Runaway (Larry)

*Old story I decided to finish*

"I love you, Louis." Harry said. He smiled wide, eyes sparkling. I looked at the old, rundown hotel, which used to be my home.
"Let's run away together." I say.


6. chapter 6: new roomie

Louis' POV

Harry shifted, wrapping an arm around me. I lazily smiled, cuddling closer to him. He dug his face into my neck, his slow breathing giving me a calm feeling.

"Your sure your fine with" Harry yawned, struggling to speak.

"Of" My throat was dry. I wanted water, but I didn't want to leave Harry's warm body.

"We should...get up." Harry muttered, stretching his fingers. He yawned, tired tears forming at the brim of his eyes. I whined, lifting a heavy hand in search of his missing body.

Harry chuckled, leaning down and kissing my hand softly. I smiled at the touch of his lips, flittering my eyes open.

His hair was messy, yet it looked sexy. His eyes still sparkled, with a hint of sleep. His smile was lazy, but was full of life.

"God, you're so beautiful." I whispered, staring at his perfect figure. His smile widened, and he bent down and pressed his lips to mine.

"I love you, louis." Harry said against my lips, and I smile. I wrap my arms around his neck, tangling my fingers in his hair.

"I'm tired!" I complain, nuzzling my face into his neck. Harry laughs, kissing my forehead.

"Well, maybe if you weren't so demanding last night, we would've gotten sleep." Harry smirks, running a hand down my naked body.

"Worth it. God it felt good...." I sigh, and harry just laughs. His lips trail down my chest, and I close my eyes.

"Second round?" I breathe. Harry chuckles, pulling the blanket over us.


"Alright dude, it's busy today, get you and lover boys ass down here." Liam's voice says over the phone. I sigh, telling him I'll be there In ten, and hang up.

"Time for work, sexy." I call to harry, who just got out of the shower. I secretly wish we could just cuddle forever, but damn work always gets in the way.

"So, I wonder if Niall's gonna be kissing Liam when we get there?" Harry walks out the door, a towel hanging at his waist.

I chuckle. "Bet you a blowjob?"

"Your on!" Harry and I shake hands. I stand up on my tip toes and kiss his soft lips. He wraps a hand around my waist, the other in my hair.

"Work?" Harry asks after a few minutes. I sigh, resting my head on his chest. I kiss his collarbones, holding tight to his body.

"Stop distracting me, Louis." Harry smiled, picking me up and walking out our apartment door, still kissing each other.


"Called it!" Harry whispered, a smug smile on his face. Liam and Niall lay on the hood of a car, their lips attached.

"Guess I owe you a blowjob." I smirk at him, running my fingers down Harry's chest.

"I'll be looking forward to that." Harry kisses my forehead, then walks over to a nearby car. I walk over to the two with an amused face.

"Jesus, I realize you're happy to be out, but let's be a little more professional here, Li." I joke, hitting the car hood with my fist.

Liam pulls back with an annoyed face, and Niall looks like he might kill me with his eyes. I put up my hands, smirking.

"Alright alright, make out all you wish!" I step back, chuckling. Liam and Niall start making out again, and I go back to Harry.

"Guess what?" Harry looks excited, and I roll my eyes. He looks like a puppy who's just been granted a bag of treats.

"What?" I ask, kissing his lips gently. I grab my wrench, looking over the car briefly. Looks like a broken engine and multiple wires cut out.

"The presentation is tonight!" Harry yells, and I laugh. He's jumping up and down, and throwing his hands up in the air like a child.

"Really? I've already added the video. This is going to be fucking funny!" I nod my head, already visioning Mike's horrified face as him and the snake show up.

Harry and I hug each other, kissing passionately. I spot Liam and niall getting up and leaving the shop, and I hide a laugh.

"So, how about we fix this car, then go out for dinner or movie or something? Then we can come and laugh at Mike." Harry hums against my lips, and I nod.

"Sounds amazing." I agree.

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