Runaway (Larry)

*Old story I decided to finish*

"I love you, Louis." Harry said. He smiled wide, eyes sparkling. I looked at the old, rundown hotel, which used to be my home.
"Let's run away together." I say.


3. chapter 3: prank

Louis POV

I used my key to open the door, pondering why it would locked. I stepped into the shop, making a confused face. It was dark and no one was here.

Why the hell did Liam text me then? I could've been drinking with Niall right now. I chuckled, remembering the make out. I still have no idea where it came from. Just met the guy and he's making out with me.

I looked around. A light was coming out of Mikes office. Why the hell is he here? He barely shows up when we do have to work. Got I hate Mike.

I heard a loud bang, as if he had dropped something. What a dumb shit. I walked towards the office, prepared to tell his stupid ass face off.

I peeked through the door, careful to walk quietly. My eyes went wide as my mouth gaped in shock.

I watched, my mouth turning into a smirk. What a little snitch. I loved it. I considered calling Mike to tell him, but why ruin the fun? Why not help him?

"Hey styles."

He whipped around as I swung open the door. He smirked as he saw me.

"You gonna tattle in me?" He chuckled, staring at me with a raised eyebrow. I chuckled back, shaking my head.

"And ruin a perfect prank? I hate Mike as much as everyone else. I'll help you." I smiled, walking over to the counter he was working at.

He had been rigging a wrench. Now it would break as soon as it was put against motel. Classic Wrench Trick. I loved this one, it was funny as hell.

"I was planning it so when he works on that car over there today hell use that wrench." He gestured to a rusty red car, "then when he uses it it'll break and the oil will spill out and cover him, and the car completely break down."he finished, smiling.

"Nice! I like it! I'll go rig the car, finish the wrench." I ordered, putting the wrench down and jogging over to the car.

I messed around, pulling wires and bending pipes. I checked the oil, making sure it was completely full. I smiled as I slid from underneath the car. I looked it over once more, nodding to myself.

I jogged back to the office. Harry was just finishing all the wrenches.

"Just for safe measures." He smiled, returning the wrenches back into the shelf. I jumped up on the counter, resting my arms on my thighs.

"Why the prank? Mike being a asshole? Wouldn't surprised me." I joked, rolling my eyes at the thought of Mike.

"Yeah. Yelled at me for no damn reason." Harry rolled his eyes as well. We chuckled together. It fell into an awkward silence. I hated awkward.

I felt my phone buzz.

Yo, dude. Hope u found styles. I saw him rigging the wrench and figured u wanted to get revenge on Mike after a few weeks ago when he screamed at you ;)

I chuckled. Fucking Liam sometimes.

Thx bro. Don't worry. Mike will get an oil full tomorrow ;) btw, styles looks hella cute right now

Thx for the info, but I didn't need to know that! I'll ttyl, girlfriend nagging me. Have fun with styles.

I put away my phone, answering Harry's question who it was. Suddenly an idea to really get back at Mike came into my head.

"Hey styles. I think I know a way to really teach Mike a lesson." I whispered, staring at him excitingly. He raised an eyebrow.

"How?" He asked.

"Well...I know where Mike lives. I have a plan." I jumped back onto the ground.

"But were gonna need help with this." I added, grabbing out my phone again.

"Who?" He said. "I'm totally game." He added, crossing his arms with a smirk. I smirked back, punching in the number. It rang in my ear, until I heard him pick up.

"Louis?" He asked, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. He knew whenever I called him I had a plan going on.

"I need your help. Meet me at Mikes house." I ordered.

"K." He laughed, hanging up. I shoved my phone back in my pocket.

"Who was that?" Harry asked. I smiled. He had been a close friend for a whole. He was great for plans like this.

"A friend named Zayn." I answered.

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