter 7: text and presentations

Louis' POV

"You're such a....just fuck you, styles!" I scream, whipping around and running out of the restaurant. Harry calls after me desperately, but I keep running.

Tears of frustration pour down my cheeks. I step into my car, quickly shutting the door and turning the key into the ignition. The car roars to life, and I drive out of the small parking lot.

In the rear-view mirror I see Harry standing where my car used to be, hands reaching out and tears bubbling down his face. Regret pulls at me, but I ignore it and concentrate on getting home.

Stupid Styles. Stupid fucking demented Styles. I hate him, yet I'm not sure my reason applies. I attacked him for no reason really.

Everything had been fine, until my dad texted me. I freaked out on the inside, while Harry goes on about golfing or something. I panicked, and now I'm driving off, my words sticking in my throat as a constant reminder of what I said to him just now.

"Fuck my life!" I mutter, convincing myself to stop crying. I arrive at the stupid motel I'm stuck living in. I walk into the building, ignoring Patty's greeting.

I run upstairs, slamming my door behind me. My dad's text runs through my mind, and I grit my teeth. I look over the text again.

Listen you little shit, I don't care how old you are, you don't fucking run away from me! I'll find you, and when I do you'll be sorry you ever left this god damned house!

My phone rang half way through reading, and Harry's number and face appeared on my screen. I sigh, pressing the green button and bringing the phone to my ear.

"Hello?" I say.

"What did I do?" Harry's voice sounded small and weak, and quilt filled my stomach.

"Nothing, it wasn't...I'm not mad...I just...listen, can you come over to my-our-apartment?" I ask, rubbing my eyes until shapes appear.

"I'm coming. You're not mad?"

"No, Harry. I love you, okay?" I smile softly, aware he can't see me.

"I love you too." Harry hung up, and I set my phone down. I take a shaky breath, wondering how I ended up in such a shitty situation.

After ten minutes of agony, Harry walks in. I jump up and hug him, feeling his warmth. Harry wraps his arms around me, kissing my forehead.

"What's got you so angry, babe?" Harry's says softly, rocking me slowly. I sigh, grabbing my phone and showing him the text. Harry's face goes dark, a deep frown laying on his face.

"What an asshole." Harry mutters, shutting off my phone and throwing it on my pillow.

"I hate him do much." I say miserably, hugging him tighter. Harry breathes slowly, thinking.

"Why..exactly? Did something between you too?" Harry asks, sitting us down on our bed, cuddling close to each other.

I swallow, my throat right. "He just..he never wanted me in the first place. He beat me growing up, along with my mother, who became a drug addict. He always complained about getting rid of me, so I ran away and came here, but I guess now he wants me back so he can continue torturing me." I say bitterly, and tighten my jaw angrily.

"I'm sorry.." Harry whispers, at a loss of words. I shrug, pushing back the horrible memory's.

"It's no big deal, let's just go to Mike's presentation, since I ruined our dinner." I say, standing up and grabbing Harry's hand. Harry gives me a face of protest, but I keep walking to the door. He gives up, following me.

We walk to my car, stepping in and driving to the shop. My phone rings again, but this time Liam's face appears. Harry answers, lecturing me about driving while on the phone when I reach for it.

"Hellllloooo?" Harry's sings into the phone, waiting for a reply. Harry listens closely, while I chuckle at his concentrated face.

"Yeah we're going now. You're going? Ohhhhhh, wait until you see it! It'll be just grrreeeaaat! Louis' jumping in his seat!" I hit harry, and he says "owie!" Harry stops and listens to Liam for a second.

"Yeah yeah, go kiss Smooch Niall some more." Harry hangs up the phone, making a I'm-trying-to-act-angry-but-I'm-actually-not face. I shake my head, pulling into the shops driveway.

We walk into the shop, seeing Mike setting up the projector. Harry and I sit next to Liam and Niall, who are talking about a camping trip.

"Ooh, we should all go on a camping trip together!" Niall yells, jumping in his seat.

"I'm game." I say, and harry nods, smiling.

"Coolio, then this weekend, we'll go tenting." Liam smiled, and Niall jumps with excitement, clapping his hands happily.

"Oh I just love camping!" He sits back down, grinning widely. Liam rolls his eyes and kisses his forehead, wrapping his arm around Niall's waist.

Harry and I laugh, and we all quiet down when the lights dim. The projector starts up, and everyone watches intensely. The video plays, and it's just Mike's face and Achievements of his,

Then, the snake video pops up, and Mike's screeching fills the room. Everyone burst out laughing, including us four.

Mike's face goes red with embarrassment and anger, and he shakes with rage. "Turn this off! Who the fuck did this!" He screams, but everyone ignores him.

We all laugh for a good ten minutes, and Mike's already left the shop. We all leave, wondering yet not caring were Mike went. Liam and Niall leave to go pack their stuff, and Harry and I head home.

"So, camping, huh?" Harry murmurs, mumbling about things he's going to bring. I nod my head, finding my own things to pack.

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