Runaway (Larry)

*Old story I decided to finish*

"I love you, Louis." Harry said. He smiled wide, eyes sparkling. I looked at the old, rundown hotel, which used to be my home.
"Let's run away together." I say.


4. chapter 4: laughter and sex

Louis' POV

Me and harry burst out laughing as Mike screamed. The big, green python slid through the front door, hissing loudly. It's tongue, slender and long, almost touched Mikes feet. Mike screamed again, shaking in horror.

The snake hissed again, wrapping his head around Mikes ankle. It opened his mouth, it's large, venomous teeth showing.

Mike screamed like a little girl, kicking the snake across the yard. The python, which was close to 10 feet long, rose up, staring right into Mikes eyes. It hissed.

Mike shrieked and sprinted back to his car, jumping in and slamming the door. He peeled down the street.

Harry had tears streaming down his face, as we laughed harder then ever. I pressed the end button on my camera on my phone, glad i got that on film.

The bushes were prickly, so we bolted out of them, which was across from Mikes yard. We ran, laughing. We jumped into my red car, which had leather seats and ran smoothly. It was new, cause I needed a new car. Plus I could afford it, so whatever.

I slammed down on the gas, as we lurched forward. We went silent from laughing so hard, so we looked like retarded seals clapping.

"Oh god, wait till we put this on the presentation!" Harry gasped, clutching onto his stomach, our faces were red.

Mike had put us in charge of the presentation, which was pretty much a thing he did once a year about how great he is. All the employees and friends and family if his came to watch. God, how great this prank will be.

"Oh fuck, I can't wait!" I banged on the dash, turning onto my street. I saw Patty's Motel.

"Hey, is, is it c-cool if, if I stay in your r-room tonight?" Harry laughed.

"y-yeah," I agreed, gasping for air. I felt my phone buzz as we parked in the deserted parking lot.

"Hey zayn, that was amazing!" I yelled into the phone, stomping my feet.

"That's what happens when you work at a zoo. Good ol' Coiler the snake. Always a winner!" Zayn laughed.

"Gotta go, thanks for the laugh of my life!" I shouted, hanging up the phone. Harry and I laughed for what felt like hours in my car. We laughed and shouted until we felt like puking. It took a while, but we calmed down slowly.

"Jesus Christ." Harry breathed, holding his stomach and gripping the door handle.

"I know." I breathed for air, leaning back into the seat, which was hot from the burning sun. We slowly climbed out of the car, still smiling. Our faces were hot and tear strict, but it was worth it.

And he was staying over tonight. Maybe we would kiss, or better, total fucking session. I wonder if he'd want that. Cause I sure as hell do.

He walked to the door, the aroma of cigs and liquor filling our noses. We both coughed slightly, but kept walking. We passed Patty at the front desk, who was smoking.

"Hey Patty." I smiled, she smiled back, her ugly teeth showing.

"Hey, louis. Who's the boy?" She gestured towards styles, giving him a welcoming smile. He smiled back.

"Harry styles. He's cute isn't he?" I said, smirking back at style half-surprised face. Patty chuckled and waved, walking out of the room.

Harry and I walked up to my room, which smelled a bit better then the lobby. I had a bit if laundry on the floor, but other then that I was good.

"Not as dirty as I expected it to be." Styles laughed, kicking one of my shirts.

"Excuse me, bitch. That's my fucking shirt." I sassed, kicking his leg lightly.

"Jesus. First you call me cute, then you kick my leg. But really, cute? Not sexy or fuck-worthy? I'm offended." Styles scoffed.

I smirked. "Don't worry, you're definitely fuck-worthy. So sexy it hurts."

Styles grabbed my ass, pulling my towards him. Our chests pressed together, as our legs tangled around each other's.

Our lips met, his soft, pink lips felt amazing against mine. I ran my hand through his hair, as he locked his arms around my waist. He grabbed my ass again, whispering "jump."

I jumped, wrapping my legs around his torso. Our lips moulded together. He licked my lips, I opened my mouth, letting his tongue play with mine.

He pressed me against the wall, wrapping an arm around each of my legs. His crotch was against mine, as I felt his hard-on.

I lifted up my hips, rubbing against him. He moaned into my mouth, vibrations running through. He clutched onto my legs, rubbing back.

I felt my dick throb as it hardened. I wonder who's topping. I hope harry, what an experience that'll be.

Styles lifted me up from the wall, putting me on the bed. He crawled up to me, taking off my shirt. He bent down and sucked on my nipples, as they hardened. I moaned at the feeling of his mouth, clutching onto his hair.

He kissed down my torso, licking it gently. I shivered at the pleasure. He slid off my jeans, my hard on popping out. He smiled and took off my boxers, as I felt release of pressure. He took my dick in his hand, rubbing it up and down.

"Am I topping?" He asked, as if he wasn't fucking my hand.

"Don't be a douche and fuck me already." I breathed, wanting him more then ever. All my fantasies were coming to life.

He smirked and took off his clothing. His naked body was perfect, his curves and v-line sticking out to me. He was beautiful.

He lifted my legs, resting them on his thighs. He pushed his hard-on in, as pleasure ran through me. He grabbed my hips and thrusted. I moaned. I finally had him inside me. I closed my eyes, grabbing a handful of his curly mess of hair.

I moaned loudly as he sped up. He bent down and traced my collarbones with his lips. He opened up his mouth and sucked on my neck. He flicked his tongue and I felt a pleasurable pain as he gave me a hickey.

He shifted, his dick going in deeper. Our skin slapped together as he fucked me mercifully. We fucked for hours on end, moaning and groaning. We changed positions every so often, always even more pleasurable then the last.

We would cum, screaming each other's names, then start again. Repeat over and over. We just couldn't get enough of each other. Styles was amazing at fucking.

Sometime around 4 AM, we passed out from exhaustion. He pulled out, spooning me. We fell dead to the world, smiling to ourselves.

~the next afternoon~

We both awoke from knocking at our door. We squinted painfully from the light shining through the windows. The knocking continued,

Harry got up, kissing my cheek. I smiled and mumbled something even I couldn't understand. Styles put on some sweatpants out of my drawer, as we were still both naked. I just pulled the blanket over me, to lazy to get up.

Styles opened the door, revealing a smirking Niall.

"Jesus, you woke me up from sleeping. Who fucks until 4 AM?" Niall rolled his eyes, leaning against the door frame.

"Don't be jealous!" I shouted from the bed, my eyes still closed. It's too damn bright in here.

"Pffft. Anyway, there's a thingy down at the park, like a free breakfast thingy, so if your not to busy fucking, you wanna come. If louis can still walk, of course." Niall smirked at me.

I moved my sore legs, wincing. "Nope, can't, but I'll manage." I mumbled, hugging my pillow.

"Alrighty, grumpy. Meet you there in twenty." Niall walked away, chuckling. Harry closed the door, walking back over to me.

He climbed onto the bed, hugging me. I hugged back, digging my Face into his neck. He still smelled great.

"So does this mean were together now?" Styles asked, pulling into his lap. I flinched, pain running through my thighs.

"Oh, your gonna fuck and run?" I scoffed, pretending to be offended, but I hoped we were dating now.

"Of course not, babe. Were dating now, it's final. No refunds or returns." Styles muttered, kissing my head.

I chuckled, kissing his soft lips. "Come on, let's go get ready for this stupid breakfast thing." I muttered.

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